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Rm. 95 




wmm puBuo library, hingham. mass. 






HINGHAM, MA 02043 




Leanne Elizabeth 

"And everything turns grey, but it s our 
own world we paint, and I want the 
brightest I want flourescence every day 
and night for the rest of my hfe open 
your eyes won't you?" 

Megan Patricia Adamson 

Liberty Mutual, Abington, Faith No 
More, P-Town, Marge, Hi Nicole, AK, 
Ap, NJ, KM, K-Baby, BB, SG - 
Remember Eng 92. 

Marco Vincent Agostino 

Meatball, Meat 
First off I'd like to thank the crew TY, 
TM, DM=Big Guy, DC, Tiny, Bruce, 
Mess, Orlando, especially Steda wampie 
many nights. HHS Football 9-12 it's all 
good. Dana thanks Big Guy. Jr. year E 
Block TM Higs 10 Anna 12 Thanks 4 
everything. Last off I want to thank my 
family and DB little boys and MM 4th of 
July. Good Luck to everybody see you in 
20 years. 

Michael Anthony Amaral 

Things Turn Out Best 4 Those Who 
Make The Best Of The Way Things 
Turn Out, Thanx To My Boys+Gals 96, 
Coolin On Da Comer W/A 40 of OE 
Manny A down W/MikeC, God On My 
Rt Dad is On MyLft I Can't Go Wrong, 
Fball, Bball, MAW I am Smiling 
LJsSball Sdip .Erotiques Swank A- 
GrifBana Tucket, 711Dbls, Vball, Sun 
FBBS is The Man, HD, Pits/Sats, 
JrSday, Disney95/96, 418BF, 
DnsPCooler, EA tourney I Just Like To 
Bite Things, SALSA...weKnow. 

Wesley S. Baltzer 

"With your past and your future 
preciously divided Am I at that moment? 
I haven't decided-PHISH 
First, to all of my friends (you know 
who you are) Thanx 4 everything/Dog 
collarAVho wore the red sweatshirt JG?/ 
3 floor/Basement/Plastic cups by pool/ 
17CS/You've got DIGINY CD/Rug/ 
5Ties4 GIGS/Mom,Gordo,P You're the 
best/Good luck Class of '96/Free OJ! 

Matt Barra 

Over the years I've grown and changed. 
There are things I've done that I wouldn't 
do again but I'm glad that I did 'cause 
I've learned from them. I just try to stay 
present right here right now no worries 
no fears and w/out any doubts. It's about 
time-BB/Bob come here-where-here- 
when-now/tennis courts 95/we got a 
house/Nationality/BB J Snope FAMU 
A J CL/Chinatown. 

Nicole Annette Bartolotti 

Nic Barts 
"I have a heart like the sea - a million 
dreams are in me." M.Saigon Biddy 
Rhonda Mecca Front desk Hull N.D./ 
J.N.-Pattysasswoman we goin' on tour? 
A.B .-Buddy/Grin/B .gang/Freakmagnet 
+geek K.M.-Bestbud SYMS'95 Funky 
B-nuts cruisin' K-mobile A.T.-Fatboys 
tongs Nicoll6 Milo+Mindy Stringstrips 
Ded Maria Superdogs Paco/Taco M.M.- 
Luvya D-Zilla So many good times 

Renee Therese Batts 

The most important things to say are the 
hardest. Nothing comes between true 
friends, Crystal+Clair -I swear to God/ 
3RITAchiknfmgas Sneakin out/Will, I'll 
be there for you-ML3/5/95,LUWKS- 
graveyard/ NB-T+W / JOSH! / GRS94R 
+J Summer '94,PR,ShereeBB,Excedrin, 
GC-twins all my friends you know who 
you are LU 4- ever they say it will work 
out fine, is it all a waste of time? 

Thomas F. Augur 

"The finest kind of friendship is between 
people who expect a great deal of each 
other but never ask it. Thanks Gerr- 
Cabe-Fols. Harbor f-ball, X-Men, 33, 
bigscreen, Neuman! "Tiger" in Newport 
(95). Thanks for everything Mom, I 
appreciate it. Good Luck to all... 
"Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of 
things, and no good thing ever dies." 

Lisa Marie Ayala 

Starting at the top, I'd like to thank my 
mother for helping me to complete this 
school year. Mad love goes out to my 
son Tray von. And to my sweetheart 
Mike "I did it". To my brother Ant be 
strong! TF,AA,CA,WR,TJ what's up. Fia 
we're outta here! SB,RB Good Luck. 
MG,CB,BH, and the rest I'll miss you. 
To all the Metco seniors "Stay positive." 
Peace HHS. 

Bryan Ayers 

Hey Scups remember the church and 
Wompatuck! Those are the good times 
kid. Damn that goose oh 7 had a tough 
day. Mole y a smell that? Someone opened 
a CANOWOOPASS! "If I'm wrong then 
I'll pay for it if I'm right you're gonna deal 
with it. "-Sammy Hagar. Jackie thanks for 
everything I couldn't have done it without 
you. I love you! I'm out PEACE!! 

Abasi Bailey 

Georgette Frances Baxter 

"The quality of your life is determined 
by the quality of the people in your life" 
TTianks to Liz, Jess, Sue, Nikki, Al, Pete, 
MattG, Amy, Katie J. Good Luck 
Breanne, Ashley, Haleigh! Party- Al's, 
Ellen's, Jess', Dorchestra, Brigham's, 
Bakers, Aerosmith, Blender, what up 
Dogg? Singin in the rain 2/1 1/95 Jack, I 
couldn't have done it w/o you! I love 
you! Thanx alot Mom & Dad. 

Nicole Bell 

"The entire sum of existence is the 
magic of being needed by just one 
person." Tom I love you the mostest x 
10 forever 10/22 Thanks for being there 
Spark the 12M, Feb. Vaca. '95, Six 
Hags, 4th of July, Rocky-Horror Show, 
New Years Eve '95, Thanks D, M, J, M, 
S, A, C, S, Reynolds, Overlees I couldn't 
have done it without you! 

David Maximilion 

You must learn as if you '11 live forever, 
and hve as if you '11 die tomorrow, no 
regrets, with honor. P&J Andover 321 
Gizmo Ginger Beals Matt L Phil R Kris 
M Texas James G & Mark Football 
MikeP BillK Andy P Haborside 
JeremyM MarkC 498 Law NickB Olek 
SimonE SashaD ToddS BrianM Bill 
Darrick KaseyC Wrestling Mayflower 
MK Tune Inn Randor PJ ...Wish you 
were here. 

Megan Elizabeth Black 

Thanks to all my family and friends 
I love you guys! LD,SG,DW.CT,AB, 
CD,MG,CD,RJ,ES,JB-Good luck! 
Remember Ry's parties,N.Beach,Heights 
Hot Tub 4. Trackics: Pasta fests,hills, 
Shake'n'bake!VA: HEY BLACK!, 
Window bonding. Maura- Good luck! I 
love you! "Tliere's no such thing as a 
failure who keeps trying/Coasting to the 
bottom is the only disgrace". 

Lisa Blaustein 

Lise, Lana 
"To laugh often and love much; to win 
the respect of persons and the affection 
of children, .to know that even one life 
has breathed easier because you have 
lived - this is to have succeeded." -RWE 
Fric:143 BF-EL:U outta know-Fif: sweet 
1-EM:2 live is 2 FLY-CM: 10 yrs-Good 
Luck DD-Thanks JJ+BL-WE-Cts-Cons- 
Wmpk-NH-GD. #l-socr; Luv U DAD, 

Robert M. Bleidorn 

"Do things you won't regret but have fun 
doing them." But remember JJ MB.. 
Ginnys!! JC SC Bunkhouse! "I'll walk 
through the grave yard dig up your .... 
bones " Grave Diggazs" JJ NG MB-fam 
yogi..."Bondo" RB SC Monday night 
football (JC) you know! Maiie&Gill Bli 
John&Rose Arg. Thanks for the help! 
Mom&Dad... Thanks!! 

Jeremy E. Blumberg 

Jem, Blumer 
"On an occasion of this kind it becomes 
more than a moral duty to speak one's 
mind. It becomes a pleasure." HHS 
Football #1 The gang-LPABB-Sean and 
the boys Russ Ry's swim'n at Wes' Camp 
Bob 1/2 days Dances Parents? Track? 
Movies 102.5 too loud Matt's ceiling EC 
walks etc... Chics fishing wonder llamas 
powder puff orchestra trips free time 
cadi keep in touch! 

Elie Antoine Bou Serhal 

Bouse, Alibaba 
A man who was completely innocent, 
offered himself as a sacrifice for the 
good of others, including his enemies, 
and became the ransom of the world. It 
was a perfect act. Mohandas Gahndi. 
I would like to thank Mom, Dad, Ghada, 
Zeina, my best friend Steve, and of 
course God. I'd also like to thank all 
HHS faculty staff and all my friends best 
of luck. Asta. 

Dave Bruce 


Thanks to the crew: MA, DM, TM, DO, 
TY, MP, M+M, MC, JM, DC, MG, 
"Blackie", ET, AA. Nights at the pit, 
dump, Tiny's, Wompee, Toke's base, 
Mckenna's house, DB, TM, RH, 
(Legends of the foundary) MA+little 
boys, DiNard's Dong '95, The Rocks 
(Just me and you man!) Thanks to the 
family. To everyone I forgot thanks. A 
message to the crew- "I love you, man"- 

Anthony Buccitelli 

Booch, Brother, Ed 
There was eru, the one, who in arda is 
called iluvator-JRRT; Mass hypnosis in 
a very orthodox form known as 
education-Pirsig; The feeling I select 
rick. Talbot; The amontillado! I said. 
He!He!He! Yes the amontillado. Thanx 
to JS, DZ, DD, KT, BS, BW, CF, JRRT, 
AC, EAP, EAR, Hammerboy+Llammas, 
JM, Quintus, Dragonlady, Madame 
Flaherty, EV, Jumpin J, LSD, and 
Devon. I really should shut up- 

James Bustamante 

Busta Homis choo 
"Things aren't always what they seem to 
be, especially if they were to begin 
with." Barney and the crew, thanks 
guys. We miss you Matt. Hag, Its been 
fun. Good luck HADA. 1 1/94 Leigh, 
Caryn, and you too Barbera. NEBYC. 
Thanx to my whole family, especially 
Juliet for getting me through a lot. I 
Love you! I have five words for 
you.. .Bye! 

Jkhi I 

Jason Butterall 

The only reason I am happy to say 
goodbye is because I hate you all. 

Ian Brandt 

For the days of past, left right or wrong, 
to the future we go, and so on shall have 
gone ... Jazz Band, Orchestra, Pit, Ed, 
GYBSO, Vibraslap trampoline. Band 
trip. Biggins, SWE, Bass, Track, V, 
Everest, Teds runs. The Fam, Karen 

Melissa Pope Brennan 

"Let us shut up the box and the puppets, 
for our play is played out"-W.M.T. 
The very best of luck to the Class of '96 
- whatever your personal endeavors may 
be - remember that you have to leave 
one adventure to get to the next. K&J- 
what can I say to the two best friends in 
the worid? For Why! D, Momma & JJ - 
You have taught me to open my eyes 
and see the world -Thanks! 

Christopher Robert 

Chris, Forrest 
Thank you, C.Trulson and C.Mayo, 
Mr.McAuhffe, C.Killinger and 
C.Langill. PennState Summer B.U. 
Games, D."H.Highway"M. Thanks, 
Andy Endless Summer, Ben, Wendell 
Travis, Sean, Chris, Stebbs, Byrne and 

Annette Marie Broker 

"The future belongs to those who beheve 
in the beauty of their dreams." Thanks 
Mom, Dad & Cristina. To CD, LK, SD, 
NB, MB-I'U never forget you! Don't ever 
forget: igloo, roughwater, highbeams, 
European, Jr. Prom, Where's Bob? 
Rolling, road trips, trinkets, summer of 
'95. Music trips VA-mediators, How's 
the shower? Hey Buddy-U facing? 
Good Luck Cristina! 

Gregory Bycoff 

When you're 40 years old and you open 
up this yearbook to show your own kids 
how cool you were in high school, tell 
them all about me. No, just kidding, 
don't do that, but as long as you were 
reading my quote you'd probably 
remember me as a laidback and friendly 
person. I had some good times with you 
people over the years Thanks & Good 
Luck to all. 

Sean Cadigan 

People need to be made more aware of 
the need to work at learning how to live 
because life is so quick and sometimes it 
goes away too quickly Thanks Mom Dad 
VS ML CC Leslie you changed my life 
and without your support and friendship 
I wouldn't be happy as I am 10/31/94 
143 24(7) Goodtimes with BB MW JW 
JC Sue you can lean on me anytime. 

Donald Caliacco 


"You only get out of life what you put 
into it." Costellos, D's / Henleys, Rocks, 
Pits, Petty, Nite to get butts, Spark 
Cabana, Tiny's 7-11, B -light. Sit on 
rock. Case in the place went right 
through it. Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. 
Powers for helping me out, thank you 
very much esp. Mitch I love you, 'cus we 
did it. Aunt thanks for being there good 
luck VIC TM DAD, I made it. 

Jeffrey R. Callahan 


"It's time to go downtown and get the 
job done." JC, WM-Central Pride cannot 
be stopped. Southies stay on the porch. 
"What are you looking at D.N.?" Yard 
football. Blazers games. Great Hill runs, 
C-S b-ball battles, car snowball wars, 
trampoline. Cameo, Summer of '95. "My 
name's Mike" watch out for Jimmy and 
Andre. PD, DS, TM, MM, Good Luck 
Class of '96. 

Joseph Campbell 

"Run in such a way to get the prize... Do 
not run like a man running aimlessly... 
Do not fight like a man beating the air... 
I myself will not be disqualified for the 

Erin E. Carpenter 

Amy, thanks for showing me how fun 
life can be-BFF Don't shake me! 
Polyester Quebec '92 ME -Psycho Fro- 
yo Japan-Proj YMCA Slotha BVI 
NBeach-swimming Bear VT Where IS 
Wenham? Dead '94 Jem-Dates 
Sara+ Abbas Richmond 94 
Ringleaders-Hthe gang Jon, where would 
I be w/out you? Thanks Mom-i-Dad, I 
loveU! "And the goodbye makes the 
journey harder still" -CS 

John Catlin 

"There are things I've done that I 
wouldn't do again but I'm glad I did 
cause I've learned from them." You're 
orange everything about you's orange 
Wipe that smirk off your face To all you 
Southies, Central Pride reigns supreme 
Thanks for the memories JC, WS, TM, 
JA, DM, DS, PD, BL, MM Summer 95- 
gangsta night MV g-hill run Quebec 
Styles, these waves are mine. 

David Cerny 

If We Shadows Have Offended Think 
But This And All Is Mended That You 
Have But Slumbered Here While These 
Visions Did Appear And This Weak 
And Idle Theme No More Yielding But 
A Dream Gentles Do Not Reprehend If 
You Pardon We Will Mend And as I am 
an Honest Puck If We Have Unearned 
Luck Now To Scape The Serpents 
Tongue We Will Make Amends Ere 
Long Else The Puck A Liar Call So 
Goodnight Unto You All 

Beth Anne Connolly 

"I'm hanging by my thumbs I'm ready 
for whatever comes."- U2/ Are you 
kidding? / Oh dear / FH 92-95 / Dorch- 
AL, G, BL, CB / Mookie? / The Gate: 
4-95 / F Pd Dirk / Vibera / Sox 95 /jump 
kick / geekout/ BU / VEC / duct tape / 
cut-giri / DMB-LLD / Thanks PM, EM, 
ES, AM, Doon + the guys / JB=splendid 
/ Thanks to the 5 classmates who made 
Jr Yr ?fun? / Good Luck BD -i- BL-I 
love you both! BF now & always! 

Debbie Costello 

The Mtg Chili's Gang frosh lax Treats 
WAB 4:18BFLNJSD 7-11-2 AOT 
Captiva Mel's- Jr Prom FH GW-RR 
Buffet Sugarloaf noodles 2008WC 
Pocahontas Salsa DDD S-(-B Mt. Snow 
JJPMC Willis Lives Snowball '95- 
Forker HAA! KH Joke So much fun I 
thought I-die But most of all are these 
friends of mine TXS Guys of ' 96 Mom 
and Dad I'm so lucky to have you ILU 

Mary Elizabeth Costello Marybeth H. Costello 

"And though it's past now and the words 
start to fade all the memories I have still 
remain." Mtg-DDD G-wds I won Reeb 
Treats 4 the fam Mt. Snow JSD Bubba 
Chili's KH- You're a joke LJ-POOL 
Tyron RG/Rex Captiva Loaf Salsa 
2008WC Just the 1 of us ! Guys of 96 
IWNFY Good Luck Leek Thanks Mom 
Dad Katie Kel Kev Pete-i-Deb I Love 

"Now the air I've tasted and breathed, 
has taken its turn." Thank you to my 
friends and family for always being 
there when I needed somewhere to turn. 
SAM, you're the best! I couldn't have 
made it through without you. big 
lockout! Kevin, thank you for changing 
my life and giving it meaning. You've 
always been there for me- 143 always. 
CS best of luck. 

Mark Chase 

Sally Wan Sze Chow 

Since I am an exchange student 
from Hong Kong,I don't know many 
people here,but I still feel happy ,and 
enjoy the time in school! I will never 
forget HHS and the people I met 
here.especially Katie and Beth 
TullylThey are very kind,they help me a 
lot.I have a lot of fun with them! 
I don't want to go back! 

Peter J. Ciovacco 

Pete, Shivaks 
"Keep Your Feet On The Ground As 
You Reach For The Stars And You Will 
Get There." Thanks Mom, Dad, Joel, 
Wendy, Erin, and TY. Thanks to 
Charlie, Ryan, Blair, Matt, Beth, 
Mookie, and everyone else. 
Remember The Third Floor and All The 
Good Times. 
Good Luck Class of 1996! 

Benjamin J. Clifford 

Ben, Red Dog, Punac, Chief Bogart 
"Time flies when you are enjoying 
yourself '-Mr. Bean 

"I cannot sing to you my savage songs of 
war and desire until night beats its 
thunder drum again. Goodbye until the 
absence of light takes, the blinders from 
our eyes. "-Henry Rollins 

John F. Cumiskey 

Junk, J.J. 
To all those who cannot learn to forget 

their Hate... The loss is yours. 

Bronwen M Daley 

B, Brons 
"If you can imagine it you can achieve it, 
if you can dream it you can become it." 
Summer 95, AL Rara Buffs, Muffm, 
concert happy, Saranac, 99, Rosy, Bob, 
Shag, Jr. Prom, Softball, Parties, 
Forehead, Bunny , The boys. Senior 
Year, I L U VU, AS, MM, JJ, AP, BS, 
LH, ML. Thanks for The Best Days of 
My Life JS, AN. I Love you Mom, Dad, 
Grant. Don't look back cause you're not 
going that way. C-Ya! ! 

Colleen Anne Dalton 

"Dare to do what you dream. Search your 
heart to know what you most desire to do, 
then do it, for you can become, by perse- 
verance, what you long to be." 

Thank you Mom and Pup for all your love 
and support. Good Luck John & Chris! 
Anne, Annette, Lauren, Devon, Megan & 
Steph, I'll never forget you! 

Elizabeth Ann Daly 

"Distance sometimes endears friendship, 
and absence sweetens it." BL & BC- 
ILYGuys Mookie?! Oh dear! Vibera DM 
' 95-KKD Are you kidding? Sox'95- Cheers 
Dave/Ed the gate-Apr'95 VEC! duct tape 
BU SMFD "cut girl" Thanks for every- 
thing PM ! jump kick jeans-wars diet coke? 
FH '92-'95 Thanks EM, JB, CD, JG, MG, 
GH, SF, RJ, WB Mom&Dad -Thanks - 
Good Luck Chrissy- 1 Luv u! 

Ryan Daniels 


Sarah Elizabeth 

Shpeck, Daubs, Junior 
"You know what I'm going to have put on 
my grave? 'She did it the hard way .'"-Bette 
Davis We made it! Workcamps-sheetz- 
Beerzoo, no explosives, Germany- Austria, 
Bobby Earl, CEJ, jump-track. Prom, spoon, 
SC, Musik der Nacht, Singing in the rain, 
Asa-Asa. Christie-my sanity, never could 
have made it w/o you! Thanks all! ESP- 

Anne Laurice David 

Surely there is no greater gift to a man than 
that which turns all his aims into parching 
lips and all life into a fountain... Your 
reason and your passion are the rudder and 
sails of your seafaring soul. If either your 
sails or your rudder be broken, you can but 
toss and drift, or else be held at a standstill 
inmidseas. K.G. 

Stephanie Anne Davis 

Steph, Snuffy 
"Some people walk into your life, leave 
footprints on your heart and you are never 
the same." SYC94 - KF, AF, DN, MM, 
MOB, JB - hustlers, the Cape, Aerosmith, 
SSMC, Friendly's, CAR, REM, boating, 
SSP, Stars, Ground Round, 70's dance, 
DC, Montreal, Virginia, SNST, NYC, Jr. 
Prom, Where's Bob? Skating, Lake Placid, 
dancing, bowling. How Sweet It Is, Cheesy ! 
Thanks Mom & Dad- 1 Love you! 

Matthew R. Devine 


"It's better to keep your mouth shut 
and appear stupid than to open it and 
remove all doubt." 

"Commitment has no offseason." 
Second lunch Larson-MPP; Freshman 
baseball- Marshfield fight, "Heads up. 
Perry!"; Math meets- telephone pole; 
salad; Thanks to everyone especially 
Mom, Dad, Chris, Dave, Greg and 

Joseph Diaz 

Blackbelt Jones, Dr. Downdrudgery 
"Every time my fingers touch brain I'm 
Superfly T.N.T." J.W. "Since the dawn of 
time man has yearned to destroy the sun."- 
C.M.B. "Life's too short to be in a hole, so 
bust into you funkiest stroll. "-A.K. "You're 
a naughty one. Saucy Jack!"-D.S. "That's 
allright, I still got my guitar. Look out 
now." -J.H. 

Lynn M. DiBiasi 

Jr. Prom Great Woods North Beach 5-14 
What a night! 7-11 8-22 Cape Cod runs 
Chup6nes Hot tub-4 "R" St. Raj uns house 
Thanx for everything Mom & Dad 
Chinatown Stodder's Neck Speechless 
YES! #25 IHOP Luv you always Shaun 
"Don't be dismayed at good-byes. A fare- 
well is necessary before you can meet 

Charles R. Driggs 

"Your brain is divided into 2 parts where 
one part is always thinking about what 
the other is thinking." Thanks Chicken, 
GH,WB; Phish, DMB, Horde, N Beach/ 

JG- "Tapping Jaffrey" MG- 420 
ADVMSA; RJ- Third floor, Blair; I'll 
always remember our time together, BI, 
The Bluffs, SG- Newport, EC- Don't 
shake me WB- 17CS, LDMB/ late runs, 
Mookie, XC- PC Thanks Mom, Dad, 
Bob, JD, TD, CM, and Baisden. 

Clarita Dejong 

"Friends know faults but stick by U 'till 
the end." Lots of luv to Jake + Thanx 
for all the great times. U helped me out 
hon. Thanx Sue for a scary welcome 
PIGSCassic I'll miss Spanish Stay 
LoudGLITF CR RB MR KIT! I'll miss 
Uall. Thanx Mom + Dad I'll never 
forget my new friends, bye! ! 

Joshua J. Delisle 

Finally out, it was easier than I thought, 
couldn't have done it w/o everyone's 
help. Mike-golf carts on 3 A, rip em up. 
Quads, Bikes, Snowmobiles. We're out 
of gas??? DJ-MY Z, Krisi- take the 
wheel, Mom-Dad said it was OK. Dad- 
Mom said it was OK. Mr. Johnson, 
Thanks for dealing with me. Karen, I 

Nancy Delpidio 

" A young man is the king of every kingdom 
that he sees." - Billy Joel ( this applies to 
"young women" too!) Thanks for all the 
good times: Jean, Heidi, Katie A, Maura, 
Roy, Matt, Nick G, Eric, Nick L, Mike, 
Jodi, Becky, Katie M, Nicole, Caithn, 
Rebecca, Heidi S Just Wolf it Don't Eat! 
Mindy Specta Enjoyable Pattysasswomen 
"I would die" Sula Elfkins France ' 94 
Spring Track Goof Troop Nanomart Dare 
Kreps 5-8 Thanks for all the support Mom, 
Dad, and Jeff. 

Steve Desmangles 

Patrick T. DriscoU 

Daniel Peter Edson 

Conor M. Fahev 

Laura Marie Ferris 

"Be true to yourself and you will never 
fall." -Beastie Boys. Thanks: Mom, 
Dad, Mike, Bridget, all my teachers, 
TM, JC, DS, JC, WM, MM, DM, JA, 
MP. Remember snowboarding 
Waterville, "All right who's the 
wiseguy?" Southies Rule, Full court 
champs, MPP, Taperecorder, Yard 
Football, Derbies, Trampoline, 
Waterpolo, Blazer Games, Greenday T- 
ride. Summer '95, Gangsta Night, 

"Life is a trip and then you die."-Coolio 
Barney, JP, Wah Wah, Bustamove, 
Snick, Kelly, Ben, Leigh, J+C, 
Lenni+Jonni, Barbara, Lisa, Ethel, Leo, 
Edna: You got us through some tough 
times. Feel me Flow, Newps and Reds, 
Our Biker Buddy, Starland Sharkboy, 
Danny-Boy's Car, Kevin-Bob, Jim Paul, 
Woosey! Gay I'll Miss all of yuz no 
more room. I'm Audi! 

"It's a Bickford's night!" Hiking, Dave 
K., "Hummer" Lutheran Church, Jacuzzi, 
+tights "Sectionals" New Years Eve 
Summer Solstice Scusset Beach Salem 
The bridge Cape Cod Tea at Laura's 
The Glades Zontar Nine Inch Nails 
The graveyard Minot, and the Spanish 
Inquisition "It can't rain all the time." 
Thanks to: LC JS CB AS,+ Mr Blanket. 

"Life is a tradgedy when seen in close- 
up, but a comedy in long-shot." 
Thanks for the great memories and for 
helping me survive all foiu" years! ! 
Drama class, chorus, Gymnastics - 
Saturday night pose, forever dancing and 
always smiling. 

Sean Foley 

Jeremy Freedman 

"The best way to predict the future is to 
create it." Thanks a bunch Mom+Dad, 
Fruch, Mike, Nick, Snope, FAMU, 
Nancy, Heidi and even you Jean. Katie, 
Maura- What will you do without us? 
Remember Tennis Courts, Wompatuck, 
SoCo, Live, DMB, DPW, sweatshirt- 
pervs, lobstafests. Bhudda, Bob Jonze 
and Ishmael Hve on! Space odessey 
adventure. Acapella harmony and 
Bumps-Rock on! No Showers in 
France??? Catch J30, Look out, 
itsWinnie! Bickford's VIP. No more 

Matthew J. Frucci 

"I can't be wrong. Every time I'm wrong 
the world makes a httle less sense." - 
Frasier. Gonna miss X-Country and 
Lobsterfests. God bless the Beige Bomber 
(femybutt. "L'eauLibre"? I'll be seeing JF, 
NG, EH, NL, MS, ND, JH & HJ. All alone 
MB &KA. Grace. He'll bounce! MilkN' 
Cookies Day. Winnie. J30. "Evil Dead" 
Disgruntled Postal Workers. Bay-Gull? 
Thanks to Mom, Dad, JT & Jay. 

Shaun W. Gean 

"If you're not giving 1 10% then someone 
else is. Finishing in second place is the 
first loser. Always strive to be number 

Thanx Mom, Dad, CG. To all my 
friends, you guys are the best. Lynn you 
made things alot easier 143. Ice 94 "R"- 
St . Jonny Bender, Silly, Colonial, J- 
Silva more cruises. Speed, Fireworks, 
GL MB! Jr. Prom, 22-25, 8 DBZ's, 

Matthew W. Goulding 

"I won't say goodbye my friends for you 
and I will meet again." 
St. Anne Jaffrey Ry's 3rd Floor Going 
late night Jon's, Wes', Summers on the 
island HORDE Georgia Soccer 94,95 
Tennis Chuck's 1st EVA Thanx Chick 
The Crew Cuzis 420,Tubing,The Beast, 
Sweets "Life's a journey not a destina- 
tion" CD cold guys DayParty NBeach 
CircusBoy Thanx Mom & Dad P-i-J, 
Good Luck. 

Michael Grafton 

Brother McKennas House(sted), Dump, 
Pits, Tweety's/Rudolphs,Much Love to 
MA, MA, MP, DM, DO, DB, DC, JM, 
TM, MM, TL, SS, Skinny, Rowboats, 
Pillars,?/ 1 l,24hr McD's, Cabana, What's 
up guy, Sweeney's car 2am, Davis's, 64 
of O.E.B., LIGHT,Tokes's Basement, 
walk to the bank, Donnies 22nd 65 
Thanks to Mrs. Rehnquist also thanks to 
my mom and the rest of the family. 

Steven Gudmand 

"What vulgar jewelry." "You laugh and 
laughing fall apart." "Smell my mule." 
"Hey, Norton!. ..Ain't that your dog 
attackin' the president?" "Bummer of a 
birthmark Hal." "Whoa! Watch where 
that thing lands - we'll probably need it." 
"I'd like to gather all your friends and 
smush them into a small swimming pool 
so that I could weigh them." "Beware of 
Doug." "Smell my mules." 

Eric Hagopian 

"And when all is over and we return to 
dust, who will be my judge and which 
one do I trust?" STP-PJ-VH-AIC-Live- 
DP-DMB-BB-Thanks FAMU, Jay, 
Yogi, MS, NL, MB, MB, KA, 
ND, JH, AJ, BB, BD, LD; SG, JF, MF, 
KB, GR, JS, KS, JJ, DW, AS, LB, PC- 
XC Rocks-Lacrosse rules- Hairy 

"Rise on the water, rise above and 
breathe." BC-Good luck Class of '96! 


Jonathan M. Germain 

Thank U Mom+Dad for everything - To 
all my friends - Its been fun - soccer 
RJ's dingers - WB's house-o-fun - 
HORDE, rainroom - CD chic, boys 
forever GW's parkinglot - the basements 

Anyone 4 the rocks - EGGS - R those 
empty - Relax at DD - N. Beach - The 
Dead - Erin I've never found anyone as 
special as u. 


Cristina C. Gigon 

Cristi, Gigs, Biggie, Skeeter 
"Do not follow where the path may 
lead. ..go instead where there is no path 
and leave a trail." To all my friends: "If 
we couldn't laugh we'd all go insane!" ... 
thanks for all the memories and fun 
times. QUO Biggy Bear Frosh LAX 
hot tub...ties YoYo Zella UNI? PGB 
KS+wagoon=CRASH! AuBonPain MP? 
OTP Alowicious R91 1 GL Carla 
Thanks M&D I luv U! GL C'96. 

Rebecca Lynn Goldberg 

Becca, Bees 
"Live life as an exclamation not and 
-Life's Little Instruction Book 2 

Thanks to all my friends for the times we 
shared. You know who you are. JN, KM, 
JH-BK, NB - Gotta be right; Mark. 
Paco?No, Mark! ; Hull, ND-Nanomart, 
MS-Don't fall! REM. Orchestra trips. 
Summer '95. Thanks Mom, Dad, Mark 
& Amy, Couldn't have made it without 

Nick Golden 

FAMU, Niko 
N-Maura, etc. SORRY!-MC. 
"I am myself - like you somehow - I'll 
ride the wave where it takes me - I'll 
hold the pain - Release me." e.v. 

Michael J. Hammond 

"Stay Gold." 4-15,12-21,1-21, 
TBPicasso, wife, 93 math class, CGC, 
Live/Upton, PC 10-770-30, Drrange, 
71 15, Harbor, B-Ball Bat,r'17LIWTBA, 
Golf 9-12, St.Tour. Summer 94, 95, 
domestic, coth, LTK, AY, SM, W.E., 
MF94, CC, GRSKS, 2a2t, NY95; JP, 
BOGMOI, MOM, DAD, Thanks, I 
couldn't have done it without you! 

Kristy-Lynn Handrahan 

Meeting B&D's Al's-WAB Meister Mel- 
RunFrm D-f D Tina-eyes Duckboots LJ- 
sugar G- WDS LN 4: 1 8BF JP JSD 
APVAC KR-BH Chilis Reeb LJ's Friax 
FH92-95 SALSA -DDD Sugarloaf 
Thx guys of '96 Good Luck Leek 
Mom,Dad-i- Caitlyn - ILY. 
"So little time to say the things you'd 
really like to say before you even find 
the words the time just slips away." 

Ryan Hanrahan 

"If you play a game, you should play to 
win." Ferryboat Nantucket Funnels 
Erotiques Yellow Cooler Study group B- 
Light Rules Forest Fire Latenight 
Southie Frank 7- 1 1 Doubles T's Mess 
Rookie Briars Buffet UR not coming in 
Homeguys -JG-MA O NO MP CAR 
salsa LAX#1 P-Gun MM Movie Thanks 
to everyone who made these years great 
NOW LET'S PARTY! Thanks Mom, 
Dad, and Jay. 

Greg Hanson 

It is good to have an end to journey 
toward; but it is the journey that matters 
in the end / every exit is an entry 
somewhere else / the clearest way into 
the universe is through a forest 
wilderness / visne scire quod credam? 
credo elvem ipsum etiam vivire / Garcia 
Vega Cumberland run 11-5 Harbor 


Wendell T. Harris Jr. 

To be master of any branch of 
knowledge, you must master those 
which he next to it; and thus to know 
anything you must know all. Good luck 
& take it easy: Bloss Yasmin Romona 
Rebekah Jim H. Tavares Reid Hammond 
Geno Johnson Molly K. Chris B. Alfia 
Joe TaWonia Andrew M. Lisa Abasi & 
To the rest of my chums at HHS, we did 
it! Much thanx to: Sides Mazzella Geary 
Roundtree Maganello & Flaherty for 
your guidance. To the rest of you, it's 
been real. 

Geoffrey Harrison 

"If a man does not keep up pace with his 
companions, perhaps it is because he 
hears a different drummer. Let him step 
to the music which he hears, however 
measured or far away." HDT Hairy 
Johnson JJ EH DG / Phishing WBCD/ 
Dead 94 / Band Trips JB BC / Aloha / 
3rd-floor- Basement / Amy - Yeah, but, 
windows, Hahbah, Again? Thanks for 
everything, Luv Ya / Thanks Mom, Dad, 
and Jamie. 

Jean Marie Healey 

"Everything is relative" Friends forever- 
Nancy (We did it) , Maura & Katie 
(You're never alone, visit me!), Heidi 
(Keep SmiHng!) "Muste" EH (You smell 
like...), NL (bombastic) MS (friends no 
matter what) MF (Thanks for CC) 
FAMU (No P.J., Motown rules!) JF(ril 
win) -LK, CD,MB, KH, EM, Kelly and 
"The Trackies" Thanks Mom, Dad 
(Semper Fi), Rosa., Erin, Dom, James, & 
the rest of my family I couldn't have 
done it w/o you. "To Each His Own To 
Me The Rest!" Good Luck Class of '96 . 

Stacey Paige Herbold 

"Every closed eye is not sleeping, and 
every open eye is not seeing." (BC) 
Long strange trips-meister-Ft. L- 
Cancun-grover(SR)-Porch Monkeys- 
Pee Wee- Wompatuck-Hugh?Wha?- 
Zombie-Steamroller-breakin glass! 
EL+Grant, Thanks for brightening the 
light-luv ya! "Nothing worse could 
happen to one than to be completely 
understood. "-CJ 

Christine Leigh Inscoe 

Chrissy, Rookie 
"I'll take with me the memories to be my 
sunshine after the rain..." Jen thanks for 
being there, best friend always & 
forever. DP runs, roadhogs, the park, 
donkrims fortsthepool KM-i-JH rule! 
B.C. forever CR How are you feeling? 
CH My California Raisin friend Greese 
S.M.H. CC runs LG where did you go? 
SS, MR, HP friends till the end Mom, 
Rascal, and my Cody I love you." Tally 
it up 9 and 7 ...It's so hard to say 
goodbye to yesterday." 

Heidi K. Jakub 

"You never know what can happen over 
the course of two months." Movie fest 
NB PLaPNB delightful 5-8 Kreps 
Dare ND don't forget you're Georgetown 
sweatshirt Royboy! Who are we rating? 
I wasn't bom this way - Fruch. "GQ" 
pose-MS "Copper Bust"- ND 9/88 
Thanks Mom and Dad. Thanks to all of 
you guys - KA MB NB CC ND JF MF 
never forget you.- Laveme 

Ryan Jancaitis 

Jffry-Shldrtpng Third Floor St. Anne 
Cdfrsttime Pool sitting CHBR-Door! 
THE BEAST NJ- Aruba Rvrsde JPP 
Basemements Thanks Mom&Dad 
"Time is long, and hfe is short, begin to 
live while you still can." 

Amy Michelle Jenkins 

"Dreams are made if you try. If you 
except the challenge to try, you have 
nothing in hfe to loose." "MF" Wheres 
the bag? Hubes, JS, Yogi, Bafangs, G, 
famu, "We gotta house." T-Courts. 
Josh, thanx for the memories, 143 
Bimbs, Howie! Snope, RPF, Ovas, 
Rizzo, BD, OH! ST- 1-26-95 If it wasn't 
for my family, I wouldn't be the person I 
am today, thanx- 143. Daddy, I did it all 
for you. I love U. 


Leigh Hubeny 

Remember the smiles of yesterday, 
dream of the hopes for tomorrow, 
believe in the magic of today. OH-Mfr! 
PJam BJovi GNO's Sug's Bench NAH! 
1 1/94 "Swear to God, officer" 
nightswimming Void! Spencer, Pink 
AA! Single? Thanks Mom, Dad + esp 
Brad for believing in me, I love you. 
"And what it all comes down to, is 
everything's gonna be quite alright..." 

Cassandra Ann Hurley 

Voodes Hurls Cassie 
2 all my pigs 143 DM Salem flowers 
Hampton big ball of yellow I gotta go 
fiken chinger 442 50 Gt 95 Suma 94 
lemans Hayes rd SS 15 yrs hoodrat bfc 
fake Ireland HC 9-12 MR island cake CI 
this is cosmic Gram Gramp Mom Dad 
143 all thanx. Ryan our love will always 
shine through 143 AAF+1 moo loves u 
3/22/93 Good luck T.J.T. 143 Hey 
Cheryl I'm still lookin' for the moosies. 

Andrew D. Hurst 

"There in no sense in crying over spilt 
milk. Why bewail what is done and 
cannot be recalled." Sophocles 
Tennis party 94.. 3 serves.. creepin up w/ 
Wes..JV Tennis w/McCourt and Pete..A- 
study junior year w/RS,MM,GH. .Betting 
pools. .The State. .Did you do it 
Hammond?.Live concert.. Sunday 
River. .M W,WM,JG,SG,MM, JM. .Good 
Luck Coz..Thanks Mom and Dad. 

Dean J. Hutchison 

Deano, Hutch 
"Ability will get you to the top but we 
need character to stay there." Basesball 
Football E.A. Tourney Homecoming 
Snowball JrProm Rome95 NTKT NYft 
Greatwoods FYsoccer V Ball HS 
basement MovieClub Posse AG Champs 
"You're Dead" Thanks family and 
friends Kristin-1 1/27/94.. .Dreams do 
come true, I love you 

Alexander K. Johnson 

"If you can imagine it, you can achieve 
it/ if you can dream it, you can become 
it."- WAW/G . 9 Gmty: Truck Horns, 
G.IO: "He, He boobies." - No, G.ll" 
BBall Club, G.12: June 1, 96- "Oh, 
yeah"/MPP/ "For every level my 
opponent goes, I'm going one higher."- 
AA (Sailing!) Good luck HHS Class of 
'96 Up next: College/big ups to Chad 
and Blake and the nthbk. crew. 

Joshua Johnson 


"Hold on to the thread the currents will 
shift guide me twords you know 
somethings left and were all All owed to 
dream of the next time we talk " Thank 
even one more, Dec '95, JT143, 
MuffinBf Gina, Webs, Bini, Geano 
Jenks Thanks for everything.. .Chunks. 
4'94 NEL, SN, BB, EM, Hairy Johnson, 
Tcourts, JS, Thanks Mom, Dad, Erik, I 
owe you everything 143. 

Lauren Jones 

A Lifetime's Not Too Long To Live As 
Friends! The Mtg, B&D-Bash, Fr.Lax, 
4:18 Barbie Ferarri, 2008 W. Creek, 
Refer, A. Mac-SDB, Jr. Prom-MR'S KS- 
Buttbonding, YR-DDD!, "Hey Buddy- 
Sugar! "-KH, MK-Wilton CT, KR-Bch 
House, Grt. Wds. KKLMJ-LC, Chili's, 
Skeeters, LN w/ Reeb, Skourchi, Thanks 
Guys of '96, Just the 10 of Us @ 
Sugarloaf-I love you guys forever. Hill 
D-FFE, Mom, Dad -t- Court-I LOVE 

Sasha Karborskaya 


Jeffrey Keating 

Do what you want as long as you enjoy 
it--J.C. in N.C.--Thanks Mom.Dad, 
Brother and Sister-Good Luck to the 
Class of 96. 

Nicole Marie Keiley 

Nicksly, Nicks, Nickster 
"Get older. Your memories won't slip 
away and you'll be glad when you get 
older that you were happy for today." Jr. 
Prom Lollapalooza 345 SoulAsylum 
Headbangin' The River Why do you 
insist on shaking your butt at me? 
Homecoming'94 WompatuckMen 
RichBusDriver I will never forget you: 
AD, AP, LK, DW, AM,SH, BL Thanks 
for all the good times. I love you BeBop! 
Thanks Mom, Dad, Balks, Nonnie, Pa. I 
Love U. 

Lauren Raybould Kelly 

Oh, the places you'll go ! 
You have a brain in your head. 
You have feet in your shoes. 
You can steer yourself 
any direction you choose. 
Annette, Colleen and Franco: crutches, 
Feivel, dumbass, my parakeet. Gee Whiz 
Jean: yearbook, your house's sounds. 
The Tattler, recommendations 
Nicole: Rich, Internet, statue, the bird 
To the Class of '96 Good luck in the 
future- you'll need it! 

Alexandra Kiley 

Alex , Bimbs 
"What a long strange trip it's been"GD 
RIP Jerry Phish9495 Floyd JJ Hendrix 
bones wompy wrldsend flychickposse 
CHICKEN-KS Ebreak-CT-unclecharlie 
cliff LM bunnywabbit-all my luv NH 
jon"wo love in the dream itU never come 
true"RH cards-500 CL-"thats what im 
talkin about"Dazed hempfest "Can we 
make earth heaven if we just get high 
enough" saranac I LUV MY 
SUGARMAGNOLIA "smoked all my 
stuff & drank all my wine"ledzep 



Nicholas Lamb 

"I am/ 1 can." 

Thanx crew Jean, Matt, Eric, Nick, Nan, 
Jeremy, Heidi, Mike; Thanx for being 
there Maura; remember I promised. 
DDL, conservatory, Buddahvisions, 
Roxanne, XC, Partyhats, STALLIONS, 
Lobster fest, shoestore, tit hUl, Co-Cap. 
track, Thanx Mr. Herman, good luck 

"Pain is temporary, Pride is forever" 

Marc Warren Landers 

Flanders, Hot Lips 
"The truth is out there"- The X-files 
"Put on a happy face!" 
"A quiet guy you think you see but 
underneath he's TNT!" 
Nighthght is officially broken up 
...Paradox View: three so far and more to 
come... Remember, Guys and Dolls: Be 
careful or Gamblor will enslave you! 

Francois Laurent 

"Prince Jhejus,qui sur tous a maistrie, 

garde qu'enfer n'ait de nous se 

igneurie: a luy n'ayons que faire 

ne que souldre. Hommes, icy n'a point 

de moquerie; mais priez dieu que tous 

nous vueille absouldre!" Francois 

Villon. I wish all of you the best of luck. 

Thanks for the year. 

The AFS Belgium student Francois 

Britt Elise Lindquist 

"Yesterday was the beginning, tomorrow 
is the end and somewhere in the middle 
we became the best of friends." Babson 
'93-94 w/"tomatoes", JT&ND Hello 
There!, Frank, Frank is that you? OUIJA 
men, J&B, volleyball, B.W,E.D.G., 
"smell my butt!"-A.S., R.E.M.-Frick's, 
FRIDAY'S-"! feel sick, I can't eat any 
more!" Lefreak tre chic, Random-Give 
me a Fetus Wampanaganesang! 


Molly C. Kirkendall 

MoU (Kat) 
"It's only life after all" Indies, 
SUGARLOAF - saranac -LJ-Wilton, 
Stache-Captiva LK&Twins- MR-Jr.P- 
Late Nights-The Meeting-LK-No D! 
Chilis Crew- Woody Creek-salsa-oceans- 
tennis girls-TCBY Team-DHBFF-Roar,I 
forgive you. SBIDDDNOVA-ILU KID! 
Tyrone lives-MT.Snow-DDD-JM-ILU 
& the BA!The ten of us-ILU girls&the 
guys of '96! INFYAP-Thanks Mom & 
Dad-Good Luck Mag! 

Lauren A. Klier 

"There's nothing worth the joy of 
winning, but the laughter and the love of 
friends." The MTG. Frosh Lax sugarloaf 
salsa noodles B&D thorns KS/stadaqui 
NYE w/KS thx Mel SB/RG HD/BBQ/ 
LY chilis BM/FC LN reeb G-woods 
Guys of 96 JUST THE TEN OF US 
ILYG Thanks Mom Dad Krissy Linds I 

Christine T. LaBreque 

"Life goes by so fast that if you don't 
stop n' look around you might miss it" 
AAHowie OH-Band Cryin'Blazas 
Sts 1/26/95 New Years 93-94, buns, 
Fah-q, Bafongs, Field93 BabyFats- 
ovas,AlnJes' haus-bimbs, famu, A-smith 
'bang' OTSS F.I.N.E. Livin'Dazed 
BJovi95 uh-oh FUBAR VH-AJ 
IDUNNO-RpinkF IS 9:30 man. BUSH, 
YaKnow what I'm talkin' about? "Now 
hold On" Thanx MoM-i-PaP- check ya 

Blair TuUoch Lacy 

"Give to the world the best you have, 
and the best will come back to you."- 
MD Soccer- Van,Pad,CG. Dorch- 
Al,G,Ney. DirkF. Sox95. DMB-LLD. 
EM-France,Rotary. BC- You're on fire! 
BD-Mookie? Are you kidding? CD- 
absence makes the heart grow fonder- 
BI:bluffs,go back to bed. Ry's 3rd floor. 
BC-i-BD Thankyou&gl. Em LB fif BC 
BD SD CM MG JC PC and CD-I love 
you guys. Mom, Dad and Britt ILY. 
Good luck class of '96! 

Taylor Warren Lofgren 

Congratulations! Today is your day. 
You're off to great places, you're off and 
away. You've got brains in your head 
and feet in your shoes. You can steer 
yourself any direction you choose.-Dr. 
Seuss Thanks guys. "It was tasty" 

Kevin N. Lynch 

Boys, it's been too good too fast, but 
we've only begun. Jr. Prom Jr. Skp Day 
MA, I'd eat that Snwball 95 SALSA- We 
know CABANA- the best Doobies 
Twins -i-Alex's LJ's-which time? Ft. Ball 
55 Glory Days Erotiques Disney 95-(-96 
Menace KS- $50 7-1 1-dbls Late night 
NY bus Hot tub pits after SAT 
Nantucket Thnx girls of 96 Ports Mr. 
Pink MM-H. Buttafucco "Remember 
who you represent." JRL 

Melissa Marie Lyons 

" You have a winning way so keep it. 
Your future. You are an angel heading 
for a land of sunshine. Fortune is smiling 
upon you." - FNM Saranac, 3hr. wait, P- 
town. Fly chick posse, van, KSchicken 
tower, TA, balloons, NH-VT, T-Hill, 
DSL, wompy, BD-Duck, SHP. Thanx: 
Mom & Al, Mike, CT, MM, CM, AK,PJ 
" Once and for all I'm far away-hardly 
believe-finally the shades are raised." 

Christopher Cyrus 

Chris McMuffin 
Hold your water for a second! Thanx to 
Kerri, DaveP. Joel, Dennis, Calder, 
Plymouth kids. Revere guys, Michelle, 
the family, Mr. Bhss, Cristi, and anyone 
else I forgot. Freshman Baseball Perry's 
hernia, Marshfield riot. 2nd lunch, fruit, 
wall. Pinto, ducks, afro. Psalms 56:1 1. 
DooDooDaDooDooDoo Floats, pep. 
walls. Class 96. EpiNosis TB Just wait 
till this system ends. 


James A. Maguire 

Jamie (Gamie) 
"Set the gearishift for the high gear of 
your soul, you've got to run Uke an 
antelope out of control."- Dude of Life. 
Otto trans 95'. Great Woods 94' w/ DG. 
TW at BC- Show me FAR! Elec w/ 
Stock & TL. LI shuffle. AH- Left Foot? 
Up this ramp? Not be taking the lid off! 
Bus-stop gang, sorry Hak. Good story 
Boots! TM-need a lighter? Thanx 2 
Friends & fam. 

John James Maguire 

"Losing is not an option." Hockey #10 
Salsa- We know! Chili's Gang. Naughty. 
Stuff. B-f-D Bash. New York Bus Ride! 
Ro-Kev What spring sports? Cabana. 
Pits. Ports. Bustin' B's. V-Ball. Hot Tub 
Doobies. Such late night! YOU BAG! 
Good luck Pos. ITALY'95 To the jocks 
You're so immature! That's so jacked! 
Hey Molly are your feet tired? Thanks to 
all my friends and fam. YTB. 

Danielle Mahoney 

Dani Dani -do-Right Dani-do-Wrong 
C.H.5.0G.T-i442,Summer 9D5,Salem 
Boys,Placid.Big Ball of Yellow. 
M.K.English,TC (at the door again) 
MP.Good Luck with Chris.E.AlO-15- 
Dune.Thanx Frannie-mouse!Thanx-4- 
Everything Gram+Gramp. I Love You 
Forever Eric!!! 

Patricia E. Mahoney 

Patty, Pad 
"To not know where you are going is the 
best way to get to somewhere you have 
never been." Thanks BC, BD, CG, BL, 
AM, ES & All the Guys/UGS/QUO/ 
Gigs in a tub/Bikes/Frosh Lax/Me too/ 
PGB/The Gate/Cut Girl/Jeans Wars/ 
Bottle Toss/Dog Collar/Bad Words/KS's 
Wagoon/Diskos/Wonder Llamas/ 
Biosphere/You Tell em Rolfe/ Good 
Luck Katie, Hil Y.,Coindogger&Fanny. 

Katherine Anne Martin Ellen Sarah Martinsen 

Before we can journey outward in hfe, 
we must first journey inward. Stacey- a 
friend dear and true to me as any I've 
ever had. Steve - My love, friend and 
soulmate. Much love to Mom, John, and 
Bren. Wompatuck, Zombie, yeah, 
basement parties, SOD, escaping on the 
green, roadtrips, Quebec & France trips, 
Galeith, NEWC, thure. Now is blessed. 
The rest remembered-Doors Love & 

Katie, Marts 
"There's more than one answer to the 
questions pointing me in a crooked 
line."- Indigo Girls 

Thanks Mom, Dad, Jeremy, and all my 
Friends-I love you all The Three 
Musketeers Chilis The Fricks REM 
SYMS 95 Funky Cruising in the K- 
mobile B-Nuts AFS Orchestra Trips CM 
Smile and the world smiles with you. 

Kristopher Marx 

"So they went off together. But wherever 
they go, and whatever happens to them, 
in that enchanted place on the top of the 
forest, a little boy and his bear will 
always be playing." A. A. Milne. Mag 
the final stage be blue. 

Amy Matthews 

"Friendship is the greatest enrichment 
that I have found." Erin thanks for all the 
happy memories. You're the best! Bff 
Ski Trips Grovers'n all are laughs Snobd 
w Skeez VT- Col -i- Ames Fishin Glory 
Days Rmd Chaach+ Joni Bren Get out! 
NKragin rapids SW "T" Laughs vac w 
JL Geoff you opened up a whole new 
world for me Luv to all my friends and 
family. Here's to the fumre '96. 


Lauren Ellen Malone 

Graduating HHS is not what I expected. 
Thanks to the ones who were cool from 
the start. Jersey-KL.DC LG Can I pet 
your dog? CAPE COD. JD.JO. 
Imaginary raccoon.DDcall. Hotel room 
Things become different as scenes go on 
but always forever remember the things 
that went on. Thanks mom and dad for 
being there when I was gone. Crystal-no 
more WBS. Back Cellar Door. 

Joseph Mancuso 

A job worth doing and friends worth 
having makes life worth living. To all 
the good times Costello's MR's D's/ 
Henley's the rocks, The Pillars, The Pits, 
the Dump and of course Tiny's. "D" 
wanna play 7-11 Doubles, we finally 
made it kid. Tiny Sweeny's car at 2am. 
Rowboats. Good luck to KH, MR, D, 
MP, MG, JH, JC, + Skinny Thanks 

Wesley Marcks 

The difference between the impossible 
and the possible lies in a person's 
determination. Yard football, hoops. 
Central Pride #1. All right, who's the 
wise guy? Gangster night, three serves? 
Band trips, jazz band 95, Snaps, bigins, 
Jimmy! Good luck Hingham football. 
AH SC. Thanks for everything Mom 
Dad Sara + Elizabeth. 

Andrew Marshall 

Danger, I've been told to expect it. I 
begin my descent down the cold granite 
steps... P. McConnell M.W. TBird Hull 
95 C.B Old School Doc JC WM TM DS 
Quebec 3ft S.E.A 95 NATTY LT. K.C. 
MB Wampy Mfield crew always OBP 
BH MM 9th rd goin off Thanks 
especially Mom Dad Chris Rebecca. 
AMJ GC UC Gram Grampy D Dan P 
AA Gets all my love. GC still a wuss. 

Megan Elizabeth 

"Take nothing but memories. Leave 
nothing but footprints. "Crazy Phish/ 
Dead shows, SDP, Fly chick posse, 
wompy. Accord, Sugs, saranac. Chicken 
tower, Mt-Dew, Turkey Hill, great trips. 
Thanks to kind buds: CT JM ML JA CB 
Thanks to my family and Melrose Place. 
Yummy Balloons. "Goin where the wind 
don't blow so strange." JERRY NOT 

Donald Joseph McBain 

"Play every game like its your last, 
because it just might be." P-Gun, 7-11 
Doubles, fi-oot, Standish, War Stories, 
"Bear", LAX, Hockey Thanks MOM, 
DAD, and Jackie. Unfinished business to 
be settled in June! 

David C. McCabe 

"Enter to grow in wisdom. Depart to 
serve thy country and thy kind."- 
Memories: 9/23/94-Scarred! Lax#14 J- 
Band, Waking the dead, footloose, Diik 
F Period, Wade Boggs,* 1 1 .5*Twelvers, 
Cumbie, Newbs, "Iron Horse" After J.P., 
Expired! I got 'gun! I Remember Cliff, 
"Give us Barabus!" Friday excursions. 
The Chain! Auk'sTree, "I'm here to clean 
the pool!" 

Emily McCourt 

"Take each day as it comes; forget about 
the past if it's bad and begin your 

Thanks so much for all the support, I 
love you guys-Lisa, Ellen, Fifi, BL, AK. 
Field Hockey-BC, BD, AP. France 94- 
Rotary-Jr.Prom, Cons.PK-JJ, JS, AN. 
Wld End-N.H.-Wessbeach-CD PM. 
Cran.Con.+LTC. Good Luck Meg, MM, 
DD,JB+BM. Thanks-Hl love you -Mom, 
Dad, Matt, Meg, and Lizzy. 


Matthew R. McCourt 

"Never forget to remember." Guys it's 
been fiin and ladies try to get over me, 
Like wicked late nite, EAGT: Lynch 
kills me. Salsa: We know. Cruise: KL 
MS, Disney, KR Easy on the eyes, 1 1 .5, 
LJs which time, Twinnies house/ woods 
/ closet , JSD ,12er Hot tub, Jr. Prom, 
MPP, Cabana, PITS after SATS MA 
sorry about the head, KL-Special thanks 
H. Buttafuco, Thanks for all the 

Steven William 

"To be able to fly? To be smoke, or a 
wolf; To know the night, and live in it 
forever? That's not so bad. You call us 
monsters but when you dream it's of 
flying and changing, and hving without 

Kevin Andrew McHardy 

1 would like to thank my friends for 
sticking with me through school. JB for 
talking about Mr. Stockdale with such 
fondness and to Jim for making 12th 
grade English fun by throwing pens out 
of the window. And to Marybeth for 
making 1 1th and 12th grade so special 
and meaningful. Keep on chuggin 1432 

Ana N. McKenna 

"You might faint from the fight but 
you're gonna find it, for every challenge 
could have a paradise behind it." 
ES, PM, CG, EC, BD+the guys-thanks / 
PQ/ vicious/ OTP / bottle toss / tail light/ 
/ Late Night / NYE / strobe light / ugs / 
Band Trips / Gigs=comer / you tell em 
Rolfe / Love bunny / PPP / diskos / 
Luggage / Curbs / wait, what? / 151 / 
bad words/ tailbone / Never Forget. 

Michael P. Meehan 

If you're lucky enough to be Irish you're 
lucky enough. ;The most competitive 
games draw the most competitive men. 
VL; HHS Hockey and Baseball. We 
celebrate when the gang's all there. Hot 
summer nights that's my time of the 
year. VH Hey maybe we can party 
sometime. And remember an honest 
brew makes its own friends. I got a long 
night ahead. PEACE. 

Eric R. Melanson 


Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a 
mystery. Today is a gift. That's why it's 
called "the present". 
DM CH KO MM, Beasties 94 and 95, 
New Year's 93 and 94, Zonkie Jr. Prom 
walk, ZZ's S.B. 1 1/4, Goalie/Defense 
"Toot" 30, Pits and Dump, DA BEAR 
JEEP P.R.S. Growin' Edge Mom and 
Dad and Crew thanks. 

William Standish 

Thanks Mom and Dad for getting me 
through some of the rough times. It's 
good to know the direction you came 
from and the direction you are headed in. 
Where's my 5 bucks? Friday nights are 
still mine. Thanks JB, JP and the crew. 
When you are out on doggisland pour 
some out for the ones not there. Dan 
thanks for all your help when I needed it. 
P.S. Matt We miss you. 


^r,-: v^^. 



Oestein Moerch 

Hello my friends! I'm sick. I'm deadly 
sick. My disease is called life. In this 
small world, this illness has a mortality 
rate of 100%! But, I'm not depressed! 
I've come here to enjoy my illness, so 
your duty is to show me a good time. 
Make me remember my year here! "I'll 
be back!" Love, your Norwegian friend. 


Tom Mc Kenna 

You boozin brother. Thanks to the crew 
AA, MA, JW, DO, DB, TY, MG, DC, 
JM, ET, DM, JC. Nights in the wompee, 
Pitts, Turkey hill, Tinys in Tokes house, 
Govie. Jr. year E period Rat. DB, RH, 
TM, Legen DS Of Foundry. My house 
(STED). B-boys 94, Dillard's Dong 95 
And thanks to my family and to anybody 
or things I forgot. Thanks. And to The 
crew I love you man. 




r** -^t^M 

s- "^^^ 

w ■ t 


w % 


r . % 



/♦ . -^ ' 


> V,' 




•* v** • 

« ' 

•w-V, . % 

, .* » 




Monica McKim 

If I'm here and your here doesn't that 
make it our time "fast times". Trips to 
N.Y., Canada '92, '94, Hawaii, 
California, Cillys, Ocean City, The big 
Kahuna, Wompatuck, MOJOS, Bruin 
Games, Colonial, M.M., M.S., I.D., 
K.B., J.P., R.A., T.G., L.M., Mr. 
Garrigan, thanks for all your help, I'll 
miss you. Mom and Dad, thanks for 
your support, I love you. Matt you are 
my best friend, I love you. 

Ellen Ensley McNulty 

Nutty, McNutt, McNults, L, Mom 
"Friendships that have stood the test - 
time and change - are surely best." GR, 
LB, AK, KS, EM, JS, GB, DW, AP, JJ, - 
thanks. Lana - you oughta know;Al - 
flyin together. See things in trees. KS- 
WC EM - 5 accidents KS, JS, LB houses 
ES- swings Cons. WptkWE Jr. Prom 
Kiss '94 Concerts '95 - SM Summer '95 
THING! Good Luck - MM RW LC DD 
BM KH JM CP Cheeks Thanks Mom 
and Dad. 

WilUam F. Meara 

Billy, Will 
"Some succeed because they are 
destined to. Most succeed because they 
are determined to." 

Hello, I suffocated in a closet. Rich any 
peas or carrots, Fila, Ror is a four eye 
freak, Lynch's toilet. Joust with MM, 
Squar rim. Dog Hair, Joel time for Bula- 
Bula, I love CATHSH, Lau is THE 
BEST, HI to chicklets of '96, CHRIS 
retire 2 1 , Mom and Dad remember 
"Don't worry. Be happy." SD. 

Christie Lynn Morgan 

It isn't what the world holds for you. It's 
what you bring to the world. LM 
3 Musketeers - NHD - GERMANY/ 
AUST '95 - ROME '94 - GRTWDS - 
FRKS - Chilis - Bobby Earl - Stressin' - 
Minimum 65 - NY - Yip Yahoo - 
Starlight - Ergo - Newb St. - Chinese - 
woe -Sarah, Thanks a mil! Also - KM 

Dana Mortland 

Mort, Biff, BigGuy 
Life battles don't always go to the 
stronger or faster man but sooner or 
later, the man who wins is the man who 
thinks he can. Fishboy's Base, Pits, 
Rocks, Dump, Wompy 94, Bruce's Dong 
"95", Hey Guy Tiny's, SkinnySun Fball, 
Sted, ILUMan, Evan, McKenna's House, 
Later MM, MP, CB, TL, DC, SS, MA, 
DC,-JM, Daveo. Thanks Ma, Pa, Dave, 
Shan, Sam, Nana H., Love ya Adriana. 
Hey Coach, It's me the meatball =Marco. 

Samantha Raechel 

Sammy, Sambo, Red 
"May the saddest day of the future be no 
worse than the happiest day of your 

Hang in there Liz, 1 year 2 go. Summer 
of '95. The MOTHERSHIP. Thanx 4 
being there EM. Locked out lately? LM 
Glad you moved back. CI what's up? 
Giirane that.. .Keep your head up J. 
Thanks to my family: Mom, Dad, Dave, 
Shan, Dana & Jay. Couldn't have done it 
without you, LuvUGuys. 
Good Luck 

Michael P. Muldoon 

Doon, Doona, Doonbuggy, Lenny 

"What lies behind us, what lies before us 
are tiny matters compared to what lies 
within us." 

Jazz band, Ed and the elastic, omar, 
capricious. Pit and Elmo, Sporks, 
Biggins, G-Hill, trampoline, to all my 
friends, IB, BD, WM, TM, DS, PD, JC, 
BC, JC, JJ, SG, and everyone else 
remember to keep in touch. Thanks 
Mom and Dad and the Freaks, I love you 


Timothy Murphy 

Tim "Murph" 
"I'm not braggin' and I'm not proud I 
hang around a drunken crowd" got to 
give it up for gansta' night '95 southies 
will always rule as full court champs 
snowboarding trips "who's the wise guy" 
great hill Blazer games yard football 
Homerun derby air Big Dog "Muhuyma" 
Thanks Mom and Dad Thanks for the 
memories PD DS JC MM WM JC DM 

Rory C. Murray 

Ro Roar 
Never dread tomorrow or what the future 
brings just pray for strength and TRUST 
GOD in all things. 
Hockey Fr. MVP Chilis Crew B+D 
bash NO WALL MA-corrupt cabana 
KL-SS JUICE 418-BF 1 drove MK KS 
KR Thanks 4 the help MK SORRY 
Geese RS=6-21 JM-DH-MK M3BF 
Posse the sweet taste will last 4 EVER 

Michael J. Nantel 

Mike Chip 
TB Picas so. Golfcarts on 3A pert 
Jahoba and skim patties in a Jacket 
modest 6th graders What a life huh? 
360's at Starland Lunch screams and 
moans Black Dancin and the car Rats 
"Anyone who's ever made anything of 
themselves has taken a chance, take that 
chance." Thanx to Ma+Pa, Marco Josh 
DJ Kris Meg Mr. J Bais and myself 
Daddy Daddy buy me a car! LATER! 

Alexandra Nassopoulos 

Alex, Al 
Dorch- Ney, G, BL, BC - Hommes Pour 
Nous. Club Metro- My place. The 
Graduates- 7/4/93. Jess's Haus- Dazed. 
BANG ! Field '92 & '93. Bafongs- 
Aerosmith Backstage. Brons- Ra Ra 
Buffs! Zan's Van (Gun). T or B ? Shag 
AL ! AA Howie ! F/F- MR, NB, GR, 
AK, KO, BA & SS. My Rico - Greece 
4-EVA-Miss you all!- "If you have it 
you don't need to have anything else, 
and if you don't have it, it doesn't much 
matter what else you have." 

Jeanne-Marie O'Donnell 

- You're holding me down , turning me 
round, me hiding me head in the sand - 
LIKE IT RAW-LOON was some 
smokin times. MEO + Crystal rock my 
world. Choc. Tie, White Blotta, 
Kaleidscope, Skunk. ME + Zakk Wylde 
are married. Dad, We've been through a 
lot as a family, and your suffering was 
not expected-We all love you! ! ! 

David Orlandi 

Thanks HHS! MM, MC. MA. TM, DM, 
all the boyz! Summer nights Turkey, 
Govey, Pits-"Caught" "The night is 
young" M.L.I. HARBORMEN SOX 95- 
MICKEY, RIP CAL"What's up guy?" 
"Kegga Dude!" MM Pizza Party, Fatties- 
"There's still some fight left in me. Hold 
your head up high, look em in the eye, 
and never say die." "VH Built Tough"- 
Mom, Dad, Dad, Jen, KO Love ya! It's 
been real!- Peace- 

Anne Ferguson Ortiz 

What in the world ever became of sweet 
Jane...Livin' on reds, vitamin C... 
Scituate posse, Don't let the man break 
you down! Hempfest '95! JW MG JK 
NP Jess, don't be lonely! Sometimes 
lights are shining on me, other times I 
can barely see! What a long strange trip 
its been-Fr. Yr., So long ago when I was 
just a lower case Gl Thanks to all, C-Ya! 

Kirsten Claire Overlee 

Ovas, KO 
Our lives are a continuing journey- and 
we must learn and grow at every bend as^ 
we make our way, sometimes stumbling, 
but always moving, toward the finest 
within us. New Yrs 93-94 AA Howie 
Woody-smk butts Chubsabubs Al Jess's, 
my haus Thanks- Brons, Bafongos, G, 
Breks, Bimbs, Dave, Jenks-No 
BangBangs Java Bus MF-ST's 1/26/95 
Lax VH Bang! Thanks Mom, Dad, 
Steve, and boys- 1 love you I 



Benjamin Nastou 

Ben Nasty 
Go Hingham Math Team!! Remember 
Brockton '95 Weymouth 94' Mr. Larson, 
Beware of the M.P.P. Keystone Wrestling 
Camp Leprechaun, Jethro, Highway, Mr. 
Dirk What's that on your desk? 1 1th grade 
Mulry^dondeestamigrabadora? 100 Bill 
Thanks Mom, Dad, John Buckley. 

Jodi Lynn Nichols 

"When you can think of yesterday without 
regret, and of tomorrow without fear, then 
you are on the road to success." 
Thanks to HF,NB,RG,KM,MS,ND,+HS 
Memories: JP"95, Florida, "Hey Girls", 
Strings Trips, Pattysasswomen, REM, 
Aerosmith, Gum would be perfection, 
Biddy .where is the Front desk?, BeerNuts, 
Jim, Whatever! Thanks Mom + Dad. 

Helene Margaret Norton 

"The remarkable thing is we have a 
choice regarding the attitude we will 
embrace for that day. We cannot change 
our past. ..We cannot change the fact that 
people will act in a certain way. We 
cannot change the inevitable. The only 
thing we can do is play on the one string 
we have, and that is our attitude.." 
-Charles SwindoU 

Andrea Nutter 

It's finally over! To everyone who 
helped me through it. Thanks! Cass- 
WJTLSSIAFB, BFF!, Did I drop that? 
Clair- Southie boys! Renee- Do you 
remember that terrible night at Manomet 
with the twins from Hell?! ! Thanks to: 
CH, CR, SS, MR, RB. Outward bound! 
Phil, you're the greatest! Thanks for 
everything! Mom, Dad and Caroline, 
Thanks, and I love you! 

Crystal Pinel 

"No matter what always be yourself 
M6- no more soda, late-night outings, 
my window ! MR- Lazer Gun, Southie, 
MFF- 9/5/93, MV- Sweet, and wild 
summers ! ! From Hingham to 
Weymouth back to Hingham again thanx 
to all the great friends I made! Phil - 
Thanx 4 always being there, Clair & 
Renee you guys are the greatest and I 
love you I SWEAR TO GOD! Mom and 
Dad how do 1 begin...! love you! 

Julie Beth Pollick 

"Sometimes a smile can happen in a 
flash, but the memory of it lasts forever." 
Thanks to all my friends who have given 
me such wonderful memories. FR/ 
SARANAC. Gps: snowdays, ntemares® 
LJ's. QUO! KR: UBAC? Kim & Lis: 
Our friendship will last forever. BF / 
ELY guys! Mom, Dad & John: Thanks I 
love you. Live always as if there is 
world enough and time... 

Cleo R. Ponteen 

Consider the world as a mountain 

Look where the millions stop 

There is always a crowd at the 

bottom but there's room at the top. 

Alyssa Faith Porter 

Alyss, Porta, Doris 
Cheez,LOTF,sick,brownie pts,sun 1 2in 
park, Les Mis,Plop-plop,Martins,J&B, 
there,Frank?Frank is that U?,high,Le 
Freak Tre Chic,Random, Volleyball, 
ato,Helium"Farewell to you and the 
youth I have spent w/U"-KG I Luv U 


Mitchell Powers 

"If you find someone with alot of head 
and alot of heart they will never come 
off the field Second." Much luv to the 
men + Ladies of '96 You know who, DH 
7-11, B-Lt, MA Cabana, V-ball,S. At 
Lynchs, Pits, LJ's, Ports, Andy Grifith, 
Disney, Cousin, Baseball, B-Ball, JSD, 
Good luck to my brother D, my sisters 
Tarn, Marcey Bee Luv you Mom + Dad 
And the rest of the fam. See ya. 

Heather L. Priestly 

"We might be laughin a bit too loud, but 
that never hurt no one." BJ Nov 94 
Thanks Mom 4 everything-I love you 
Hey Juliet-thanks 'nough said Ma N 
Mumpie, Homis,LH,JT,AD+MB-we can 
hang !.Liz,CI,TP,andesp.NEB YC ! 
Seniors-good luck with everything. Buh 
bye pals! 

Clair Liana Rancourt 

The time has come, we must part. 
Remember the secrets shared,the trust 
sworn by,and the friendships lived on. 
Remember me. Remember us Mary it's 
time,ready? M6parties SouthieBoys 
CMXN 10/21/94 PJ'94 Lolla'94 MV'95 
Sneaking out Hockey PIGS Excedrin 
Lotion No false initials you guys know 
who you are I'll love you forever Crystal 
and Renee 1 swear to God! 

Mary Tereasa Ray 

To all pigs a great 4 yrs. let's make more 
memories. CH "Foaming mouth" CR 
"hallway buds" BFs 4-Eva! CS "buns 
have buns" JDW "We've been through 
alot, luv ya!" To all others never forget 
any of U including the BIG "T" 
MA,Ron,Jo&Baby Thanx for everything 
& for being there. Everyone always keep 
in touch I Call me at 740-8 325 ! !Good 
luck everyone!! 

Dennis A Ross 

If you want some thing great, go after it. 
If you have something good hold on to 
it.. High school was tuff, surprised I 
made it this far. I thank my parents for 

most. Josh are we out of gas again! 

Hey Matt, want to go fishing D Period? 
Maybe E. I also want to thank Jen & 
Kris, KD, MN, CS, CI, SO, JC, RD, AH, 
MO, SM, LF, and Mr. Johnson. WHAT 

Katherine E. Ryan 

"This is not the end. It is not even the 
beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, 
the end of the beginning." Never forget: 
sugarloaf, 2008WC, SALSA, JP video, 
GWDS. Mrshfd. Reeb, Twins' bash, the 
MTG, Chili's B-day, Spain, RM-FWilly, 
JP-AC? BM-creamcicle, DH-9:32, LJ- 
Skourchi, MM-Paul's brake, KS-Who's 
there? THX guys of '96, Just the 10 of 
us- ILUG Thanks M, D, K & D. 

Richard Santoro 

"Don't give up... Don't ever Don't ever 
giveup."- Jim Valvano. Shim, Cole we 
were prolific. Nauset had to be beaten. 
Markell, Paris you guys came and I sent 
you home in awe. Hingham-10, 
Weymouth-8. McD's with the boys. 
Thanks to those who cared, forget those 
who didn't. Special thanks to my Mom, 
Dad, and Mr. Murray. Unfinished 
business to be settled in June.-#19. 

Cheryl SaraHan 

Thanks to my family especially my 
Mom & Dad for always being there. 
MR "Take the F out of fat & the F out of 
way" Thorps- watch out for those 
waves. T-Bingo! My hat! CH-the 
Marshfield fair, Waterville Valley- 
Moooosey! Killa-here's to ten years of 
friendship. JM 143 Always!! Zella- 1 
can smoke wherever I please now & 
there's nothing you can say about it. 



Melissa Reynolds 

"To live again these moments that 
occupy my heart, gives life a precious 
meaning and each day a brand new 
start." The Mtg B+D's Fr. lax FH92-95 
reeb-bubba NYE-chunks Sugarloaf-salsa 
DDD videos/JSD/JrPrm/LJ's dckbtS 
Tina"thats my car!" DYM Meister 
Kristy runfrm D+D Grtwds8/31+aero 
BM-rftw Ap-vac Ln-yajeet KKLMJ-LC 
Just the 10 of us (IWNFYG)thx guys of 
'96 Good luck Jackie Thanks Mom, Dad, 
Cassandra + Liz I love You. 

Gina Emma Rizzotto 

Rizzo, Hina 
What you are is more important than 
what you've got. Marc: I love you, I 
beheve, POS, 2-26, 8-19, tied up, 
Schwebs: BK Dr. Interuption, HC, 
GMBRBTI, McNut: Kiss 94, Party, 
Famu, Snope, Yogi, JJ, Cons, Teq, 
BYOB, Thorpe: VSoccer, Hubby MH: 
1-21, Dr Range, 711s, COTH, AN:TB 
Picasso, RB: S94RJ, SL, JL: Nails, Jr. 
Prom, Lib, Geo93, Hey Baby, Dudes 
Good Luck everyone! #20 Thanks Mom, 
Dad, Dave, Dee. 

Devon Elise Roberts 

I'm glad I did it, partly because it was 
well worth it, but chiefly because I shall 
never ever have to do it again. -Twain / 
Humility like Darkness reveals Heavenly 
lights. -Thoreau / Much madness is 
Divinest sense. -Dickinson / The darkest 
hour is before dawn. / It's easy to keep 
your head above the water. Empty things 
float. -T. Olsen 

Keith Robinson 

Rebecca Atwood Schmitt 

Becky, Beck 
The ending we are all facing together is 
also a beginning that we will face apart. 
As this time grew closer, we all united as 
the class of 1996. Thank you all for the 
memories. ND KW LSD HJ BS DR BL 
TC RH KB CC JH Thanks guys oh poo 
Jennie Garth Cruise '93. HR 227 Locker 
buddies Shut-up Nicole Eggo minis 
Sula APS Thanks Milton pals ! Thanks 
to my family. 

Ben Sebestyen 

Bye... Jim, Ben, Mary, Bill, Will, Jeff, 
Matt, Leigh, MO- Jane, Barney and the 
crew, Ronald, Mary, Dave, Mark, Bob, 
John, Jim, Mo, Jane, H.A.G, Mom, Dad, 
Busta Move, WAN, Mary, my producer, 
scriptwriters, -T-, Jane, Boris, Fidel, 
Sam, Mario, Richard & Mary, Leigh, 
Heather, Kev, Dave, Not, Mo, Jane, 
Sarah, Kelly, Tom, Meg, Jay, Marco & 
Mary, Fuji, Jim, Franco, Alex, sushi & 
Jane, Watkins, Steve, Gee. 

Ramona C. Sequea 

Remember there is much to learn; but all 
new things aren't good. Wisdom lies in 
what you've learned and what you have 
withstood. First I would like to thank 
God and my mother for helping me to 
come this far. I want to say bye to those 
I leave behind: KM WH LT KB BH TM 
AL RL. To those moving on good luck I 
Becka Taz JW WTH AT LA LG AB. 
Thank You also Ms. Roundtree. 

Michael Shea 

"I never let High school get in the way 
of my education." DPW are #1 Thanks 
ISHMAEL Bob Jonez, Zero Gravity, 
Stallions ,Wharf, Grooving in the dunes, 
LeCharley, Lobsterfest, Great Personal- 
ity ,Vietnam, Shoestore, What do you 
wanna do? F. Hut, never done this 
before- NL Tang in the mustang Nick 
I've never had a better friend Thanks Ma 
Pa and Sar (L.t) Toga Toga Toga Salve 
buddhavision riiight hands on the hips 


Michael T. Sheridan 

"Things may come to those who wait, 
but only the things left by those who 
hustle." Soccer #1 1 Lax #16 Ripped 
kidney summer U-ball Femrotic Late- 
night Quebec Costs Buffet Steve M 
Nantucket MM's basement Leone/Dirk 
Florida 96 here we come ! Thanks to all 
my friends you are the best Thanks KR 
I'll never forget you I love you Mom and 
Dad Thanks for everything. 

Stephen Shore 

To my boys: You know who you are. we 
had a great four years. I'll never forget 
you guys. Big Dad and his latenight 
stories. BC+DC Bash. LJ's after 
snowball. Florida trips 95 and 96. Hack's 
chickmagnets. Billy "What a classic." 
Ro, How's Juice? Colossal Cone. Tina, 
Mel, MK. Magoo "Toot." "Hey Dauba, 
Wzup." Lynch, KR+JP AT AL's. Class 
of 96, Keep the faith. IWTFMH. 

Susan Jean Silverio 

The Good + Bad Times, The Laughter + 
Tears our friendships have grown a lot 
through the years. 2 my Pigs you know 
who you are -I'll MissYou-Hockey-Ra 
Ra 9-12 Capt , C+M Mosh 94 CH 15 yrs 
- Hull - BFC - Rolls - Sean.C Big Bro 
Thanks 4 being there. Lil Sis, BIF, KC, 
Mom, Dad -i- Penny 4 Luv+Support- Go 
4 it Mom ! Jack , I love you AAF-t-l 
1-28-94 Heaven 8-27-94- Our love has 
come so far you made me shine- To the 
future-good luck all- 1 DID IT!!! 

Allison M. Smaldone 

Whatever tears at us, whatever holds us 
down, and if nothing can be done, we'll 
make the best of what's around 
Nov. 15, 94- What a long strange trip 
JrProm- KM/AP? Lake Winne top o 
gunstock; Scopin with JT, DW; Last/ 
First bash@ JS; Yay Saranac! Hairboy / 
Guttage; concert happy; Brons- Thanks 
to history; Jess- no veggies? Alex- 
Greecin @ ThAnos; Luv ya 2fa2can; 
APR/ BL-P! RIPTRIX Thanks Mom and 

Melissa Sparks 

Respect yourself. If you don't no one 
else will. Thanks for the help Mazzella. 
I'll miss you. Mr.D, Mom, Tara, Dad 
thanks for the support. Ryan I'm glad 
you came into our lives. Mark always 
and forever. Good luck Monica! Sara 
D&d. Wayne and Kerri thanks for the 

Lisa St.Don 

To The Class of 1996: 

Remember that "What lies behind us and 

what lies before us are small matters to 

what lies within us." 

To All My Friends: 

"Keep your face towards the sunshine and 

the shadows will fall behind you." 

To Damian: 

Believe in the impossible - 1 Love you. 

Jessica Elizabeth 

"Don't miss the magic of the moment by 
focusing on what's to come!" Al's Haus 
Concert Happy Feb-V-93 Shag Dazed 
ZansVan-Gun Muffin Florida 99 
Blazers- Cryin" Summer of 95" 3x 
Bobby Soft&field Skippin-Cards-500- 
RpinkF "To all my friends old & new I 
couldn't have made it without you!" AN 
BD What time is your party man?-CL 

Michael Ward Stebbins 

Stebbs, Mike 
"We few, we happy few, we band of 
brothers; for he today that sheds his 
blood with me shall be my brother. "- 
Shakespeare. Thanks Mom and Dad Jeff 
Dan Al and Sarah. Shot out to Dean 
Lynch Bloomer Foley Sherri and Kim. 
Football wrestling Lax (92-96). Good 
luck to the class of 97. 


Brian Maclnnis 

"You know when you're watching a 
movie and you have a full bucket of 
popcorn and you watch the movie and 
it's really entertaining and you look 
down and there's no popcorn left? You 
are that movie. "-Eric 
"Caitlyn, I love you!"-Brian 


Barrie F. Smith 

"Never give up on what you really want 
to do. The person with the big dream is 
more powerful than the one with facts." 
Summer of 95 "New York" Thanks L.T. 
For the best summer! Rosie and Bobby 
Thanks B.D "The Company Theater" 
Shows Ground Round Thanks Liz. M. 
For The good times and the bad "I still 
believe in spite of everything people are 
really good at heart." Thanks Mom and 




Stephen Smith 

Gold, Deep Throat, Ice Cream, Rahib 
To Akbad and his panasonic 3do and to 
myself yesss Hello, and to all my loyal 
sheep. And to my loyal partner Mulder 
Formerly Skully. And to Tom's 
basement I am going bomb dat place/ 
And to my teacher Obie Wan I still 
possess the force to my loyal comrad 
Steel, Platnum still crazy after all these 
IN YOUR HEAD. Cad, Manganello, 

Heidi Sasha Solomon 

"The future belongs to those who beheve 
in the beauty of their dreams." -Eleanor 
Roosevelt. Lords, Aerosmith, Great 
Woods, Fricks, REM, Israel, Eisner, the 
four scavengers, Florida, Alby, E study. 
Whatever! CM JN KM ND JS LSD SD 
NB IS JC JA. Thanks for the memories. 
To my family. Mom, Dad, Jo, Zebe and 
Ariel, I love you guys! Thanks for all the 
love and support! "Smile and the world 
will smile with you." To the class of 
1996, Good Luck in the future! 

Kimberly Anne Stepan 

Kim, Kimmie, Fifi, Momma Goose 
"To try to be the person you're not is to 
waste the person you are. " CHICKEN !- 
CTMMML, JS-FL, DMB-Eat,drink -i-B 
Merry ! Wrld'sEnd-LBEMJS AKMa- 
Jules-t-Lissie-UR the best!The friendship 
we share is etml. 


David M. Sternburg 

"I,ve had my ups and downs, my ins and 
outs, and my share of bad breaks, but 
when it's all been said and done, I raise 
my drink and I think, God it's been fun." 
Snowboarding-"who's the wise guy?" 
gangsta night '95, "SPORKS", Central/ 
Southie wars,Blazers lax, trampoline!, 
yard football, snap's, Quebec trip. 
Cameo for $1, G-hill!, Thanks 

Ryan C. Stevens 

Stinky Headface Naked Punac 3825 
"Every time my fingers touch brain I'm 
Superfly TNT"-JW "We got more gongs 
than the break dancing robot that caught 
on fire"-HS "You have to go on and be 
crazy. Craziness is like heaven."-Jimi. 
To the rest of "The Boys", we're "One 
big mob. Aw yeah Aw yeah." To the rest 
of HHS, "Knife, fork, bottle cork, I'm 
outta' here"- Dicky B. MMB. 

Elisabeth A. Sullivan 

"To finish the moment, to find the 
journey's end in every step of the road, 
to live the greatest number of good 
hours, is wisdom."-Emerson, UGS, 
Badwords, Bikes, Taillight, Gigs in a 
tub, Curbs, Bottle Toss, Dog Collar, PQ, 
Me Too, OTP, Jackal, No Names & 
Wonder Llamas, Cheesehead,Van, Late 
Night, Diskos, FroshLax, Thanks PM, 
AM, BC, BD, CG & The Boys. You 
guys are the best! 


Kristina N. Sullivan 

Tina- "SALSA" 
"Just the 10 of us we can make it if we 
try, Just the 10 of us you & I" ILYG 
Mtgs-noodles-Redcar?-DYM G-wds 
DMB ! NYE- LK + MR- No its not? 
Fr.Lax REEB KR- Who's There? 
Stadaqui Gigs-crash, Gramps, 
Duckboots Guys of 96- IWNFY! LJ- 
Butts, Meister 5432-RM- KL- $50-Thx 
Zella. KKLMJ-LC, Hill-BFF GL-Jack, 
KG girls-DDD YoHo! Cape-YGATB 
Thx Mom, Dad, Stacy, Tan, Rori-ILY. 

Jill Marie Sweeney 

" True values are not easily discovered." 
Thanks Mom, Kerri, Mike, and Tim for 
putting up with me. Dad- Love ya 
always. Friends are forever: CM, KM, 
Memories: 3 Musketeers, Chili's, 
Germany, AFS, Jr. From, Frick's. "Those 
who have a great deal to say, do so in the 
fewest words." Love ya Bob -i- all the 
rest ! 

Joshua Ryan Sylvester 

"Anger is a gift". ..Getting off! 
There's something out there that I'm told 
1 should be striving for... but 1 haven't 
found it., yet- a dollar + a dream. That's 
all 1 could raise- you gotta give 'spec just 
to earn respect- 1 am the voice inside 
your head... and 1 control you - Nothing 
can stop me now 'cause 1 don't care any 
more.Bickfords, George,Bol, It's 
snowing !! - and the battle continued on. 

Colleen Teague 

"And The Losers Now are Later to Win 
for the Times they are a-changin."Phish 
94,95CHICKENGNOS Vermont 
BonesCampingEBrake ChickPosse-I 
love you "WE WELL GET BY" 
SDPMM-POOH and Piglet 4eva ML 
PC'd 94 AK-Uncle Charlie Saranac 
Thanks Mom and Dad. Good Luck Fish- 
Never lose your high view. Thanks 
Jerry! Trips! 

Jennifer K. Tulis 

Jenn, Tules 
I travelled this road with worries and 
doubts; I leave with hopes, dreams, and 
memories. FH/SOFT TGIF w/ Webba 
Amy- it's a'kini!Nook:B-Mobile DAVID! 
TULIS ! Lake Winn./Gunstock w/ Al. Bais- 
you don't need helium!/Herman. 
Candyman Britt & Porta- FH 
camp(tomatoes) BC w/ Matty Hootie 
Live/ Upton? Thanks Mom, Dad, Matt, & 
Grandma Good Luck Class of '96! 

Kathleen Marie TuUy 

"What lies behind you and what lies be- 
fore you are tiny matters compared to what 
lies in you." Thanks to all my true friends. 
"Friends forever and never apart maybe in 
distance but never in the heart." 1 always 
knew 1 would look back on tears and laugh 
but 1 never knew 1 would look back on 
laughter and cry . " Good Luck to everyone 
in the class of '96. 

Alfia K. Turner 

I want to thank God for getting me through 
those 4 tough, but wonderful years at 
Hingham High. Most of all I want to thank 
my Mom, Grandma, Sister, Brothers, 
nephew, Steve, Home girls, Lisa, April, 
TEE, Lu, C-1, Kiki, SB, Mimi. 1 love you 
all and thank you for the support y'all gave 
to me that kept me on my feet. Peace out 
metco bus & SRS. See ya like I saw ya! 

Edward Underwood 



Jennifer Townsend 

Jen, Thorpie 
"I must do all that concerns me, not what 
the people think." - Emerson 
Dr. Pepper, X - Files, Soccer - Rizzo, S- 
Ball JS, CR, B-dogg, YEAH-LH & HP, 
Flyers#l, Rookies, 4 - Some, Forts, D- 
rooms LG, Westport, Williamsburg, 
RHCP, CI-WE RULE, Thanks for being 
there - Always and forever, Rollerblades, 
No Fear, 4-wheeling, JH & K Mclub, Clay, 
Birf, I love you: Mom, Dad, Michele, 
Dave, John, Reggie, and Dakota. 

Alyssa Suzanne 

"Through it, I evolved and sometimes it 
exhausted me. But at least I had as much 
of a hold on it as it had on me." I didn't 
imagine this high school experience would 
ever end, but now it is time to move on. 
The future lies ahead of us! Good Luck 
everyone ! Thanks to all my friends, teach- 
ers, family. Mom and Dad, and the track 

Melissa Tremblay 

Melly, Buttonface, Lizardqueen 
Come on you dogs we have time to lose 
this has gone too far. So you're the 
yellow unbrella of the party. DRAMA 
Freaks rock HARD CORE. Remember 
you can only throw your own head. 
wanna be happy. Wish me, fish me, 
don't squish me, creature of the night! I 
laugh, and my laughter is not within me. 

I'll miss some of you. 

Kafui Rebekah Tsaku 

Bekah,Kay ,Sis .Luv 
Thank-you for believing in me and your 
inspiration. Without you I'd be lost. To 
Mom and Dad, thanks ,endless love .To 
Sika,Leb &Dee I luv U.To my B- friends 
Rita,Nick'e,Max much luv!To my crazy 
mecto pals Taz, Joe ,Mona, Reid, Bios, 
Del, Warrior, Bassi, 10ft, Luvy C-ya. 
S-thanks to Mrs. Roundtree,Magnello 
&Mr. Bailey .Oh,I can't forget TM 
Tally,Kat,Kel, Willie,SS. Thanks for the 
laughter. And to all my friends in chorus 
Germany is a memory I'll always 


^^ miuiu!: II: •■•'-» 




W mtamn. ih,'l^ 1 


h^"* fl 


■ w »«(»/» at.V 


«,?," 4 

'■ m Ut tt7 

H T fV lit £7 <#t >. ' *r. ■ J 



* Si la 

1 l' l^r :;:is et'3 

1 li ;!■■ ■«■« »te 

'Sis* .5 





Joseph Watkins 

Matthew Watkins 

Time for some action - He's Back!! N 
"The big cat just came to play, so show 
respect and step out of his way." 
'Tasket, Pi*ckb**tard, Fourtay, bis, 
holla' to my hometown, guy, Dillard 
Dong '95, silly Kov, Pitts, Q's, 
Rationalist, Howletts, Deano Party, 
Dangling, tedio, Thanks a lot to all my 
friends, my family, and my relatives -B 
They gets all my love!! 

Tawonia Joi Watkins 

"Bringing the gifts that my ancestors gave, 
I am the hope and the dream of the slave. I 
Rise, I Rise, I Rise." I have completed 
these hard years thanks to God, Mom, 
Grandma, Grandpa, and Mr. Manganello. 
Just like Maya I will continue to rise. BH, 
TM, and JH, I'll miss you. To everyone 
who has helped. Thanks. Shout outs to the 
METCO seniors. Bye. 

Danielle Elizabeth Weber 

Schwebs, Webba, Dew, Dan 
"The choices we make dictate the life we 
lead " TGIF: JT BKDR HC 71 Is Lib 
frosting-fight TB: Party DDL Plop-Plop 
BBMovies Ice 94 Live Upton GEGYL 
Interrupting Sunset: MD Lake Winni 
Cali Track Concerts Summer '95 
GMRBTI Whatever JR. Prom RTL: 
Dare USC: JJ BWEBG Late nite phone 
calls/ 4:30am Shoes Laz Thanks to all 
my good friends and to my family 
4every thing! 


Sara C. Wehter 

"Good friends are hard to find, hard to 
leave, and impossible to forget." To my 
"Supa" friends - Thanx for everything! 
Erin and Amy U Gut and treats? Never 
forget: Boston Trips, V.T. ski instr 
Habor Talks - Buts GAFAS EM - A - 
Study, T-laughs, SH-sharpener inventory 
- My Boys ABBAS Mel-D&D. Thanx 
Mom, Dad, K, M, T, & Ed. "Live today 
as if there is no tomorrow." Good Luck 
Class of 96! 

Kathleen Olivia Whelan 

Katie, Kate 
Disoriented on a one way street. Trying 
to find the right road to take - the one 
that won't end with a harsh dead end. 
Attempting to find the one that lead to a 
new home of undiscovered happiness. I 
love you. Mom, Dad, & Carolyne. 
Thanks TC, BS, RH, HJ, RE, SE, Ussa, 
MN, BW,LS, JA,JO,CH! Gymnastics, 
ComfieldKillerBoots! I'll miss you all. 
Class of 96 - Keep Truckin' On GD. 

Joseph Whitcomb 

First to my friends Messo, Boob, TM, TY, 
MA, Tiny, DC, KC, MM, MG, AC. Thanks 
to the inventor of beer, Wompy , Walks to 
the bank. Thanks to ISM, the teachers: 
Mrs. Silva, Mrs. Renquist, Mr. Higgins, 
Mr. Poole, Big D., Doc. Larence, Butts in 
the Boys Room, mostly my Father the 
circle pounding at the picnic table, the 
government, Messo & I going to the pen on 
the 4th of July. 

Mark A. Wohlgemuth 

Wojo, Punac 
It just so happens I'm talking about the 
one and only good thing. "Other-space 
is needed for tomorrow's enter-park." I'll 
give you the ZZ. Now do you believe in 
MITI? Thanks- The authors of Punac 
(BC RS JD) who made sophomore year 
bearable, AH TM. "Good Morning." - 

Jed Young 

The saying "Time flies when you are 
having fun" I have heard many times and 
have said to myself. These past four 
years of HS, although not all have been 
fun, flew by quickly! I want to say I 
love you Mom & Dad and also thanks 
for some great years, Mr. J. Higgins, Dr. 
P. Cappers, Mrs. J. Hallet, and all the 
other wonderful teachers you know who 
you are. I will miss this place ! 

Tom Youngworth 

Butts, Tokes, Fishboy 
It's all good! Best party D.Rudolf 4 keg 
Thanks for the times with the clan 
Many nights in the basement. H20 A.J. 
Best girl M.S. and L.A. hello to all the 
giris AK, CT, MM, KS. Don't forget 
me! Hollie's class Gfights Higgs 
class4fights Mr. Poole grow me a forest! 
Purple haze metco SM TH. After 9 
schools and 12 years I thank God I 
graduated. Yes, L. is a smurf. 

Gregory F. Youssef 

"If you spend your whole life worrying 
about failure you will have no time to 
think of how much you can accomplish. 
When you walk in the eyes of God you 
can walk without fear." 
Thanks Dad, Aud and Anne for 


Melissa has some goodies for 


#■ Amencan Oleon 


Joe Diaz: Randy Travis in the 

Keith, Alyssa, Lisa, Jen, AHison, 

and Kim hangin' with Mr. 


^ Katie, Jill, and Laura: 
i three good friends in 
one big picture. 

r » 

Why aren't Lisa and Ellen selling 

^^"^ ■ What does Devon have in her 

notebook that makes Brian smile so 

Leanne Adamson - Megan Adamson - Marco Agostino - Michael Amaral - Thomas Augur - Lisa Marie 
Ayala - Bryan Ayers - Abasi Bailey - Wesley Baltzer - Matthew Barra - Nicole Bartolotti - Renee Batts 

- Georgette Baxter - Nicole Bell - David Belushko - Megan Black - Lisa Blaustein - Robert Bleidom 

- Jeremy Blumberg - Elie Bou Serhal - Ian Brandt - Melissa Brennan - Christopher Bridges - Annette 
Broker - Davis Bruce - Anthony Buccitelli - James Bustamante - Jason Butterall - Gregory Bycoff - 
Sean Cadigan - Donald Caliacco - Jeffrey Callahan - Joseph Campbell - Erin Carpenter - John Catlin 

- David Cemy - Mark Chase - Sally Wan Sze Chow - Peter Ciovacco - Benjamin Clifford - Beth 
Connolly - Debbie Costello - Mary Elizabeth Costello - Marybeth Costello - John Cumiskey - 
Bronwen Daly - Colleen Dalton - Elizabeth Daley - Ryan Daniels - Sarah Daubenspeck - Anne David 
-Stephanie Davis - Clara DeJong - Joshua DeLisle - Nancy Oshima Delpidio - Steve Desmangles 

Matthew Devine - Joseph Diaz - Lynn Dibiasi - Charles Driggs - Patrick Driscoll - Daniel Edson 

- Conor Fahey - Laura Ferris - Sean Foley - Jeremy Freedman - Matthew Frucci - Matthew Gamache 
-ShaunGean- Jonathan Germain -CristinaGigon - Rebecca Goldberg - Nicholas Golden - Matthew 
Goulding - Michael Grafton - Steven Gudmand - Eric Hagopian - Mike Hammond - Kristy Handrahan 

- Ryan Hanrahan - Gregory Hanson - Wendell Harris - Geoffrey Harrison - Jean Kyoto Healey - Stacey 
Herbold - Leigh Hubeny - Cassandra Hurley - Andrew Hurst - Dean Hutchinson - Christine Inscoe 

- Heidi Jakub - Ryan Jancaitis - Amy Jenkins - Alexander Johnson - Joshua Johnson - Lauren Jones 

- Sasha Karborskaya - Jeffrey Keating - Nicole Keily - Lauren Kelly - Alexandra Kiley - Molly 
Kirkendall - Lauren Klier - Christine LaBreque - Blair Lacy - Nicholas Lamb - Marc Landers 


Francois Laurent - Britt Lindquist - Taylor Lofgren - Kevin Lynch - Melissa Lyons - Christopher 
MacMullen - Jamie Maguire - John Maguire - Danielle Mahoney - Patricia Mahoney - Lauren Malone 

- Joseph Mancuso - Wesley Marcks - Andrew Marshall - Katherine Martin - Ellen Martinsen - 
Kristopher Marx - Amy Matthews - Megan Mc Alpine - Donald McBain - David McCabe - Emily 
McCourt - Matthew McCourt - Steven McCracken - Kevin McHardy - Ana McKenna - Thomas 
McKenna - Monica McKim - Ellen McNulty - William Meara - Michael Meehan - Eric Melanson - 
William Modestino - Oy stein Morck - Christie Morgan - Dana Mortland - Samantha Mortland - 
Michael Muldoon - Timothy Murphy - Rory Murray - Michael Nantel - Alexander Nassopoulos - 
Benjamin Nastou - Jodi Nichols - Helene Norton - Andrea Nutter - Jeanne O'Donnell - David Orlandi 

- Anne Ortiz - Kirsten Overlee - Crystal Pinel - Julie Pollick - Cleo Ponteen - Alyssa Porter 

Heather Priestly - Clair Rancourt - Mary Ray - Melissa Reynolds - Gina Rizzotto - Devon Roberts 

- Keith Robinson - Dennis Roberts - Richard Santoro - Cheryl Sarafian - Rebecca Schmitt - Benjamin 
Sebestyen - Romona Sequea - Michael Shea - Michael Sheridan - Stephen Shore - Susan Silverio - 
Allison Smaldone - Brian Smallwood - Barrie Smith - Stephen Smith - Heidi Solomon - Melissa 
Sparks - Lisa St. Don - Jessica Starsiak - Michael Stebbins - Kimberly Stepan - David Stemburg - Ryan 
Stevens - Elisabeth Sullivan - Kristina Sullivan - Jill Sweeny - Joshua Sylvester - Colleen Teague 

- Jennifer Thorp - Alyssa Thorvaldsen - Melissa Tremblay - Kafui Tsaku - Jennifer Tulis - Kathleen 
Tully - Alfia Turner - Edward (Tripp ) Underwood - Joseph Watkins - Tawonia Watkins- Danielle 
Weber - Sara Wehter - Kathleen Whelan - Joseph Whitcomb - Mark Wohlgemuth - Jed Young - 
Thomas Youngworth - Gregory Youssef 





Kim and Blair are caught in an 
affectionate moment. 

Just another 

exciting study 


Dave spaces out 

after a long, hard 

day at work. 

Greg shows us his Popeye 

Helene is the only one working 
hard in study hall. 

Crossdressing for extra 

credit? What class is this, 

Transvestites 101? 

What are you hiding, Ryan? 

Pat and Ben do anything to increase their class rank 

Taylor and Matt: 
A. Working hard 
B. Hardly working 



iJMi*»jw*ijf mji; 

•^ V ^ 

« 7 I. 


-V-/^ - 

I he XNestti'n llciitajic 






• • • • 

•^. ♦" • • 


f^^ fin 



Richard MacLeod 

Gary Baker 

Michael Donnell 
Assistant Principal 

Peter Lincoln 
Assistant Principal 

Dorothy Galo 
Assistant Superintendent/ Math & Science Head 




Marcia Boyer 

^ — 




Mary Breen 

It has finally 
ended. Semi- 
colons that my- 
sterious mark of 
punctation has 
finally found a 
place in our 
sentences ; now 
we know not to 
throw commas, 
around, like. 

Dr. Barbara Finnegan 
Department Head 

Finally with this ac- 
quired knowledge it 
culminated into the 
dreaded college 
essay. We had to 
decide how to 
change the worid as 
a 17-year old in 300 
words or less. A big 
task for people who 
can't decide what to 
wear to school. Nev- 

James Haviland 

confetti. What, Fragment? -ertheless, with the help of our 

Years of John Steinbeck & dedicated teachers we made a 

Mark Twain have made us masterpiece that rivalled 

part of the intellectually elite. Shakespeare's, or almost! 

Anne is hit by an 

extreme case of 

writer's block. 

Blake Taylor 

Helaine Silva 


Stephen Baisden 


William Larson 

Assis and Chucky 


Douglas HoUey 

TI-82S. Need we say more? Who knew that $80.00 
could buy a scientific calculator, video game, and Magna 
Doodle all in one? Our math teachers take every shape and 
form. They bravely lead us through the vortex of Pythagorean 
theorems, Pascal's triangles, and polynomials of an infinite 
degree. They constantly told us math would be applicable later 
on in life. Thank God we learned about the sinusoidal curve in 
order to calculate the amount of water flowing into the bathtub. 
On a more serious note , math courses at Hingham High have 
been taught by the mathematicians of the nineties, comparable 
to Newton. Not only do their minds rival Einstein's but their 
personalities help make the learning process more bearable. 
For example, Mr. Baisden's Chucky, Ms. Leone's "Good , 
Woman!", and Mr. Olson's calculator wizardry Ughtened up 
the tedious task of learning mathematics. The days of math 
will always leave a firm impression (headache) on our mind. 

The TI-82, the survival tool of every Hingham High math student. 

Claudia Leone 

Craig Low 

Paul Manganello 

Mark Worden 

Patricia Tiemey 

1st step to Calculus 


Barbara Berlucci 

Ni \ 

The Hingham science teacher is as much a madman as he is a 
scientist. We were all perplexed by and petrified of Penny's 
Patented Paint Can.We were almost intimidated when Mr. Dirk 
told us that if we'd play, we'd pay and get The Deuce. We were 
amazed (and a bit jealous) of the fact that Mrs. Duffy's pinky 
finger has entered every orifice of every animals' body. 

Li the interim... Mr. Poole was stuck in his cranberry bog 
looking for the finest specimens to cook into juice or ferment 
into wine. Mrs Berlucci lived in the greenhouse,while Mr. 
Crowley was busy opening his windows, and Mr. Garland was 
shooting his homemade dart gun. 

Then the rookies entered into this warped world of high 
school science. Ms. Flanagan got on our good side with the 
Abadessa's rumors and her chipper attitude and Mr. Stockdale 
gained favor with his electronics mastery. They were teaching 
machines, fueled by all the greats: Archimedes ,GaUleo,etc... 

Patella, cranium, femur, iliac crest, hyoid, acetabelum, phalanges. 

Janet Duffy 

Paula Flanagan 

Russell Garland 


John Penny 

Richmond Poole 

Alan Stockdale 

Essentials for Chem. 

Peter Bailey 

Iris Gillard 


History classes, 
nature's sedative 
for some, have 
taught us the 
lessons of the 
past. We have all 
learned about the 
main exports of 
Japan and what 
General Hooker 
was famous for. 
For some, senior 

James Kirkcaldy 

Others chooseto 
analyze the conflict 
in Bosnia in World. 
For those brave and 
few, AP European 
history is a plunge 
into a deep sea of 
notes and dead fruit. 
Our dedicated 
teachers persevere 
in the face of apathy 
instilling in us an 

year is the anxiously awaited appreciation of our heritage, 
breather from examining the alternate lifestyles, and 
politicalstructure of Zimbabwe, the end of History Day ! 

A History teacher would be lost without his/her map of the world. 

Stephen Hermann 

David Lacatell 

Best History film 


Gretchen Spratt 

Tamara Perelman 

A History teacher's favorite book. 


George Bistransin 

Charles Finn 

Lyne Flaherty 

Alhough we may |^B^^^^ lasted for days, 

not have retained ^ ^^JM Spanish students 

all that we learned m^^B came to love the 

in foreign language 3i^m. music of Treeny 

class; declensions, ^#^^^^^fc Lopez (played 

subjunctive forms JF# ^^^^H from a record 

and imperfect '^' f M ^^^^^m player when the 

tenses, our teachers ttuM^^^^^H taperecorder 

did succeed in mysteriously 

instilling in us Douglas Ryan disappeared) and 

several important the french kids 

life lessons. Latin will always have 

scholars know to semper ubi a place in their hearts for 
sub ubi and won't soon forget Vincent Perez and Sophie 
the movie marathons that Marceau. 

Linda Mazzella 

Michael Muky 

A bestseller among Spanish folk. 





Michelle Vazquez 

Mary Smith 

Elaine Slatkavich 

One of Flaherty's movie posters 

Gerald Bliss 

Roger Boddie 

Paul Cappers 


Doug Wauchope 

The students in 
Mr. Johnson's 
Auto Shop Class 
know they have 
much when he 
says "Gentlemen 
we're in here. It's 
a smart day." 
Hingham High's 
Arts, consisting 
of Auto Shop, 

Head-Industrial Art 
Richard Lawrence 

creative potential. 
Some make t-shirts 
in Graphic Arts with 
the slogan they've 
always wanted and 
others carry the 
recorder one step 
further, and some 
just like to sit and 
play with the pottery 
wheel. Noone 
knows who the next 

Joseph Ryan 

Art, Graphic Arts, Orchestra, Monet will be, but we do know 
Band and Chorus encourages who can fix a car and who 
students to fufill their can draw Mr. Potato Head. 


Dennis Clinton 

The whistle blows. Your heart pumps furiously. Anticipation 
flows through your veins. You are about to undertake one of the 
most physically rigorous exercises ever. All you think of is "just 
get me through this " . Your mind whips back to your task at hand. 
Mr. Clinton yeBs " faster, faster" as your shirt creeps out of your 
shorts and your body convulses in pain. The whistle blows 
again and you sigh in relief forgetting how many squat thrusts 
you just did. While you slowly recover, you realize that you 
must prepare for the gym midyear. No more french fries! 

Jack Kennedy 

The only sanctioned torture in the USA. 

Meredith Gordon 



Suzanne Lincoln 

Gale Nutter 

Cathleen Walsh 

Picture Not 



Charles Geary 

Virginia Hansell 

Diana Sides 




s- n«i..^(*,.*iA '' v*-*Vu4.'^t^is. A <,/.-**'>^ 


Jane Ellis 

Nancy Gustafson 

Jane Smith 

Roy Smith 


Athletic Director 
William Barges 

Special Education 
Arthur Cadel 

Cafeteria Manager 
Donna Casagrande 

Special Education 
John Garrigan 

Joan Grimm 

Special Education 
Joan Linnehan 

Lee Magnarelli 

Bank Manager 
David Delano 

Comp. Coordinator 
Roger McClentic 

Nancy Noble 

METCO Coordinator 
Camilla Roundtree 

Special Education 
Eliz. Ruggerio 

Schuyler Thaxter 



Anne Leahy 

Donna Scampoli 

From Left to Right : Patricia Muldoon, Sandra Knowlton,Carole O'Co- 
nnell. Not Pictured : Margaret Brennan, Andrea Dunlap, Beverly 
Gilbert, Gail Magliozzi, Lisa Paul, Virginia Roche, Jennifer Sullivan 


Donna Conroy 

Karen Hewitt 

Betty Howlett 

Judy Mitchell 

Martha Robinson 

Jayne Skinner 



In alphabetical order: Lawrence Babcock (Head) John Callahan, Don Campell, Gary Olbeck, Ernest 

Olson, Elizabeth Priestly, John 










r ' 

# ■ * ' 


In alphabetical order: Maria Aiello, Candida Barbuto, Donna Casagrande (Head), Linda Ford, Eleanor 
Goldsmith, Cataerina lannino, Rosemary Shaughnessy, Maria Tavano 


We, the class of 1996, would like to 
dedicate this year's yearbook to Mr. 
Paul Abrahamson. He has served 
Hingham High School for over thirty 
years, instilling in his students an 
appreciation of history. The halls of 
Hingham High will never be the same 
without him. 




^ 4ii!i»; 


■«. »?*,A.'.Mfc „ ». 




/"*--■!-• *--**vl 


The Golf team finished 
with a 12-4 record, and 
will be led by a returning 
senior Mike Hammond, 
who was named a league 
All-Star last year. 

Our team which had two 
All-Stars and one honor- 
able mention, was awarded 
the League Sportsmanship 
Award. They also reached 
the state qualifier in Div .1 
where they nearly defeated 
St. John's Prep in 1995. 

Coach Curran is opti- 
mistic about next year and 
hopes to have the same 

success as last year if not 

Mike Hammond 

Coach Jack Curran, Ryan Jancaitas, Greg Hanson, Tom Augur, Mike Hammond 

Tom Augur 

Ryan Jancaitis 


The Hingham High Boys' Tennis team, led by coach Ron 
Bartels, finished their outstanding season of 16-2 in 1995. 
Highlights of the season included making it to the state tournament as 
they had for many years previously. Matt Goulding was chosen as a 
League All-Star (as well as in 10th grade) and is the 1996 captain. 
Andrew Hurst played second doubles. The upcoming season is filled 
with veterans, Andrew Hurst, Daniel Edson, and Wes Marcks, who are 
anticipating to do as well as they did last year if not better! 

Captain Matt G. 

Wes Marcks 

Andrew Hurst 



Sailing- the sport that is never recognized or considered a conventional sport of 
Hingham High. Little is known about these athletes who go into Boston three days a 
week, racing once a week, usually from two o'clock in the afternoon to seven o'clock at 
night. The seniors on the team are Christie Morgan, Jamie Maguire, Andrea Nutter, 
and Steve Gudmand. Led by coach Hugh Devine ,they sail out of Community Boating 
on the Charles River in Boston. Their league is the Massachusetts Bay League and 
they are in the Red division. Some of the teams they face are significantly larger than 
Hingham High such as BC High and Milton Academy. Due to the small amount of 
people on the team, they failed to place as a team despite many first and second place 
individual finishes. One highlight of the 1995 season was that Christie Morgan and 
Steve Gudmand were named as best juniors of the regatta. The team will never forget 
the fun they had whether it was the taking the "T" into the meets or the "Mercs". The 
sailing team, who will be led by captain Christie Mogan is looking forward to the 1996 



1 ' ^ 

The Hingham High Base- 
ball Team completed their 
most successful season in 
many years in 1995. They 
had a record of 14-6 and 
made it into the first round of 
the tournament. Next year 
looks just as promising with 
returning seniors Mike 
Meehan, Mitch Powers, Matt 
Devine, Dean Hutchison and 
Joe Mancuso. The captains 
will be chosen in the spring 
and will prepare the team for 
another victorious season. 


Dean H. shows why the baseball team has been so successful! 

Mitch can pitch! 

Matt throws "devinely" ! 

Baseball: America's National Pastime. 
Hingham High Baseball: The Tradition continues... 

C. Petrie, M. Sweeney, Mike Meehan, A. Parrillo, Mitch Powers, Joe Mancuso,Matt Devine, 
B. McCarthy, K. Muller,T.J. Bonner, M. Godfrey, C. Farina, J. Springer & L. Davenport. 



i « »jBk '• 

Mike covers all 
the bases. 

'•'4 .-• '^to.*-.-- —<'> 

Joe bucks it. 

.^^^ ' Uf; ,r l^:^f^_ % 









The Boys' Spring track team completed a successful 1995 season with a 
record of 6-4. For the first time in six years they finished above a 500 
average. Great individual performances produced a great season. Whether ^ 
it was the amusing accessories of Mr. Herrmann (hat & sunglasses) or 
Ben's jokes on the bus, humor also highlighted the season. 1996's season] 
promises to be successful under the leadership of captains Shaun Gean, 

the point doc- 
tor (average - 
114 points a 
season), Ben 
Nastou, the 
A.C.L shot- 
putting champ 
& Nick Lamb, 
the most feared 
name among 
long distance 


Ben throws 
another 50-footer 


Top Row (L to R)- Ron, Pat, Dan, Donald, Shaun, Ben N., Ben H. 3rd Row- Paul 
Ryan, Mike, Joe, Jeremy, Jamie. 2nd Row-Paul, Josh, Mike, Greg, Nick, Steve, 
Abasi, 1st Row- Mr. Herman, Andy, Pat, "Riz", Jack, Grant, and Mr. Ryan 

Shaun clears the high jump bar with room to spare. High jumping is just one of the many 

events that Shaun excels at. 

Ryan Wagner won't be ahead No smiling while 
for long when he faces Nick, you run, Jeremy! 

No one would dare to get in Abasi's way after he gets the baton from Greg 

with only a hundred to go, he's on fire! 


The Girls' Spring Track team finished the season with a record of 5-4. The girls were guided under 
the coaching of John Buckley and Trina Kirby. Whether it was Mrs. Kirby's pearls of wisdom or 
Mr. Buckley's promise of socks, perfor- 
mances improved steadily. The season of 
95' was hard work but also fun. Team 
spirit was running high due to locker bud- 
dies or making fun of our coach's sandals! 
The season of 1996 will be led by Alyssa 
Thorvaldsen, the star hurdler and quarter 
miler, Megan Black, the two-miler who 
keeps going &going . . . , and Jean Healey,the 
jav-queen.The girls' spring track team is 
looking forward to another great season, 
achieving personal goals & beating D-Y! 

Nancy is screaming at Jean, who is starting her relay leg with a 

"bang", to "Just Wolf It!". 

Bottom Row (Left to Right)- Janice Martin, Sue Layden, Kelly 
DeRubeis, Christine Haggerty, Stacey Olson, Eliza Goodhue. Middle 
Row- Megan Black, Katie Haggerty, Gina Rizzottto, Amandine 
Merlin, Nancy Delpidio, Jean Healey, Martha Clark. Top Row- 
EHzabeth Therrien, Carohne Finlay, Alyssa Thorvaldsen, Sarah 
Poindexter, Kate Harrington, Heidi Jakub, Lisa St. Don 

The javelin: a deadly weapon when in the wrong hands, 
no wonder it is illegal in New York. 

Nancy re- 
ceives the ba- 
ton in a great 

Megan, once again, takes the lead in the two-mile 

ts Alyssa focuses before winning another hurdle race 


The Girl's Varsity Tennis Team had a great 1995 season, ending with a record of 11- 

5. Co-captain Katie Ryan led the team with a personal undefeated record of 16-0 at 

#1 singles. She was chosen for the All Star Team Atlantic Coastal League and the 

Patriot Ledger All Scholastic Team. Senior Blair Lacy was given an Honorable 
Mention for the All- 

Star Team. Coach 
Sides felt they put 
in a strong effort de- 
spite the loss of two 
players due to in- 
jury. Captain M. 
Kirkendall,K. Ryan, 
and K. Stepan look 
forward to a prom- 
ising season. 

Blair puts in 1 10% effort 


Katie Ryan is preparing to desroy 
yet another opponent. 

Amy focuses on smash- 
ing the ball. 


'V y 

From L to R: Stacey 

Herbold, AmyMatthews, 

and Molly Kirkendall. 

From L-R: Kim 

Stepan, Blair 

Lacy, Katie 

Ryan, and Erin 


Molly reaches 
far for victory. 

(From the Top Right to Left): Erin 
Carpenter, 5tacey Herbold, Molly 

Kirkendall, Blair Lacy, Amy 

Matthews, Katie Ryan, and Kim 

Stepan - The talented senior 

players of the HHS Team. 


The Hingham girls' lacrosse team showed a tremendous effort during the 1995 
season,despite their .500 record. The All Stars were Cristi Gigon and Kristina 
Sullivan. Cristi also earned the Globe All Scholastic and Patriot Ledger All Scholastic 
awards. The team, led by their new coach Heather Williams, co-captains Kristina 
Sullivan and Cristi Gigon, and returning seniors Patty Mahoney, Julie PoUick, and 
Lauren Jones are ^^^^^ now ^^ looking forward to the 

season of 1996. ^^HHH^ ^SttKISS^ With its record last year 

of eight wins, ^mf ^Wk mm^- ^^^^ eight losses and one 

tie (8-8-1), the ^h:^ jgi^X ^BiJ^^ "V^l^^ coach felt that the 

team "really 
throughout the 
After the 
season of 1995, 
Girls' Lacrosse 
for a successful 

learned a lot 
the Hingham 
team is ready 

After running hard 
and playing strong, 
Patty is worn out. 
The Girls' Lacrosse 
players are not 
strangers to 
dedication and 

■iiiii 'hifiififiriri^afrff ^smn 

The captains congratulate one another on a job well done 

Top (L-R): S. Buba, K. Carolyn, A. Gomez, H. Saylor, E. Steams, Coach. Middle 
(L-R) J. Flatley, S. Gormley, J. Sheehan, L. Gallagher, T. Glover, S. O'Hare, E. 
Wesson. Bottom (L-R) L. Jones, C. Gigon, P. Mahoney, K. Sullivan and J. PoUick. 

I across the 
field with 
in pursuit. 


The Hingham High Boy 's Lacrosse team had one of its best seasons ever in 1995. The 
team was one of the top five in Eastern Massachusetts with a sixteen and two (16-2) regular 
season record. They were also the South Division League Champions for the third year in 
a row. 

Coach John Todd considered the '95 team to be the most well-balanced team in school 
history. In the post-season. The Harbormen reached the Final Four for the third straight year 
and again lost to the eventual state champions. Now Hingham Lacrosse is getting some of 
the respect it deserves. 

The 1996 season shows promise with fourteen (14) players returning from last year's 
group. This includes senior Tri-captains Rich Santoro, Ryan Hanrahan, and D.J. McBain; 
two first team All-Stars (Ryan Hanrahan and Rich Santoro) and three second team 
All-stars (Bill Meara, Mike Sheridan and D.J. McBain); three Herald All-Scholastics 
(Rich Santoro, Mike Sheridan and Ryan Hanrahan); two Globe and Ledger All- 
Scholastics (Rich Santoro and Ryan Hanrahan) ; and the second All American in 
Hingham High School history (Rich Santoro). Next year is stacked with talent. 

Hingham High School Lacrosse has shown a strength and brutality unmatched by any 
other high school. They have stood strong in the face of all adversity. Whether it was the 
Weymouth "rock incident" or facing schools that are the size of our town they have triumphed 
and will continue to. 

Dana Mortland defends the goal against Marshfield in the fifth game of the 
season. Hingham beat Marshfield 19-9. 

Hingham's "Player of The Year", Rich Santoro, demonstrates his prowess over Weymouth 

Sherry is back! 

The Class of '96 was well 
represented on the 1995 
Lacrosse team. It's no 
wonder they were so 
successful! (Top, Lto R) 
Dave McCabe, Mike 
Sheridan, DJMcBain, Bill 
Meara, Ryan Hanrahan, 
Dana Mortland, Wes 
Marks. (Bottom, L to R) 
Coach, Matt Frucci, 
Jeremy Freedman, Dave 
Stemburg, Rich Santoro, 
Mike Stebbins, Tim 
Murphy and Jack Catlin. 



Emily concentrates on the game, she's ready for any 
grounder or pop fly ! 

The HHS Softball Team 
despite a 4-14 record had 
a fun season in 1995. The 
1996 season looks prom- 
ising with Leigh Hubeny 
and Georgette Baxter as 
captains and many 
talented players 

Emily, Leigh, Danielle, Coach Skip Mortimer, Cory, Jen, 
Chrissy, Georgette, Jan, Sue, Jamie, Megan, Beth, Dale 

Chrissy breaks some of the tension with a funny joke. 

^^"*<<iif%i^, <t 

Georgette , 
one of next 
year's cap- 
tains, makes a 
great play. 




r J 


The 1996 Football season was as action- 
packed as ever. The team finished 6-4 
with the second winning record 
in ten years. The Harbormen's 
record is a bit deceiving because 
of last second losses to league 
rivals Randolph and Marshfield 
by a combined four points. Third 
year Head Coach Tony Rolfe 
and Staff led the team. 
The captains were Steve 
Shore (Team MVP), Dana 
Mortland (Defensive 
MVP) and Mike Amaral 
(Offensive MVP). The 
captains led the 

^'Sl! tit. ^ 



"V /_« 


Jeremy Blumberg, Mike Stebbins, and 
our Homecoming King, "The Meatball", 
Marco Agostino. A few rookie 
sensations, who came in as first 
year varsity players, contributed 
alot. They were Mike Nantel, 
Dean Hutchison, Mike "Tiny" 
Grafton, Dave Bruce, Shaun 

Gean, and Wes Baltzer. 
The 1996 edition of 
Harbormen Football 
was all about hard work 
and team unity which 
enabled them to have 
such a memorable 
season. The 



team with help 
from other senior 

Taylor Lofgren, 

Kevin Lynch, 


Marcks, ^ 







\ r 

I.. *^f'^' 




{■I ^3 IBi 





r HI 




team would like 
to wish all the 
returning and 
upcoming players 
good luck next 
and to 
" Coach 

mmm Roife 

& Staff. 


^f i «i!i*it ^''^ 


f^ As 


captains Mike 

' Amaral (20), 


Mortland (52), 

and Steve 

J Shore (17) 
why Hingham 
won the 
Award in 





^^.j afe 


Even with a big Middleboro player after him, Steve concentrates on his target. 

Foley (66), Blumberg (34), and Neil (shades), don't hold a candle to Paul (fist) when it comes to cheerleading. 

Mike Amaral quietly surveys the scene on 
the field. 

Look at this for a job well done! Our defense line is falling over each 
other to try to tackle the opponent first. No wonder we won that game. 

Wes Baltzer and Wes Marcks bulk up at the traditional spaghetti 
supper before they destroy their opponents. 

iMuJi^miMii^','ii M,i^.ys;inJ 

Mike Stebbins eludes his opponents success- 
fully in his entangling situation. 


21-7 was the final score. Not a big surprise that 
the seniors won. Under the coaching of Dean H., 
Chris B., Mike "Tiny" G., Sean F., & Jeremy B. the 
players kicked some major junior @**. The captains 
were Kristy Hanrahan and Andrea Nutter, and the 
team was the combination of pure strength and desire 
to kill the underclassmen. In pre-game predictions 
Mr. Baisden said "the girls would win. "And they did! 

It's a vicious day, today, no one is coming out alive. This unfortunate junior regrets that she stepped foot on the field 

Susan Silverio, Clair Rancourt, Debbie Costello, Chrissy LaBrecque, Andrea Nutter, Katie Ryan, Lauren Klier, 
Cristi Gigon, Melissa Sparks, Kristina Sullivan, Lauren Jones, Beth Costello, Molly Kirkendall, Beth Connolly 


Pain is temporary, Pride is forever... This is the motto of the cross-country team which inspires themi 
to keep on running. The 1995 seasonwas very successful. The Girls' team had a record of 8-2 (with one 
loss on a tie). For the first time in Hingham High School history, they won the League Championship 
At the state meet they came in 7th out of 32 teams ( the top 5 qualify ). The Boys' team, despite a record 
of 3-7, had a strong year individually. Nick Lamb was chosen as league all-star along with Megan 
Black and Katie Haggerty. The team, led by captains Matt Frucci, Jean Healey, Megan Black, and Nick 
Lamb, ( as pictured left to right ) had not only an athletically successful season, but a fun one 

socially. Between pasta feasts andj 
"shake and bakes", spirit was run 
ning high on the team. Whether it 
was the common bond of pain or 
being annoyed by underclassmen 
(Shut up Dan!), cross-country mem- 
bers are more than teammates they 
are friends. Key phrases that the 
runners will never forget are : "the 
Hill," Captain Matt "Rocket Thighs," 
Saturday mornings at Franklin Park, 
"Brigham's Runs," "Springs," and 
"ain't nothing gonna break our 

Back Row: Pete 

Ciovacco, Eric Ha 

gopian Maura Black, 

Mike Shea, Nick 

Lamb, Matt Frucci, 


Bologna,Dan Spahn, 

Seth Nielsen 2nd 
Row: Alyssa Thorv 

aldsenMartha Clark 
St.James, Al Melia, 
Jess Griffin, Katie 
Allen, Megan Black, 
Nick Golden Joe Gri 
-ffin 1st Row: Nicole 
Skrine, Cristina Sere 
-metis, Caroline 
Finlay, Katie Hagg- 
erty, Jean Healey 

Fruch'sclassic expression: a pondering look that wonder things Nick & Mike are reUeved they aren't facing the girls, 
hke "Why is there noone in the high school named Grace?" 

Eric pauses to catch his breath before 
Alyssa prepares to kick Marshfield butt. Meg has kicked Marshfield butt. getting back onto the bus. 

',. ify^j 



Jon Germain doesn't let anything get in 
the way of his soccer game. 

The Boys' soccer team had a great season this year. They 
completed the season with a record of 8-5-5. The team 
was led by captains Jon Germain, Ryan Hanrahan, and 
Mike Sheridan. Throughout the years many other 
seniors had been on the team and instrumental in the 
victories. The seniors are Josh Johnson, Billy Meara, Matt 
Goulding, Rich Santoro, and Mark Wohlgemuth. First- 
timer on Hingham High varsity soccer, senior Oy stein Morck 
impressed everyone with his soccer ability. The team made 
it into the first round of the state tournament, but was then 
eliminated. The lack of depth on the team made success 
harder despite great individual performances. Mike Sheridan 
and Ryan Hanrahan were named as League All-Stars. The 
highlights also ranged from shaving their heads to taping up 
innocent freshman. Good luck in the years ahead! 

Front: (L-R) Mike Sheridan, Ryan Hanrahan, Jon Germain 
Back:(L-R) Matt Goulding, Josh Johnson, Rich Santoro, Mark 
Wohlgemuth, Oystein Morck, and William Meara. 

13 M 



(J V 



Mike Sheridan's forceful kick brings tlie Hingham High 
School's soccer team to victory. 



Jon Germain's dedication to soccer goes so 
far as to defy gravity to reach the ball. 

Mark Wohlgemuth gives it his all as he races his opponent to 

the soccer ball. 


3**% -I 

" ♦'<.%(Uf- 


Wilham hurdles his adversary to reach the ball. 
R. Santoro mentally prepares for his next play. 


After being a south- sectional finalist in '94 they had a tough record to beat. This year's soccer team 
finished 5-12-1. The season started off strong but injuries and sickness hit the team midseason, the 

league this year was also extra strong with 
five out of nine teams ranked in the Boston 
Globe as the top 20 in EastemMass.Despite 
their record, each member improved 
their skills as an individual and as a team 
player. The captains Cristi Gigon & Cris- 
tina Sullivan wish the underclassmen on 
the team the best of luck in the 
future.A recap of the seniors* 
soccer careers: It has been a 
great four years and we've had 
a lot of fun times and great 
memories! Don't ever forget. 
"We play with our heads not 

our ! Randolph 0-0 tie, 

enough said! Robert ... 

H. York, S.Powers, C. Glassanos, K. Carolan, H. Baker, J. St.Pierre, M. Aucoin, M. Christanos, Coach Cristi makes a great save: Big 
Kris tin,E. Sullivan,P. Mahoney, B.Lacy, L. Klier K. Sullivan,C. Gigon, G. Rizzotto,J. Thorp, A.McKenna Surprise ! 

Lauren Klier 

Blair Lacy 

Patty Mahoney Ana McKenna Gina Rizzotto 

Lis Sullivan 

Jen Thorp 


They had another great season this 
year, making it into tournament and 
ending with the record 1 0-4-3 . Cap- 
tains Beth Daly and Beth Connolly 
and, of course, Coach Gordon 
guided and supported the team 
throughout the season. They may 
not remember the score of each 
game, but they'll never forget the 
friends they made and all the fun 
they had. Here's to their memories: 
Jamboree '95, their annual victory 
over the soccer team in preseason, 
weekly spaghetti dinners, stolen 
cheese shakers from Papa Ginos, 
flashed on the highway, Debbi's 
display of affection for Middleboro, 
Ground Round, fighting over that 
stud, Jon Germain, show me your - 
~, "I can't hear, I don't have my 
glasses on." 

The captains, Beth Daly and Beth Connolly watch intently to the 
referee as she flips to see which team starts off the game. 

* 18..? f f t * *' 

Top(L-R) Ms.Gordon, 
Audra Gomez, Colleen 

Conneamey, Emily 

Steams, Liz Murray, 
Heather Say lor, Kristen 

Klier, Dale Larracey, 
Lauren Cullings, Sarah 
Buba, Jessica Jancaitis 

Bottom(L-R) Emily 
McCourt, Debby Costello, 

Erin Carpenter, Beth 
Connolly, Alyssa Porter, 

Beth Daly, Melissa 

Reynolds, Beth Costello, 

and Kristy Handrahan. 

Emily McCourt prepares for a pass. 
Alyssa Porter's moon boots save the day. 

Captain Beth Daly steals the ball from her opponent. 




II |^^£9|BBi 

Erin Carpenter is prepared for any opponent. 

Seniors: Mehssa R., Emily M., Debby C, Erin C, Beth D., 
Beth C, Kristy H., Beth C, and Alyssa P. 

Kristy reaches for the ball while Melissa is ready to back her up. 

•« .A 



From Left to Right: Melissa Sciavo, Cassie Hurley, Julie 
Manchester, Jen Seremetis, and Nicole Baglione. 

Jen, Nicole, 

and Cassie 

give a cheer 

at the rally. 

Football cheerleading has had a re- 
building year this season. The team 
was led by junior captains Nicole 
Baglione and Jenn Seremetis. They 
raised money from Homecoming tick- 
ets so they could get new uniforms. 
The lack of people this year has made 
it harder to perform the cheers. The 
team is grateful to juniors Hillary Baker, 
Hillary York, Melissa Falletti, and 
Kristin Spriano for temporarily join- 
ing the team to learn cheers for the pep 
rally. Senior Cassie Hurley has been 
on the team for many years and will 
miss the excitement of cheering for the 
football team. 

Jen Seremetis and Nicole Baglione 
show their school spirit. 










Hingham's Gymnastics team displayed an out- 
standing effort during this season. After winning 
the League Championship in 1993 the team expe- 
rienced several rebuilding seasons. Although small 
in number this team has always shown outstanding 
sportsmanship. The league's sportsmanship award 
award was given to senior Lisa St. Don . The 
captains this year Katie Whelan and Lisa St. Don, 
led the team, efficiently. The coach of the team was 
Josselyn Besse. Thanks to all for a great season. 


Ice Hockey 

Back Row: T. Messina, Coach Regan, F. Messina, and A. Markoffer. 
Front Row: Captains Brian Ayers, Mike Meehan, and John Maguire 

This year's Ice Hockey team is led 
by a strong core of seniors. Tri- 
captains Bryan Ayers, John 
Maguire, and Mike Meehan lead a 
team that has won the Atlantic Coast 
League every year it has been in the 
League. The strong senior input is 
rounded out by Peter Ciovacco, Joe 
Mancuso, D.J. McBain, Eric 
Melanson, Rory Murray and Kirsten 
Overlee. The Harbormen made it 
to the State Semi-finals in 1995. 

(From L to R) Chris Petrie, D.J. McBain, and Eric Melanson 
prepare for the penalty shot. 

Captain Mike Meehan races to the puck 
to complete the play. 



Joe wriggles free from an opponent to get the puck 

Captain John Maguire prepares for the pass. 

Back:P. Ciavacco, J. Mancuso, E. Melanson, S.Cadigan, D. McBain 
Front: R. Murray, B- Ayers (C), M. Meehan (C), and J. Maguire (C). 

Boys' Basketball 

Mike reaches for the rim. 

The winter of 1995-1996 produced 
a harbormen team that accom- 
plished a winning season and a 
record of 12-7 with one more game 
needed to clinch a home court game 
in the Div. 2 state tournament. The 
Harbormen were a relentless press- 
ing team, scoring on the fast break, 
often making 3 -pointers. Hot shots 
Mike Amaral & Mitch Powers were 
co-captains. Other seniors included 
Steve Shore, Pat Driscoll, and Mike 
Muldoon. Talented underclassmen 
& seniors strived on work ethic & 
skill to make a winning season. 

The seniors on the team are: Mike 
Muldoon, Steve Shore, Mitch Powers, 
Mike Amaral and Pat Driscoll 

Mike goes to new heights for a basket. 

Steve fakes out Dennis- Yarmouth 
for the open pass. 


The Girls' Basketball team 
ended their regular season 
with a 13-7 record. The 
highlights of the season in- 
cluded the overtime wins 
over Dux. and W-H. The 
tri-captains Cristi Gigon, 
Katie Ryan, and Kristina 
Sullivan led the team with 
unerring support. Cristi 
was the highest scorer, 
Kristina finished the sea- 
son with a 100% 3-point 
shooting average, and 
Katie was the defensive 
force. The underclassmen 
will continue the winning 
spirit. Go Camel-toes! 

Katie manuevers her way into position. 

The Team (Top, L to R): Kendra Jahola, Caria Gigon, Tammy Powers, Stacey 
Saggese, Jan St. Pierre, Paula Habel, Liz, Skip Mortimer. (Bottom L to R) Mehssa 
Christino, Katie Ryan, Cristi Gigon, Kristina SulUvan and Megan Aucoin. 

Cristi remember : no carrying! 

Skip advises the team that there are only "tree" minutes 

left in the game. 

Kristina's thirst is quenched after a drink from the water bottle. 

Katie Ryan gets right in there for the rebound. 

•^^ ^^ t A 




H A^ jpr^'' jM 



^^^^H ^^m ^ ^' mKj^^ 





JTjI^^^k ^^^P'^^K nfj ^^^^^1 



B^ ^^Bw ! ^^^^1 





This year the girls' indoor track team ran away with many 
victories. Under the coaching of Paul Maganello and leadership of 

captains Alyssa Thorvaldsen, 
Jean Healey, and Megan Black 
they finished the season with a 
record of 4-2. Alyssa ran the 60 
hurdles and 600 meters while 
Jean shot-putted and Megan 
braved 16 laps every meet in 
the two mile.The joys of win- 
ter track will never be forgot- 
ten - crammed bus rides, dry air 
at tracks, the infamous 
Middleboro meet, and the team 
spirit and support of each other 
developed during the season. 

^. T 

Jean prepares to throw the shot-put, 
another 27-footer 

Katie manages the team stats. 

Alyssa prepares to win yet another hundred race. 


Alyssa gives some advice to freshman Kathym Gifford, after many years 
of hurdling, she has a lot of knowledge to offer. 

Coach Mr. Maganello, C. Allen, C. Fahey, M. Black, B. Dolan, R. Healey, 
K.Harrington, A. St.James, M.Clark, S. Poindexter,C. Soule, K. Haggerty C. 
Finlay, S. Powers, J. Matthews, A. Melia, K. Gifford, E. O'Shay, K. Skrine. C. 
Seremetis, K. McNiff, K. Allen ,Jean Healey, Megan Black, & Alyssa Thorvaldsen 


sets the 




The Boys' Indoor Track Team finished a 
rebuilding season with a record of 2 - 4. 
Mr. Herman and captains Shaun Gean & 
Nick Lamb led the team through a bliz- 
^ zard and other obstacles to complete a 
i successful track season. Shaun domi- 
nated in the 60 hurdles , 300 M., and the 
600M. , while Nick Lamb reigned supreme 
in long distance events ranging from the 2 
mile, mile, and the 1000. Other seniors 
contributing fine performances were Keith 
Robinson, Nick Golden, Joe Campbell, 
0ystein M0rch & Andrew Hurst. 

3rd : J. Valley, T. Preston, C.Shaughnessy, O. Morck, B. Noblet, R. Lamb, Mr. Herrmann 
2nd row: A. Hillary, J. Wilburn, B. Spruill, P. Muldoon, and C. Gean 
Front row: K. Robinson, J. Campbell, N. Lamb, S. Gean, A. Hurst, N. Golden. 


Joe Campbell blows past his 


Sean Gean gives Andrew Hurst a few words of advice before the 

start of the race. 

Nick Lamb rounds the last comer. 

Badminton skills help Oystein in track 

Nick Golden relaxes with Eddy 
Vedder after his outstanding race 

Keith gets in sync with his inner 
self before throwing the shot put. 


This year's Wrestling team finished one of their most 
successful seasons with a record of 20-0-1. Under the 
leadership of Coach Barges and Captains M. Barra, T. 
Lofgren, D. Mortland, and B. Nastou, they were the 
King Philip Tournament Champions, South Sectional 
Div. II champions, and the first place team in the ACL. 
In the South Sec. and King Philip Tournament Ben 
placed 1st, Dana 2nd, Matt 3rd, and Taylor (5th in Sec. 
and 1st in King Philip). Other talented seniors who 
placed in the sectionals were C. Fahey(lst), C. 
Bridges(2nd), M. Nantel(4th), M. Belushko(5th), and 
G.Youssef(7th). Senior Greg Bycoff finished his sea- 
son with a winning record of 8-4 and Bob Bleidom also 
had a very prosperous season. Congratulations to all! 

^^V -^^^^r ^^^^V^"'^ 


^^^K< ^ "^^B ^^H 



^O^^Mmtf / ^^^^^-\ ^^^^^fe 

The Coach and Captains: Mr. Barges, Matt Barra, 
Taylor Lofgren, Ben Nastou, Dana Mortland and A.C. 

Dana decides 
that a down 
pillow is more 
than his 

Matt Barra tosses his opponent and gets 
his arm mangled in the process. 

The Team (Top 1-r): 


Mike Nantel, 

Chris Bridges, 

Bob Bleidom, 

Conor Fahey, 

Greg Bycoff, 

Assistant Coach. 

(Bottom 1-r) Matt Barra, 

Taylor Lofgren, 

Ben Nastou, 

Dana Mortland, 

Greg Youssef, 

Max Belushko. 

Greg Bycoff knows he will win when his opponent 
prays for mercy. 


Greg Youssef uses masterful moves to win the match. 


Ben amuses the team. 

Does Chris Bridges work out? Naww, he was born that way. 

Bob's opponent struggles to get free from a choke-hold. ^ ,^ ^^ ^C^^^WJ^^ 

Mike relaxes before 

Max has found that tickling yields submission. 

"1...2...3... Red Light!" 



The captains of the 
Cheerleading team are 
Susan Silverio and Clair 
Rancourt, who have been 
on the team for the past four 
years teaching, coaching and 
being friends to all. The girls 
have been dedicated to the 
Cheerleading team, the 
Hockey team and the school, 
boosting spirit in everyone. 
The highlight for the team 
was when they cheered at 
Boston University in the 
1994-95 season. They were 
coached by Mrs. Karen 
DelGallo who gave them 
alot of time and support. 

The real reason behind the success of the Hingham High Hockey team: the support and 

cheering of our cheerleaders. 

Clair & 

lead the 

in cheer- 

The cheer- 
leaders give 
an impress- 
ive cheer to 
bring the 
team to 

lit i -'fi 




kt -v^. 



Student Council 

(L-R) Beth Connolly, Kim Stepan, Marc Landers, and Sarah 
Daubenspeck (not pictured) are the Student Council officers. 

Blair picks up after Junior Prom. 

j Cristi & Beth tape up scenery 

Under the guidance of Mr.Thaxter and Mrs. Duffy, 
the dedicated advisors, the class of 1996 student 
council has had four productive years. There was 
never a dull moment. Homecoming certainly 
ranks as one of the most hectic times, with late 
nights spent on the float. (We won the float 
contest sophomore year, but who are we to 
hold a grudge?). Concession stands were 
efficiently run by Ellen McNulty with each 
year's stand raising more than the previous 
year. Thanksgiving came to soon 
as more late nights were spent putting 
together the wall. As most of the student 
council was artistically deficient, 
Chris MacMullen volunteered his 
time to organize the walls. We 
were all exhausted after the 
Holiday Day Care fundraiser. 
During the 9th and 10th grade 



years, they prepared for their yard sale/car wash. 

Somehow they managed to pick the hottest day of 

the year, and by the end, everyone was ready to 

leave. Junior year they dedicated the spring to 

organizing Junior Prom. Special thanks to 

Matt Frucci for making the Junior video 

memorable. The senior class officers ( Pres. 

Blair Lacy, V.P Matt McCourt, Sec. Ellen 

McNulty, Treas. Katie Ryan) have been in 

office for four years and have committed a 

lot of their time to make our high school 

years enjoyable. The school wide student 

council officers (Pre. Kim Stepan, V.P. 

Sarah Daubenspeck, Sec. Marc 

Landers, andTreas. Beth Connolly) 

have also made our school 

experience fun and successful. 


, mmmi 

Matt loses his head for the float. How noble! 

Mrs. Duffy and Mr. Thaxter dance while chaperoning. 

^American TieCd Service 

This past year, AFS Club 
raised $400 for charity, 
raked for the Hingham 
Friends Home, and went 
on an exchange to 
Wheeling,W. Virginia. 
Co-pres. M. Balunas & 
B.Lindquist,V.P. L.St. 
Don, Co-sec. M. Clifford 
and J. Sweeney,Treas. 
P. Gallivan, and Public 
Relations R. Stevens 
headed the group. The 
interest and dedication 
of the members made the 
year a prosperous and 
enjoyable one. 

\FS Officers: Jill Sweeney, Patrick Gallivan, Ryan Stevens, 
Lisa St. Don, Megan Balunas, and Britt Lindquist. 

ir-. _1 


Foreign exchange 
students are (L to 
R) Sally Wan Sze 
Chow, Francois 
Laurent, Sasha 
Karborskaya, & 
bottom picture) 

9^TI09\[M. 9{09\(p%^ SOCITfTf 

The NHS was the largest in recent history, with 36 members. Under the leadership of C. Dal ton, M. Brennan, E. Sullivan, M. Black, 
and B. Smallwood, dinner-party meetings were initiated and a successful Induction Ceremony was performed. Everyone diligently 
participated in the Food Pantry volunteering, candy sale, and donut sale. The members of NHS will never furgit their experience. 


The Math Team has grown bigger, better, and stronger. Coach Baisden and Coach Olson have provided support and motivation to help them 
reach new heights. Pres. Ben Nastou, V.P. Brian Gatreau, Sec. Alex Nassopoulos and Treas. Matt Devine have kept things organized and have 
lead the team, along with senior members Dave McCabe, Matt McCourt, and Emily McCourt. Best Wishes to all in their mathematical pursuits. 

The Hingham High School 

has its own television station 
broadcasting the school's, 

notices in the morning . This 

year the lack of willing 

anchors made everyday 

production of notices harder. 

In order to enhance their' 

skills the staff visited Ch. 7 

on Nov. 30, where they were 

given a tour by Mr. Gomez, ! 

a producer at the station.. 

They also interviewed the; 
weatherman, Todd Gross. 


1 ' ^ B 

v,^^^BLi^^^HC L 


^B^^^^^^ tii^ 


^^^^ ^.y 


Stephanie Davis and Annette Broker were the editors of the Senior Video. They spent many hours in the video editing room, compiUng chps of 
Current Events, Sports, Graduation, etc.With the help of a few members, they produced the video successfully. Other highlights of the video 
included: the "Pulp Fiction" soundtrack, the "Wonder Years", and the "Friends" theme song. The video will surely be enjoyed by all. 


The Volunteer Club had more members this year than any other. In addition to the club's weekly visits to the Cohasset Knoll Nursing Home, the club 
decided to volunteer at the Adult Day Health Program at the Hingham Harbor House. The volunteers' dedication and overwhelming generosity made a 
difference, brightening the lives of many. B-4 "How about after ?" B-12 "That's a vitamin!" N-39 "That's Jack Benny's age!" 1-18 "I wish I was!" 

(DI1^%SlTf CLUB 

The Diversity Club ended last year by electing Presidents: A. Porter & M. Brennan VPs: J. Tulis & K. Stephan Seer: J. Starsiak & K. Tully 
& Treas: D.Weber & J. Pollick. Thanks to a $200 scholarship won by former pres. Eric Juhola they are planning an 8th grade diversity adventure at 
Bare-Cove Park this spring. Their goal is to bring the 8th graders into the high school with trust and respect for each other. 

Co-Presidents Brain Smallwood and Ryan Stevens, Treasurer Devon Roberts, Senior Rep. Anne David,and Secre- 
tary Caitlin Harvey have had a busy year between Guys and Dolls, the Trip to New York, the Festival play The 
Comedy of Errors, and Senior Directed One Acts. The Drama Club certainly had its hands full this year. 

The Thespians are a select group of the 
drama club. They were required to perform 
in four shows and be crew members at least 
once. This is an international honor be- 
stowed on many young actors and actresses. 
The seniors who are Thespians are S. 
McCracken, R. Stevens, J. Slyvester, A. 
Buccitelli, M. Landers, B. Clifford, J. 
Cumiskey, S. Gudmand, L. St.Don, C. 
Dalton, A.David, D.Roberts, M.Tremblay 
B. Smallwood, and S.Daubenspeck. 

m{9^'ry i9^^h^tio9\(al 


<-^. ^^ 

This year Amnesty International started off strong, due to the dedication of advisor Ms. Spratt. President John Hare 
and officers Marissa Cotsonas, Anne David, Brett Campbell, and T.Q. Wallace have been diligently helping others. 
The group went to the government center in Boston to write letters on behalf of victims of injustice. 

'L6\[^I^0\(M'L^M. ACyiI09i 

The Students for Environmental Action (SEA) has given up their time to help the environment. Every Friday they crush cans 
and collect paper in classrooms.The officers are: Pres. Anne David, V.P. Ryan Stevens, Sec. C. Harvey, &Treas.M. Balunas. 


This year's Spanish Club proved successful after a slow beginning. Despite an interesting Homecoming experience, the club 
united and visited many Spanish restaurants, watched foreign movies, and assisted in teaching Spanish to elementary school 
children. Annette Broker, Lauren Kelly, and Nicole Keiley, the club's tri-presidents, led this cultural group successfully. 

This year the French Club had a great turn out , & managed to recruit Spanish and Latin Club members. Every meeting was 
unique: pizza followed by flicks such as "La Boum", "La Femme Nikita", etc... The Thursday night line ups will never be 
forgotten. Pres. J. Tulis & E. Carpenter and the other participants' continued support and involvement made for a productive year. 



♦ t 




a ^ 





^ ,' 

p0 ^V,;^ ^M^^ , 







f li 




P\ «= 











%^'^^^^^ i 


Semper ubi sub ubi... Latin club presidents (consuls) Dean Hutchison, Brian Smallwood, treasurer Mike Stebbins, and secretary Jamie Harrison live by 
this phrase (hopefully). They had a trivia contest with their witty questions that stumped the school. At the meetings they sometimes ate pizza and 
watched movies(i.e. Spartacus). Although Latin is a dead language it is still alive in the hearts of the members of the Latin club.. 

The Intergenerational Club began the year with its annual conference. Senior citizens and students came together to discuss the issues that 
today's society faces. The conference also brought about the club's community service activity at a local food pantry, Together the members 
are earning their YEAH title, youth and elderly assisting Hingham. It was a learning experience for young and old. 

OC'EJl9iO G'H^m^O' CLWB 


The Oceanography Club had a very productive year. Pres. Susan Silverio, V. P. Dan Edson, and Treas. Shaun Gean, along 
with the rest of the group, visited elementary schools teaching children about aquarium animals. They also taught the children 
how to clean aquariums. Seniors A. Marshall, K. Marx, D. Mortland, C. Bridges,and J. Butterall also voyaged into new oceans. 

The "Harborlight " staff tried something new - they printed the newspaper here at school. After many hours of hard work, the staff, 
along with Mr. Boddie, produced the "Harborlight". Subjects addressed this year included , sports teams, club activites, horoscopes , 
drama, music, & movie reviews. The staffs dedication, especially that of editor-in-chief Jenn Tubs, was evident in this year's "Harborlight" 

Exchanges with Northport NY, Weston CT, Portland ME, and the European Tour have made the chorus known all over the world.Through "Ave Maria", " 
Faure's Requiem", Choral Spectrum's"Lonesome Road" and "I'm a Train" the chorus has exhibited their talents. The seniors are Sarah Daubenspeck (Choral 
Spectrum), Christie Morgan, Melissa Tremblay, Jill Sweeney ,Jed Young,& Nick Lamb. May their songs always be remembered and their fun passed on. 

Choral Spectrum 

B -Period Chorus 


The Hingham High School Orchestra has flourished through the years. Most of the sixteen seniors in the orchestra have been playing 
together since third grade and have developed into talented musicians. President Colleen Dalton, V.P. Jeremy Blumberg, Sec. 
Annette Broker and Nicole Bartolotti, Treas. Katie Martin, Managers Ben Hallet and Chris MacMullen, and Librarians Emily 
Hawke, Beth Connolly, and Megan Black have contributed much of their time to make the orchestra a success. However, 

Upper Left: String Orchestra 
Upper Right: Orchestra Officers 
Lower Left: Full Orchestra 
Lower Right: Chamber Orchestra 

the orchestra's success is mostly due to their dedicated conductor Mrs. Jane Hallett. She has kept her students interested throughout 
the years with her inspirational analogies ( Hot Dogs) and her ability to transfer her love of music to others. Between trips to Virginia 
and Montreal, the Fruit Sale, and their universal tendency towards black and white, the orchestra has bonded together into a 
harmonious blend of wonderful musicians. Everyone will cherish their experience and look back on it fondly. 


The Jazz Band members are Rich Williamson, Wes Marcks, Dave McCabe, Ian 
Brandt, Owen Mehegan, Mike Muldoon, Adam Florey, Dan Borger, Hugh Fomier, 
Bob Sullivan, and Katie Whelan (not pictured Geoff Harrison) 

This year's band has been making 
sweet music under the leadership 
of director Mr. Wauchope, presi- 
dent Patty Mahoney, Vice Presi- 
dent Mike Muldoon, Secretary 
Stephanie Davis and treasurer 
Ana McKenna. Over the past four 
years, the band has gone to com- 
petitions in Washington D.C., 
Montreal, & Virginia where this 
group has won numerous awards. 
These trips were partially funded 
by the fruit sale^an activity which 
no senior will miss. This year's 
highlight was a piece called 
Tocatta, which served as the 
band's competition piece. 


SADD has had a very busy year. Under the leadership of 
President Lynn DiBiasi, Vice President Elie Bou Serhal, Secre- 
tary Matt Goulding, and Treasurer Charlie Driggs they intiated 
many activities. They had a raffle at Homecoming and later on 
in the year they sold Dining Smart Books. They are continuing 
the tradition of portraying students as ghosts to heighten aware- 
ness of the dangers of drunk driving. The club cautions the 
school at pep rallies and over the announcements before long 
weekends, remember friends don't let friends drink and drive. 

The SADD Officers 




This is the time when ev- 
eryone rolls out of bed. 

The hardest decision of the day: cinnamon-sugar or 

The bell rings and students 
rush to their A-period class 

Getting to school late means parking far. 

It's time for 
Channel One! 

The first year of the 
4-way stop sign. 

Lauren, Annette and 
Colleen roam the halls. 


B-pd. starts 
and the "Co- 
lonial" pa- 
trons arrive. 

Abasi, Steve, 
Jason, and Ben 
ponder the intrica- 
cies of Electronics. 


sets in. 


Steve Desmangles doodles. 

The end of the day 
finally arrives. 

Cleo Ponteen exits. 



uses his 



Wes Marcks and Nick Golden try to look studious. 


The parking 
lot empties. 


Sports practices, various rehearsals, and 
club meetings are all in progress. 

Getting some Z's. 

Most students finally 
hit the sack and others 
stay awake for "Leno". 

"Friends,"90210", "ER" 

Taylor is at practice like many others seniors after school 

Couch potatoes get 

ready for their 

favorite activity. 

For some homework is non-existent, for others it's life. 

Ann amuses all at play practice , It's time for rehearsal 

Andy chills at a meet. 

Dan Edson gets camera shy at work. 

Dinner time 
for most. 

Marco "Meatball" munches on a meatball, irony? 

l.Cristi G., Lauren K., Kirsten O. and Kristir.- - 
take an ice cream break. 

2. Christine I. gives a happy, toothless smile. 

3. Amy M. & Erin C. sport their sun wear. 

4. Helene N. gets a taste of summer. 

5. Mr. MacLeod stands authoritatively. 

6. Jill S. pigs out on a hot summer day. 

7. Jodi N. likes to get her picture taken. 

8. Heidi S. back in the Eighties. 

9. Mike S. & Bill M. started early in their 
sporting endeavors. 

10. Rebekah T. is overjoyed to be photographed. 

11. Mrs. Luce shows her pearly whites. 

12. Katie M. gets caught in the act. 

13. Kristina S., Beth & Debbie C. 
deviously plan for their next attack. 

14. Lisa S. is a cute little munchkin. 

15. Jeremy F. belts out a tune while Bronwen D. 
and Alex K. cringe. 

16. Ramona S. is all dolled up. 

17. Mr. Donnell is sooo dreamy! 

18. Jamie M. & Dennis H. are intrigued with 
their crayons. 

19. Elie B. is domesticated. 

20. Melissa T. is a happy child. 

21. Britt L. sits by a tranquil lake. 

22. Rebecca G. up close and personal. 

23. Charlie D., Mike B., Eric M. & Matt G. are 
merry men. 

24. Danielle W. practices for senior pictures. 
25. "Dr." Greg B. Go Biker, Go! 

26. Jenn T. is intrigued by the bright light. 

27. Laura F. is all set for a day at school. 

28. Anne O. started the "grunge" look. 

29. Molly K. is all decked out for Halloween. 

30. Andy M., Alex. K., Bronwen D., Megan A. 
and Gina R. are styling in their aprons. 

31. Jess S. plays hide and go seek. 

32. Mr. Penny was a strapping young lad. 

33. Heidi J. & David L. were a cute couple. 

34. Nancy D. sports a Polly Flinders dress. 

35. Chrissy L. smiles pretty for the camera. 

36. Lauren K." Sir, may I have some more?" 

37. Dr. Finnegan when she was our age. 

38. Mr. Larson a mathematician in the making. 

39. Marc L. or Charlie Brown? 

40. Matt F. this explains a lot! Cute bow-tie! 

41. Dave M. is a Scottish wannabe. 

42. Bronwen D. swings for joy. 

43. Becky S. crawls for the camera. 

44. Lauren K. and Matt M. reach their highest 
degree of education. 

45. Megan B. in the old days. 

46. Nick L.- Were flower pj's in back then? 

47. Jean H. just wolfs it. 

48. Susan S. rushes off to a fire. 


Congratulations to 
our daughter. You're 
a great kid. You light 
up our litres. 
We love you, 
Mom & Dad 




Heidi is comfy in her plaid Christy sports her plaid. 

Jamie Maguire is styling in his red and gray plaid shirt 

These past two years have 
been great. Good Luck in 
college. Love you always, 




^iiQP ^m^iiiii-^' 

H H S 

lineup - 
at these 
r e - 
ber our 
and our 


Leanne Adamson: Thank you Mom n' Dad, Al Gibson, MR, EB, Rat, 


Baltzer, Georgette Baxter is Courtney Love.... And thank you for not 


Michael Amaral: Thanx to my friends UKWUR, Mom: you are the 

greatest, Ted: for your support, Justin: I can't thank you enough, 

McCourt's + Lynch's: you were there when good times weren't, HHS 

Football Staff, Dad and God in spirit! 

Lisa Ayala: I'd like to thank my mother, brothers, and friends. Special 

thanks to my boyfriend for always being there for me. To my adorable 

son: I LOVE YOU! And to the two greatest godparents Meka and Fia, 


Bryan Ayers: Thanks to Mole, Erkilly, "MAX", Terdesky, Snoopy, 

Lofgren for The Cottage B-room days. Thanks Jackie for everything. I'll 

never forget you! Special Thanks to Mom and Dad: I made it through. 

Good Bye! 

Wes Baltzer: Thank you to all of my friends for always being there/ 

Very special thanks to Steph M/ Leanne/ All my teachers and coaches/ 

My family, esp. Mom, Dad, Gordon, Mel, and Patty. 

Matt Barra: Thanks to BB, JJ, NG, EH, LD, MB, AJ, CL, BD, JS, EM, 

LB, KS, AS, AP, GR, GB, JS - Thanks for a great summer '95. J Snope 

B Famu AJ CL - Springfield Dorm fire-BB-Thanks Mom, Dad and 


Nicole A. Bartolotti: Thank you Mom + Dad for all your love + 

support, I couldn't have made it without you ! Thanx to all my friends- 1 

love you guys ! Michelle M.- Thanx for all the laughs. Sal + Chris, love 


Renee Bates: I'd like to thank God, my family- Mom, "The Batts 

Bunch", Mimi, Nana, Cindy, and everyone else. CP, WS, CR + all my 

friends. Thanx everyone it's been real! Good luck Rachel, Morgan, Jesse, 

Julie + Rhiannon. 

Georgette Baxter: I'd like to thank my Mom, my Dad & my three 

sisters! I couldn't have done it without you! I also want to thank all my 

friends who have been there for me. Esp. Liz K. Thank You Jack. Thank 

You God! 

Nicole Bell: Thank you GOD for getting me through this! It's been 

tough. Thanks 4 sticking by me Tom 1-4-3 xio D, M, J, M, S, A, C, S, 

Reynolds, Mrs. O, Mrs. N. Thanx 2 my friends who were there when I 

needed them Esp. DD, RB, JL. 

Max Belushko: Thanks Mom for your patience, understanding, and for 

giving us a good life. Dad for being a friend, and for putting us first. 

Nikki & Eric for the good times through it all. Family & Friends for 

being there. 

Megan Black: Thanks Mom, Dad, Maura, K, MA, Frannie, Mamie & 

Grampy, I couldn't have done it without you. Thanx Lynn for being my 

best friend and for all my friends for being there for me and making it 

fun. Good luck '96! 

Jeremy Blumberg: I would like to thank my family, all my teachers- 

especially Mrs. Duffy, Mrs. Luce. Thanks to my coaches- Rolfe, Smith, 

Crowley, Langil, Killinger & Teuison. Thanks to all my friends and to 

the class of '96. 

Annette Broker: Mom, Dad + Cristina- 1 love you and I couldn't have 

done it without you! Mrs. Benard and Mrs. Hallett- Thank you for all 

your help. Lauren, Colleen, Nicole, Stephanie and Megan- Thanks for 

the memories! 

Elie Bou Serhal: I would like to thank Mom, Dad, Ghada, Zeina and 

God. I would like to thank all HHS faculty and all my friends at HHS. I 

would also like to thank Don and Rick from karate & BK. 

Anthony Buccitelli: Mom -i- Dad, Bianca, Nicoe Thanx. Also word up 

to Ben, Donk, Ed, Amanda, Jon C, Jon B., Nake, Cecil, Lac, Patches, 



Romona Sequea:Thank-you to God & my family for their support. 

Greg Bycoff: I would like to thank my parents for supporting and 

encouraging me through the years. I would like to thank my teachers for 

their effort to prepare me for college. 

Erin Carpenter: Thanks for all the good times- Amy, Sara, Jess, Jenn, 

Ellen, Stacey, Jon, Matt, Charlie, Jeremy, Geoff, Wes + Brendan. And a 

special thanks to Jessica, Maggie, Christine, Grandma, Grandpa and 


Dave Cerny: Thanx Mom -h Dad, Steve and Steve G., Steve M., Steve 

Sp, John, Brian, Amanda, Sara, Liz, Melissa, Buttercup, Buch, Rick, 

Jon, 20, 7, Dowda, Granpa, Granma, Lois, Joe, Chris, Tony, Randy, 

Holly, Elaine, Sara, ban to all, SALAMI. 

Sally Chow: I would like to say thank you to my host family- Tully 

family. I had a very good time with them, and also with the AFS club in 

HHS especially Mrs. Gillard and the officers. Thank you very much! 

Ben Clifford: God, MW, JO, RS, DH, KB, BM, KT, AD, D-Club, r- 

thank you, P-Bean, JH, ST, DR, M+D, AC+ fam, D+ BM, J -i- KG, KL, 

CP2, GMA+ C, GMA+GPA, #26+12 WB, #33 LB, JB, HR, Rsox, SH, 

NP, RA, SW, PF, WA, CAFFEINE, CN, south crew, Fotony, JT, and 

KA. G- luck. 

Beth Connolly: Thank you Mom, Dad, Mary, Ma, and the rest of the 

family- ILY! Good luck Megan and Rachie! Thanks to all my friends - 

you guys are the best! Good luck Class of ' 96! 

Beth Costello: I would hke to thank my family for all their love and 

support! Also to the Kirkendall and Pinch families for making me a part 

of their lives. Most of all to my friends for all the good times ILU. 

Debbie Costello: Thank you to the Kirkendalls, Pinch's, TCBY Truccis. 

I will never forget about the people I care about the most JTIO of us. To 

the fam Beth my BF, Katie, Kelly, Peter, Kevin, M&D ILU. Good Luck 

Class of 1996. 

John Cuiniskey:Thanks to all who've given me support. The Breakfast 

Club, the Knights, RD, MS, DL,SC,SM,RS, and AD,KG,HS, also to 

Opi, the harbor kids and thanks to coffee. 

Bronwen Daley: Thanks Ash, Tess, Jess, Al, Allison, Mike & Leigh for 

always being there. To my family I could not have made it without you. 

ILuvU. Good luck class of '96! Our memories will last a life time. 

Beth Daly: Thank you Mom and Dad for everything -Thanks Chrissy - 

GL/ILY Thanks to all my friends for making it fun. 

Colleen Dalton: Thanks Mom, Pup, John B, Chris, I love you and 

couldn't have done it without you. Thanks for the good times Annette, 

Lauren, Anne, Devon, Christine, Megan, Steph, Laura, Kristin, GBYSO, 

Mrs. Luce, Mrs. Hallett, Ms. Leone, and Franco. 

Sarah Daubenspeck: Look Nana and Grampa, you are going to see me 

graduate! Mom, Dad, and Laura I know I don't always show it, but I 

love you and I couldn't have made it without your love and support. 


Anne L. David: Much love and thanks to Mom, Dad, and Caroline. To 

the gang that made me laugh and cry, thanks for being there! Colleen, 

Tulis, Devon, Doris, Nicole, EM, DW, BL, AK, CW, BS, LC, SH, RD,. 

To Mr. Higgins, Mr. Garland and Mrs. Luce, Thank You! 

Stephanie Davis: Thanks Annette, Colleen, Amy, Katie, Adrienne, 

Danielle, Meg, Jen, Courtney, Joe, Erin, Connacht, Devon, Lauren, Liz, 

Christie and the Brandies - 1 love you. Thanks Mrs. Luce. 

Steve Desmangles: Thanks to all people who contributed to the class of 

'96. Thanks to my Mom for sticking with me all these years. Farewell 


Lynn M. DiBiasi: Thanx Mom, Dad, Joe & Leanne. Megan - for all the 

advice you've given me. To my friends. Shaun - for being there when I 

needed you the most. Thanx for the memories class of '96. 

Nancy Delpidio: Thanx Mom and Dad for believing in me. I couldn't 

have done it w/o your love and support. Jean - 1 can't thank U enough. 

Heidi - Never forget the great times. Jodi - Thanx 4 always caring. 

Becky - We'll never lose each other. 



Patrick DriscoU: Thank you Mom, Dad, Mike and Bridget, Grammie, 

Grandpa. Thanks to all my teachers and coaches. Thanks to all my 


Matthew Fnicci: Thanks Mom and Dad, JT and Jay. And thanks to 

most of my teachers, at least the ones that liked me. 

Shaun Gean: A special thanks to JG, CD, WB, MG, LD, MB, JB, WH, 

JJ, EH, DW, AM, MA, JT, MH, AM, GH, EC. MM, JP, NL, DR. RJ. 

ES. BD. We were lucky to have each other. Thanx Mrs. Rehnquist and 

Mr. Herman. 

Cristi Gigon: Thanks to all my soccer, b-ball, lax teammates! (esp. 

Tina) Good luck KC. MA, SS,JS, MC! Pad, Conny. Beth. Blair. Lis. 

Ana& the guys: thanks for all the fun times! MissyaLibby! Thanks 

for everything M, D, C, C, and C! 

Rebecca Goldberg: Thanks again to all my friends. Mom, Dad, Mark, 

Amy, Nana & Grampa. Thanks Michelle for always being there. My 

dancin' buddies Jill and Meghan - 2 legit 2 quit! Hey! Hey! Luv you all. 

Good luck class of '96. 

Nick Golden: To all those in quote. My family. Josh, Eric, Matt, Amy, 

Chrissy. To those I missed: GB, WB, BB, JB, EC, PC, BG, SD, LD, 

CD, SF, SG. SH, LH, AM, WM, EM, MM, TM, BN, MC, AS, JT, JW, 

GY, LT, EM. MH, KH & Track. PEARL JAM & E.V. 

Steve Gudman: Mom & Dad; Mr. Tinker; My cat; My friends (too 

many to name); my extended family (too many to name); my teachers; 3 

day E2; Freaks; Time to make the donuts man; Mr. Crowly; my 

reflection; The Bendy Flexy Thing. 

Eric Hagopian: Thanks to my family, friends, and faculty. Without you 

I'd be nowhere, and I'd be heading nowhere. "You covered me and gave 

me shelter from the storm." - C.B. 

Kristy Handrahan: Thanks to all my family and friends! Good luck to 

Jackie, Snippo(Liz), Kim, Tammy, Thanks Zella, Thanks Mr. & Mrs. 

Reynolds, Thanks Trucci's. 

Ryan Hanrahan: Thanks Mom, Dad, and Jay. I couldn't have made it 

without you. Thanks to all my friends who have always been there for 


Greg Hanson: Mom, Dad, Justine, MCS, Glashen, Obie, Pete, Chacity, 

Tom, Brian, Dave, Buffet, Grandma, Chris HS & Cumberiand's dirty 

workers, the statue, all my teachers: Mrs. Luce, Mr. Curran, and the rest 

of the class. Bike shop. 

Wendell T. Harris: Biggest thanks goes to my mom w/out you I 

couldn't have made it. Also thanx to: A. Elvira, Deloris, Sis, A. Maude , 

Nenen, God, W. Howe, Barzey's , Bridges ( A. Caro, Grandpa, A. Louise 

& my cousins - - R.I.P) THANX. 

Geoff Harrison: Thanks Mom, Dad & Jamie for putting up w/ me - 

Thanks AM, EC, JG, MG, CD, WB, BC, BD, RJ, BL, JJ, JB, PC. SG, 

PM, LS, AM, SH, EM, Jeanie- Set The Gearshift For the High Gear Of 

Your Soul, You've Got To Run Like An Antelope Out of Control. 

Jean Healey: Thanks to my family - 1 love you, "The Giris and the 

Guys"- for putting up with me, Geoffie, Lauren (Stay Alert) & to those 

teachers - Mr. Penny, Ms. Leone, and others who inspired me lo work up 

to my potential. Nancy, words can't express my thanks to you. 

Stacey P. Herbold: Thanks Mom and Dad for everything. Thanks to 

my puff and KK for the comfort & to Wompy for the awakening. Thanks 

for all the good times and memories Grant, El, Ames, Jay, Steve, Bren, 

Nicks, Anne, Josh. 

Leigh Hubeny: Thanks to all my friends- Meg, ChrissyMF, Bronwen, 

Dave, Steph, Josh, Hada, Jim, Ben, Tara, Alex, Mr. D, Brad, and esp. 

Liz- You've shown me sunshine when there's been nothing but clouds. I 

love you guys! 

Andrew D. Hurst: Thanks Mom, Dad, Adam, Hilary, and all my 


Dean Hutchison: Thank you Class of 1996. Goo, Roar, Manny, Hack, 

Big Daddy, Billy, Sherry, Courty, Shore, Richy, MKBCDKR and the 

rest! Class '97 - (Posse) Kristin, LC, KC, HS. Good Luck! Thanks 

Family- Mom, Dad, Dennis, Dane, Papa- Nana IWYWH Thanks HHS. 

Christine Inscoe: Mom, thanks for everything! I love you with all my 
heart Jen. I couldn't have survived without you Sanks muffin To my 
friends, you know who you are, thanks for all the fun times. I'll never 
forget you! 

Heidi Jakub: Mom & Dad- support Nan- late night chats, ice cream 
sittings & being a good friend Jean-Encouragement. Katie, Maura & 
Caitlin- Fun. Jr/Sr year: Matt- Best movies. Nick/Mike- laughs. Nick- 
Trips to mall. Jeremy/Eric- Rides. BS- Baking 
Ryan Jancaitis: Thanks Mom and Dad, Jason and Jess. Thanks for the 
good times and memories to friends. 

Amy Jenkins: To the girls at lunch, thanx esp. LH. JS & AN. RR & 
Lingus. good luck. Chris & Ovas. you've been right there, thanx. NG, 
EH, "G", MB- Thanx for the ears. Josh, thanx for always understanding. 
To the Fam, I owe you . 143 

Alexander K. Johnson: Thank you to Mom, Dad, Graham, and 
Carolyn. You're the best family any one should ask for. 
Josh Johnson: Thank you Mom, Dad for everything, your the best. 
Amy 143 G. Kim, Lisa, Ellen, Stacy, FAMU, PJ, Snope, Yogi, Shaun, 
Rini. To my Grandparents, I love you. V-soccer, Alex, DOOJ, HAIRY 
JOHNSON, NEBS, NASOPS, Leigh, and Silva. 
Lauren Jones: Thanks to all my friends, ILY guys! Years from now 
we'll still be having good times together! Thanks Mom, Dad & Court- 1 
luv U! Good luck Jackie! Thanks Andy- U mean a lot to me! A special 
thanks to Trucci's! 

Nicole Marie Keiley: Thanks Mom, Dad, Erica, Nonnie, Pa, Aunt E, 
John, Amy, Stacey, Annie, Britt, Alyssa, Danielle, Sarah, Erin, Bees. 
Thanks for being there for me! 1 will never forget all the good times! 
Lauren Kelly: I would like to thank the Cameo-girl for not suing 
Annette, convenience store workers for their sympathy and my friends 
for Staying Alert and smeeping. Mum, Dad, Grandfather and Kimberiee 
- you always made life interesting - 1 love you. 
Alex Kiley: Mom ILY "Take 1 day at a time" Michy- My best friend 
Chris, Gerard, Leigh- Valentine my kind sistas- Colleen, Meg, Liz, 
Megan & Leanne- Meet at the rock Lisa- 4 believing in me. Mr. Boddie- 
Inspiration. PEACE OUT! 

Molly Kirkendall: Thank you to my family! You did a good job 
putting up with me. To my friends, thanks for the memories. I'll never 
forget them! John- Thanks for all the good times. I'll miss everyone. 
Lauren Klier: Thanks Mom & Dad, you've done so much for me! 
Nana, Papa, Kris, Lin, 1 love you and I'll miss you! Thanks soccer gals, 
good luck Kc. Thanks to all my friends, the memories will last forever. 
Chrissy LaBreque: Mom & Pap I love you both and thanks for 
ALWAYS being there. To ALL my friends I couldn't have made it w/ 
out ya. Mostly- Leigh MF-Kirsten-Amy & Lindsay. And remember : 
Life's a journey not a destination. 

Nicholas Lamb: Thanks to the one person who has always been there 
for me. Mike Shea, I've never had a friend like you. Also thanks to any 
other friends 1 have left. The rest can kiss my 
Marc W. Landers Thanks Mom & Dad, my two sisters Kerry & 
Andrea, Mr. Higgins and the HHSDC, meiosis and mitosis, Rugo, Albert 
Einstein, his lucky stars, and Heaven for small miracles. 
Britt Lindquist: Thank you to my family, K & C for all their support. 
Thanx to my friends for everything. Thanx to Alyssa for all you've 
helped me through, I couldn't have done it without you. Good Luck 
Class of '96. 

Taylor Lofgren: Thanks BD, JW, JC, BH, Alex, KH, MM, Nach, JS, 
AL, KA, MP, CC, Jen Jam Ka Sum. 95 Wet Beds Hare Boxes Dancin 
Thanks MA MP KL Hack Random. The C. for all the great times. 
Kevin Lynch: Thanks to all my friends and family, the McCourts, the 
Amarals, and the Gentrys, HHS football stuff, and Ms. Mazzella. Good 
luck class of '96. 

John Maguire: Thanks Mom, Dad, Chris, Pete. Special thank you to 
the Murrays. Good luck to all my friends Class '96. Thanks HHS 
Hockey, keep winning. 


Patty Mahoney: Thanks Mom, Dad, C, K, B, T, J&J. Lis, Ana, Cristi, 
Beth, Beth, Blair & The Guys, esp. Jem. Bike Shop Boys, Neighbors 
(MS), RTBLCBJ, Chi-Chi, Tito & citizens of Mattia. LK & Tina thanks 
for being there on & off the fields. Sanks. 

Katie Martin: Thanks to my friends for making my 4 years unforget- 
table. Thanks Nonie and Nandad and Pat for supporting me and for 
coming to all my concerts. Thanks to anyone else who helped me. . 
Good luck Class of '96. 

Ellen Martinsen: Many thanks to: Mom for all your love, patience and 
support, Stacey for all the good times, sunshine and happiness, Bren, 
John, Memes, Wompatuck, Jenn, my friends and Steve for you true love 
and light. 

Amy Matthews: Thanks Mom and Dad for all your love and support. 
You've taught me alot about life. Jen and Liz thanks for putting up with 
me. I love you. To all my friends- you made these years so much fun. 
David McCabe: Thank you Mom and Dad for all you've done. To 
Brian and Alison for putting up with me for all these years. Good luck 
to all my friends, it has been a long hard four years, and it's all over. 
Matt McCourt: Thanks Mom, Dad, Ryan, Trev, Nan, Pa, Grandma, 
Grandpa, and the rest of my family. Thanks to my friends and teachers 
especially Dirk, Finnegan & Leone. Thanks to Tito's faithful followers, 
Greendragon and the Buttafuco Club. 

Steven McCracken: Mom, Nan, Barb, U.J- Mr. B, Mr. TH, Mrs. R, 
Higgs, Brians. Dave C. Johnny C. Sarah E. Amanda D. DougE. 
Demi Jon B. Andrea N. Sarah D. Love to all of you and never give up. 
Ana McKenna: Thanks Mom, Dad, Owen. Colin-thanks for being 
there-ILY; Beth, Gigs, Beth -i- the guys; Lis and Patty-BFF, thanks for 
the memories they will last forever. Good luck Class of 96! 
Ellen McNulty: Mom, Dad, and Aunt Judy-thanks for everything! To 
all my friends-thanks for always being there for me. Morgan- We've 
been thru alot and remember I'll always be here for you when you need 

Billy Meara: Thank you to my parents who helped me be the best that I 
could be, my Nan and Pups, Nana Ferg, Joel who was always there, Lau- 
we made it together, my coaches. Hey Chris opposites attract! To any 
who doubted me. 

Bill Modestino: Thank you Mom, Dad, and fam- love always and 
forever. To Jim, Jeff, Matt, Ben, Jay, Bill, and the crew-without you 
guys I'd be in jail. Hang forever. Thanks Sarah E. for all your help in G. 

Christie Morgan: Thanks & Love-Mom, Sean, Kimberly, Dad, MMM 
and all the rest of the family! Mom-I couldn't have done it w/o you. 
Sarah-my partner in crime-Thanx 4 the memories! Jill & Katie-Thanx/ 
Love fellow musketers! 

Dana Mortland: Thanks-Coach Mayo, Coach Trulson, Marco, Bruce, 
STED, Tommy, Mack, Basement Boy, Mr. Crawley, Billy Barges, 
Coach Killinger, Coach Crowley, Mom, Dad, Shan, Sam, Dave, Ana, 
Carlo. Frosh F-ball Beefcake 7-2, see ya! 

Samantha Mortland: Thanx Mom, Dad, Dave, Shannon, Dana, Nana 
Haley, Marybeth, Lauren, Liz, Jeanne, Pa, Gramps, Jay, & the B-room 
Crew. Thanx! 

Tim Murphy: Thanks Mom and Dad. Good Luck Thomas! 
Rory Murray: Thanks Zella, your the best! Special thanks to the 
Maguire's, Hugh Gorman, and Mr. Meara. HY AW SN JM LR JS KM 
KH HS KC KK Mom, Dad, Ceel, and God. Ross, Steve, and Ryan- 
thanks you 3 taught me well. S=God. 

Mike Nantel: Apologizes to Ma, Pa, Marco, Josh, Kris, DJ, Rich, 
Jennifer, Tara, Sir Bais, Johnson, Garland, Boyer, Salvy, Dr. Kerorkian, 
Me, Pete, Bubblelyrudy. Xtra thanx to Meg for always being there for 
me in time of need. Love ya guys ! 

Alexandra Nassopoulos: Thank you Mom & Dad, Christina, Chris, 
Michelle, Everyone in Greece, Jess, Bronwen, & the Class of 96-1 love 
you all! I miss you Grandpa, Pappou, Yiayia & Yianna. 
Jodi Nichols: Thak you Mom and Dad for always being there for me 
with your love and guidance. Thanks to all my friends for all the good 
times and memories that will last forever. Best of luck to all. K.I.T. 

Helene Norton: Thanks Mum and Dad, CHACHI!!! Couldn't have done 

it without you! Katie, Neal, Chrissie, Allison, Matthew, Will, John, JP, 

and the Z! 

Kristen Overlee: Thanks to all who made this worth while. Big 

Thanks to Mom, Dad, Geoff, Craig & Jared. and Thanks to CL, LH, 

AN, JS, BD, AS, GB, NB, TY, DO, JS, BB, EM. Thanks Steve for 

always being there! Thanks DO I Luv U! 

Dave Orlandi: Thanks- Mom and Dad, Jen your the best, Mrs. R we 

did it! Mrs. Rehnquist, Silva, Roche- Allmy Boyz, wemadeit! K.O., 

there's to much I warma say, I love Ya! ! Everyone it's been great, 

Peace!! Class of '96. 

Julie PoUick: Mom & Dad, thanx for all your love, ILY! John- thanx 

for letting me look up to you! Momma G. & my soul sister: BFA! 

Barrie- I'll never forget you! CRJ gang: thanx for all the laughs! Thys, 

awyeah! You're the best! Thanks & ILY. 

Cleo Ponteen: With deepest sincerity I wish to thank all those who 

have made my studies at Hingham High an interesting and beneficial 

one. Last, but not least, to my family: Thanks. And to God, who has 

made it possible. 

Alyssa Porter: Thanx Gemini, Sharona, 2-can, alliass. Psycho, Nicki, 

Tootsie, Jess, Nutty, HP & LN. Britt- thank U 4 always being there- 

now & 4-ever - There are no goodbye's. I love U BL & J. Beat DY. DL, 

CC, LP. Thanx Mom, Dad, Mommom & Papa. 

Heather Priestly: Thanks to my Mom- 1 love you MA N Mumpie 

much Luv and thanks. Roger, Mumpie, Fred - Miss you. My family 

esp. Juliet & Jim, Tanya, AD, LH, JT, JS, MH, BM, MG, LD, BO, DD, 

Scoop- GH HM esp. everyone at NEBYC! 

Clair Rancourt: Mom & Dad I couldn't have done it without you. 

Amy & Lora, sisters forever. To everyone that meant so much to me I'll 

love you always and forever. 

Melissa Reynolds: Thanks Mom, Dad, Cassandra, Liz and Aunt Carole 

for helping me through these past 18 years. To all my friends remember 

true friends last forever so save all your tears. Thanks- Trucci's! 

Gina Rizzotto: Thanks to all my friends- you know who you are & my 

family-Mom, Dad, Dave, Deedom, Nonno, David, Chris for all of your 

support, Poppop- you will always be in my heart- 1 love you all! 

Devon Roberts: Above all, thank you Mom and Dad, Julie and Trevor. 

Words cannot express everything, Anthony BCB. To Anne and Colleen 

for the hysterics, coffee and good times. To my friends, you know who 

you are. 

Richard Santoro: First thanks to the good Lord above for getting me 

here. Thanks to Mom, Dad, Nan, Gramp, Gram, and all the ret of the 

Fam. Thanks to Bussy, Roddy, Farell, J.T., The chief. Shim, Mear, Luce 

and Garland. 

Rebecca Schmitt: Katie you are the best friend in the world! Nancy 

thank you for everything you have done for me! Thank you to my family 

for all of your support! Keep in touch class of '96, Good Luck. KB 


Mike Shea:Thanks to all my friends, Nick you'll always be like a 

brother to me. Thanks Jean, I could always talk to you, Maura sorry, to 

the rest its been maaarvelous, hey, the emperor sez, my arms haven't 

been ripped off yet. 

Michael Sheridan: Thanks to all my friends I will never forget you. To 

my teachers. Thanks for everything you did. Thanks Kerri. Special 

Thanks Mom & Dad and family, I owe everything to you. Thank you all 

4 the memories. 

Susan Silverio: Thank you Mom & dad for being there through all my 

ups & downs, failures & successes. I couldn't have done it without you - 

Penny- Jack, you made life great through all the GOOD & BAD TIMES. 

Love U all. 

AUison Smaldone: Bronwen, Alex, Jess, Carrie, Sarah, Brad and Dede- 

What would I do without y'all?! ! Thanks for the advice, Jill! Thanks for 

all the love and support Mom, Dad, Millie, and my family! 

Brian Smallwood: Mom, Dad, Rick, Catlyn, Anne (D, H, W), Ane, 

Bryan, Chrissy, Carey, Fay, Jon, Doug, Steve (C & G), Mrs. Leek, 

Higgs, Lac, Mr. Ryan, Elizabeth & Peter, Amanda, Devon, Buch, Conor, 

Sarah (D & E), Steve, Dave, John, Emily, Bharmon & Ryan. 



Stephen Smith: I'd like to thank Steel, the Academy, Terminator, 
Conan, Whitewater, Pauls qMM at the post office M.O.P.P. The X-files 
crew. The man of gold is now in your head props to me Ice cream 
boomshine & All my Ailieses. 

Heidi Solomon: Mom & Dad: I hope that when I am a parent I will be 
as good a parent as you guys have been to me. Jo: We will survive! To 
all my friends, the memories will last forever. Jodi: Thanks, since 

Jessica Starsiak: Thank you-Al, Nasops, Brons, Chrissy, Al Kiley, 
Alison, Kim, "G"-Best friends last forever! Dottie, Suzanne and the 
Fam! Thanks Mom & Dad! Good luck Stash, Meg, and the Class of '96! 

Lisa St. Don: Mom & Dad: Nothing could ever repay all you have done 
for me. Thank you so much! Cheryl, Michael and Grammy: My 
appreciation is just as deep for you. Damian: You know how I feel: 
good luck 1996 

Kim Stepan: I'd like to thank my family for their endless support, and 
the Pollick & Brennan families for all their luv. Tim- thanks for always 
being there 4 me! To all my friends- thanx 4 all the memories! U R the 

Dave Sternburg: Thanks again Mom and Dad, good luck Pete. 
Ryan Stevens: Thanx: Mom, Dad, Amy rockethankyou, MW, BS, 
BW, MB, CAH, Motorola 80 lb. TVs, Fly Guy, GMoney, TM, LD, Jeez, 
DP, MC, AK, AC, CH, AH, CB, SH, MP, AO, EJ, CW, E, RD Nursery 
School 'til today Craig. Jackson, Wcamp kids 93-AG, SR, LR, DE, THE 
FUTURE, PS. You're bleeding. 

Elisabeth Sullivan: Thanks Mom, dad, Mark, Ned & Gram, Patty, Ana, 
Crisi, Beth & Beth, Jeremy & the guys, Tito & the citizens of Matia, 
Chi-Chis, RTM, & Wham! Thanks for always making me laugh. 
Kristina Sullivan: Thank you to all my friends, I will never forget you 
guys! Good luck Soccer! -IM- Seniors Meg & Hill - No E and C's! 
Hillary, ILY- Thanx 4-being there. Thanx to my family. 
Jill Sweeney: Thanks to Pa & Grandma, Betty, Taylors, Germans, 
Munns, for supporting me. To John C, thanks for everything. Meghan 
& Rebecca: 2 Legit- Hey! Hey! My dancin' buddies. Good Luck Class 
of 1996! 

Josh Sylvester: Thanx to all my friends- Cindy, Conor, Quelle, Laura 
& everyone else who furthered my journey through the downward spiral 
of the H.S.S. w/special thanx to all who have tormented and hated me- 
lt's been fun. 

Jennifer Thorp: Thank you Cheryl, Millsy, S. Luce, A. Rehnquist, Ken 
& Karl, MK, Soccer Seemers and Jooniers, Thanks Chrissy, KL, Mom, 
Dad, John, Michelle, Dave, Reggie, and Dakota 
Melissa Tremblay: Thanks to Mom, Mr. Zack, Lesko, Seth, Conor, 
Diane E., Neill, Dave C. & Dave D. Madame & Mr. Higgins, Brian, 
Katie O., Liz A., Jarrad, Joe, Thanx for being there. I'll see you on the 
dark side of the moon. 

Alyssa Thorvaldsen: Thanks to all my friends, family, parents, and 

.Jenn Tulis: Thanks for the memories Webba, Amy, Porta, David, Britt, 
Erin, Ellen, & Brendan. Mom, Dad, Matty, Grandma- Thanks for 
always being there for me. Papa- I'll never forget you. 
Katie Tully: Thanks to all my friends especially Lissie RAROPG, Tim 
thanks for all the laughs, Julie I couldn't get into a unisuit without you! 
Thanks also to Mom, Dad, Beth and Geoge for all your support- 1 love 

Tawonia Watkins: To Mike D. My bobbie, Chris G. my close friend; 
Saran still my best friend; I Love You! Shout outs to BH, TM, JH, LA, 
AT, SB, RT, RS, SD, SS, and Larry Chavis my number one. Peace! 
Danielle Weber: Thank you to my friends, you know who you are, for 
the good times and the bad times, I wouldn't have been able to make it 
without you! Thank you Mom, Dad, Jenn, Tim, and Chris for being 
there for me! 

Sarah Wehter: Thanks to all my friends I could not have done it 
without you. Jane, J, J & A - thanks for everything. Thanks Mom, Dad, 
Kerry, Molly & Tracy. 

Jed Young: I want to thank the ones that were there for me when I 
needed them the most- Mrs. Deirdre Meritt, and of course my parents- 1 
love you guys! I would also like to thank all my friends who were there 
for me. 


Smile if you're having a good time at Snowball! 

Snowball was a ^all. ^e evening was 
marked by various naovements ranging 
from the Electric Slide to unnameable 
gyrations. The highlight of the dance was 
unanimously agreed upon to be the vari- 
ety of soda offered ! The groove of Vanilla 
Ice, a remake of Stayin' Alive and The 
Beastie Boys' tunes kept us rockin' all 
night. And what a night it was... the last 
semiformal ^as unsettling because we 
knew would never dance in the cafe, again. 

Julie & Brian plan for the attack. 

Gina and Marc practice 
their contortionist act. 

Random Movements by Charlie, Blair , & Pete 

Mr. Donnell explains the 
breathalizer law to Mitch. 

Megan and Danielle are caught having a good time 

Oystein showed the girls how to grind Norwegian style. 


f\W m. 

r c^ »s. 


^ Mk^ 




f " 

i i .i 

\ . . ■ 

Kristy hangs 

with und( 


men, Pat Durgin. 

Lisa, Emily, Ellen, and Blair go all out at 
their last semi-formal dance. 

Jed Young is all spiffed up for 
the occasion. 

Alex, Britt and Allison smile charmingly at the camera while Bronwen 
smiles charmingly at absolutely nothing. 

Amy Matthews, Alyssa Porter, and 
Anne David take a break to model. 

Blood Drive 

This year's Blood Drive was a great suc- 
cess. For many weeks prior to the Blood 
Drive, Mrs. Duffy's Anatomy classes, co- 
chaired by Annette Broker and Charlie Driggs, 
advertised for and recruited donors. Despite a 
fire in the girls locker room and non-donors 
throwing up, the day progressed quickly. Many 
student volunteers helped out in various areas 
including Registration, Canteen, Donor and 
Service Areas and Bouncers; without their 
help, the Blood Drive would not have hap- 
pened. With nine faintings, the Class of 1996 
had few casualties and won't soon forget the 
whole bloody ordeal. 


Red Cross 

Blood Services 

Northeast Region 

Rebecca, Katie, and Anne all pose for the picture as 
Annette's life is slipping away before her eyes. 

John, Julie, Lauren, Cristi, Molly, Lauren, and 
Mike all gave blood for the free food. 

The blood of Hingham High. 


These are the days... As the students crowd into the 
cafeteria, all with gleaming faces, they know the event they 
have been waiting for has finally arrived; Junior Prom 1995. 

Whether the night began with a fancy dinner or a 
three-hour photo session, everyone in the Junior class finally 
converged into one. We shared the excitement of an 

evening full of food, 
dance and fun. Smiling 
faces, glittering 
dresses and great 
music were the 
memories left by 
Junior Prom. 

Ben Clifford, Damion Zofchiak, Dave 

(From L to R) Annette Broker, Colleen Dalton, Lauren Kelly, 
and Sarah Daubenspeck are all garbed in the color of the night 

Matt Goulding 
and Melissa 
Brennan are 
getting ready 
to go on Star 

Cerny and Brian Smallwood toasting to a memorable evening. 

Sean talks deeply with the punch bowl. 

Katie and Julie dance the night away. 

Homecoming 1995 

Charlie and Sarah lead the senior float to victory. 

Hingham High School Homecoming 1995 
was the best display of school spirit most 
seniors have ever witnessed. The day started 
with boy's soccer at 9:00 leading up to the rest 
of the games, with each team coming out 
victorious. Of course we had our parade down 
Union St. in which the Senior float was 
clearly superior to the rest. The football game 
was crowded with the parents, kids, and the 
locals. The crowning of Marco "Meatball" 
Agostino and Erin Carpenter as king and 
queen highlighted half-time with surprise and 
excitement.After the football game many 
festivites and preparations laid in store for 
anxious dancers. The dance was exceptional 
as usual, with an overwhelming attendance, 
people were literally " packed in the place". 
Homecoming was a success, the day and 
the night will never be forgotten. 

Jodi and Jill all dressed up and somewhere to 
go: Hingham High Homecoming. 

Pep Rallies 


Blair, and 

Emily are 


for the 

pep rally 

to begin. 

Beth and 
get the 

what the 
hell Alex is 

Tiny ironically has a big appetite. 

Elie wishes all an alcohol-free weekend. 

Geoff becomes the next "Phish" 
in the sea of guitarists. 

Fruch "thinks" he's hot 

stuff mutilating a 
defenseless pinata. 


When you enter 
Hingham High 
School you'll see 
an assortment of 
fashion ranging 
from miniskirts 
to button-down 
shirts to baggy 
jeans, each 
reflecting who 
we are. After 12 
years of school 
with the same 
people, at the 
same place, 
somehow we've 
all come out 
looking different. 

Although we have 
contrasting styles 
we share a respect 
for one another. 


are a must. 

Guys & Dolls 

Here are some of the classic lines heard in the show.... 
"Let's shoot crap", "Sit down you're rocking the boat", "Marry 
the man today", "Luck be a lady tonight", "Get up you fat water 
buffalo", "Take back your mink", "Obedahoovious?", "Oodle, 
oodle". At least we know "the guys only doing it for some doll". 

This year's fall musical was an incredible show. Marc 
Landers played Skye Masterson a well known gambler who falls 
in love with Sarah Brown, a mission doll, played by Nicole 
Bartolotti. Nathan Detroit, played by Brian Smallwood, and his 
fiance Adelaide, played by Caitlyn Harvey, tied the knot after 
fourteen years. Anne David scared all the gamblers as Lt. 
Branigan. Ryan Stevens, Joe Diaz and Anthony Buccitelli played 
money hungry gamblers of New York City. Sarah Daubenspeck, 
head of the mission, and Devon Roberts helped to cleanse the 
evil sinners. The chorus and lead dancers added to the excellent 
cast. Pit '95 rocked the house- aw jeah! They did a jolly good 
show, "which nobody cannot deny". 

Nicole and Caitlyn sing their hearts out in 
an amazing duet. 

The cast applauds the pit for a job well done. 

Marc belts out a tune. 


Dave and Ryan concentrate hard on 
their crap game. 

Alex, Bronwen and Leigh are all dressed and ready to perform. 

Brian and Anthony watch Joe as he rolls the dice. 
Melissa, Sarah, Devon, Anne and Colleen lend a smile. 

Jed dances away during rehearsal. 



Amy and Erin organizing the infamous "Peace Now!" walkout that 

turned the school upside down. 

AU-righty then! Eric 
thinks he's Ace Ventura. 

People were seeing double Lynches on 

Cleopatra wearing a lampshade? No, its just 
Helene Norton wearing a lampshade. 

Bryan Ayers also over- 
doing Jim Carrey. 

This looks like a dirty 
movie gone terribly wrong. 

Josh thinks he's BAD! 

Anthony took one too many 
trips to the punch bowl! 




k 1 


'"..X,/ "', 

Lauren is yet another victim of Matt's affection. 

Dave might deny that he sleeps in class - you decide ! 

Tawonia, Ramona, Lisa, & Rebekah take advantage 
of the break from classes to relax and smile. 

Sam Mortland, 

Clair Rancourt, 

Kim, Renee Batts, 

Crystal Pinel, 

Danielle Mahoney, 

Andrea Nutter, 

Susan Silverio, 

Clara DeJong, 

Mary Ray, Cassie 

Hurley and Jen 

Thorp crowd 

together after the 

class picture was 



Our faithful "Layout Expert", volunteered her "F" studies. Rebekah, Eric, and 

Sarah W. added significant input. While Erin wrote her own War and Peace. 

Amy portrayed the school fashions. Heidi captured unwilling subjects 

and put up with our constant demands, while Lynn, Wendell, 

and Jeremy made incredible amounts of money to defray the 

Yearbook cost. Mr. Boddie always calmed our fears with his 

casual "It doesn't matter!". He became more than an advisor, but 

a friend. Others we would like to thank: the janitors who opened 

the doors, classmates who put up with us, and Mrs. Silva for 

proofreading the articles. Although yearbook was stressful at 

times ,we will always treasure the experience. ( Jean, Nancy, Lauren) 

Here we are at 4:48 on a Thursday 
afternoon, two days before Christmas vaca- 
tion. Yearbook has become more than just 
an outside activity, it has become a way of 
life. We learned early how much dedication 
it takes to produce a yearbook and hope our 
work is appreciated thirty years from now. 
Eight hour shifts on Sundays and staying 
late Friday nights when we should have 
been out in the fresh air have worn us down 
and contaminated our lungs. 

However, many bright moments 
have overshone the bad. Many helpful 
students came through when we needed 
them the most. Our "Type-monkey" 

worked efficiently 
although he is 
responsible for 
most of the 

Did you let the cat out? 

Amy, Nick, Bronwen, Alex, Danielle, Matt, 

Marc, Jeremy, Wendell, Eric, Lauren, 

Annette, Katie, Sarah, Katie, Becky, Lisa, 

Rebekah, Cristi, Julie, Blair, Jodi, Heidi, 

Jessica, Claire, Susan, Sarah, Erin, Lynn, 

Charlie, John, Matt, Nancy and Jean are the 

people responsible for this Yearbook. 

Nancy and Lauren use art supplies to enhance their natural beauty. 

The "type-monkey" Fruch takes a break to 
sing the National Anthem. 

Alex is psyched to finish 
the Guys & Dolls page. 

Editors: Heidi, Lauren, Marc, Erin, Blair, 
Wendell, Lynn, Julie, Jean, Nancy & Roy 

Chemical fumes enhance Disco Fever! 

Heidi prepares to take more pictures. 

Lauren, Amy, Lynn, Eric (in red): Why aren't you guys cropping 


Max is able to keep his usual composure in even the 
most complex situations. 

Josh flashes a smile for the camera, but he misses. 

Colleen concentrates on the cello. 

Andrea gives us two thumbs up. 

Mike and Nick think they're tough. 

Beth, Mike S., Dean, Mike A., and Christina try to 
warm their buttocks on the radiator. 

Einstein, Heidi, Sally, Lisa, and Francois take part in 
universal friendship. 



Dear Greg, 

Congrahdations! The best is yet to come! All our "Best 
Wishes" for your Happy, Healthy and Successful Future. 

Dad, Mom, Ken, Lome and Doug Bycoff 

BUS. (617) 335-4100 
RES. (617) 749-0686 
FAX (617) 337-3570 

, f t S S I o , 


'auc I aG* 







Septic Systems 
Underground Utilities 

• Site Work 

• Foundations 

• Concrete Work 

• Driveways 

• Trucking 


(617) 749-0461 



Barbara and Jephson 



107 South Street • Hingfawn, MA 02043 

TeL (617) 741-5223 

Iflfilfl BROS. INC. 





FAX 617-749-6173 


Complete Marine Service Center 

Hingham Shipi^ard 

349 Lincoln Street (Rte. 3A) 

Hingham, MA 02043 

Judy Neelon 

(617) 749-6647/2223 
Fax #(617) 740-0700 

Ristorante & Pizzeria 


211 Lincoln St. (Rte 3A) Hingham, MA 

You 've Come A Long Way, Baby! 
Thanks for all the great memories! 

We Love 

Mom and 

We've been through dot, from big wheels to 
playing fields. 

Good luck! I'll miss yal -Carla 


Good friends, good times. Good luck from your parents. 

We are proud of 
your successes, 
your skills, your 
talents, your hard 
work and accom- 
plishments. We 
hold you in our 
hearts forever. 
Mom & Dad 




You 're a terrific guy 
and off to a great 
start toward your 
future dreams. I'm 
so proud of you! 
Love, Mom 

Dear Jean, 

When you look back, your family will 
always be there. Love Dad, Mom, Erin 
Rosamund, Dominick & James 



KEEP THE E\ITH, HEIDI !!!!!!!!! 

Throughout Hfe things will not always go as you hoped they would 
There will be times when the wind will be blowing in your face rather than at your back. 
When the uphill climb seems like it will never end 

When there never seems to be enough money to pay for what you want or have to spend 
There will be mornings when you wake and the pain seems unbearable 
It is during these times that you must take a deep breath, think a pleasant thought, take a 
warm shower, think of your family Just don't you quit 

For often we least expect it. 

Success is closer than we think 

Learn from your mistakes and failures 

For success is failure turned inside out 

And we never know how close we are toward reaching that goal 

So keep the faith dear Heidi ! ! ! 

We know you can do it. 

We have shown you the way 

You have all the tools and resources you need 

Now it is up to you to succeed 

So keep to your goals, even when they seem so far away 

It's when things seem at their worst that you must stay the course 

Think POSITIVE, BE NICE and remember to KEEP THE FAITH, HEIDI ! ! ! 

We love you, Mom, Dad, Jo & Ariel 


Hingham Mutual 


Alyssa, Watching you grow has been the greatest joy 
in my life. We're so very proud of you & loxje you 
very much. Always, Mom & Dad 


Congratulations! We're so proud of 
you. Good Luck!! Love, Mom & Dad 



on twelve happy 

years! (1984-1996) 

We love you! 

Mom, Dad & 



You've made us proud 

and happy from the 

very start. 

hove always, 

Dad, Mom and Matthew 


Dear Steve, Thanks for all the great memories. 
Love you, your family 

Telephone (617) 749-1099 

aiijcmulcTi. (^pMon&.^.cJfi.^- 

Office Hours 
By Appointment 


Mary Ann Manbodh 

Branch Managn 

EAX: 617-982*6181 

Rockland Trust 

Hinghatn Office. 265 Beal Screer 
Hin"nam. \l\ i^:043 

Maureen Connolly 



Fax 617-749-0177 

Aislins C^Alleny 

Art of Ireland • Limited Editions • Framing • Posters 

229 Lincoln Street (Rt. 3A) 
Hingham, Massachusetts 02043 

Mon.-Sat. 10a.m. -6 p.m. 

Thurs. until 8 p.m. 

Sunday Noon-5 p.m. 


^.J' t 





TEL (617) 749-4160 
FAX (617) 740-4279 

You 've always come in 
first place with us. 
Mom, Dad and Kerrie 



proud of 



The Tulises 

The Webers 








<*i.fc^ ,.ij 



<!** r 




L()( KiiAiri 

(Presented March 27. 19i 
P'\c\me: Forrest Gump 
Actor: Tom Hanks. Forrest I 

Actress: Jessica Lange. 
Blue Sky 

Supporting Actor: 
Martin Landau, Fd Wood 
Supporting Actress: ' 
Dianne Wiest, Bullets \ 
Over Broadway | 

Director: Robert ZeinecKisj 
For rest Gump 
Original Screenplay: Ouei 
larantino and Roger Avary, 
Pulp Fiction 
Adapted Screenplay: 
^ Eric Roth, Forrest Gump 
IViusic, Original Song: Caj 
You Feel the Love Tonight." 
The Lion King 
Jean Hersholt Humanitari, 
Award: Quincy Jones 
Irving G. Thalberg Memor 
Award: Clint Eastwood 
Litetime Achievement Aw< 
Michelangelo Antonioni 

\ I 1/^ M V I I ( \^ \( \ \\( \\ 


Congratulations on an outstanding High School 
career. Best of luck in the future. 

May the Force be with you! 

Love Always, 
Rachel, Mom & Dad 


Snr. • H1NGHAM« MA 02043 


Betsey Detwiler 


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Cohasset, MA 02025 

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Fax (617) 383-2903 

— . 1 







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The Best Value in 
Dry Cleaning 


"Numbtr Ont In Garmant Can" 

Best Wishes To 
The Class of 1996 

298 Main Street 






Leigh Bronwen 




We've come sl long way! 



Good Luck Class of '96 

"Everything is going to be quite all right" 

Davidson Hubeny Brands, Inc 



away from home 

No matter where your quest for a higher education takes you... across the state or across the 
country... it's comforting to know you can count on your hometown MasterMoney'"**/ATM Card from 
Hmgham Federal Credit Union... 

Vbur Savings 

At The Credit Union 

Are Federally Insured To 


Use it for cash in a flash anywhere you see the Cirrus Sign! I'o^i 

'"'MasterMoney is a tradmark of MasterCard International 

niU iOKIK 


^ 1 girJs \ 




R. E n, 


JUNE 17.iS35 "^:30Fn 


In good times, and bad times, I'll be on your side forever more. 

That's what friends are for. 

Vlolly KirlkenKllall 

, \ .sh inn rug star,,.... 

insii a winat yoia sivr ' 
I hi' uin Will come <>»( 


^v t;t7'^|^y»S 




Dear Barrie, 

We are so proud of you. 

You have accomplished 

more in 18 years then 

some people do in a 


With our love, 

1 - \ ^ 

Mom, Dad, Nancy 
and Douglas 

The best is yet 
Mom & Dad 




Gilbert Golden Insurance Agency Inc. 

SINCE 1 924 



FAX 617-749-9419 

195 WHITING ST. (RT. 53) 


TEL. (617) 749-64 10 

Congratulations, Katie. 

We'reproudofyou! Love, 


A Nutritionist?? A Foreign 
Correspondent?? ATeacher?? 
Whatever you decide, we know 
you'll succeed, Julie. We 
love You, Mom, Dad & John. 

Steph, we are so 
proud of all that you 
have achieved.The 
future is yours- follow 
your dreams and 
you'll have happi- 
ness and success.We 
loveyou- a bushel and 
a peck Love, Mom 
and Dad 

Cohan 8c Associates 

Attorneys at Law 


Business Consultant 

Mergers • Acquisitions 

175 Derby Street, Unit 7 Telephone (617) 749-8877 

Hingham, MA 02043 Fax (617) 749-5351 


sue-clair-cassie-mary- danielle-chrissy-renee-jen-crystal-andrea 

.clara-krista-biff-lil sis-big bro-jack-chris-ryan-eric-ron-jacob 


Bill and Lauren 

Not Only Cousins 
Best Friends 

Begin each day with 
Hope and a happy heart. 

Love and Best Wishes 

The Mearas, Kliers, 

and Petersons 

Good Luck! 
Good Bye! 



Love, The Gang 
Kristin, Lindsey 
and Christopher 





128 Derby Street • Hingham, MA 02043 
617/749-1950 1-800-649-6781 







on a job well 


Love & laughter 

Mom, Dad, 

Courtney, and 



We are all very 
proud of you. 


Mom, Papa, 

Paul, Dan and 


Dr. Jon - with the personal- 
ity for sure success. We're 
proud of you. Much love - 
Mom, Wendy & Kim. 


Class of 1996 

from Dr Papuga 

and Dr. Buchwalter 

Best Wishes for 

your future 

7iut ^otvuUiiMU Sua 1946 

Complete Septic System Service 

Pumped • Repaired 

Septic Inspections 

Water- Jet Drain Cleaning 



Adamson, Leanne 
Adamson, Megan 
Agostino, Marco 
Amaral, Michael 
Augur, Thomas 
Ayala, Lisa 
Ayers, Bryan 
Bailey, Abasi 
Baltzer, Wesley 
Barra, Matthew 
Bartolotti, Nicole 
Batts, Renee 
Baxter, Georgette 
Belushko, David 
Black, Megan 
Blaustein, Lisa 
Bleidom, Robert 
Blumberg, Jeremy 
Bou Serhal, Elie 
Brandt, Ian 
Brennan, Melissa 
Bridges, Christopher 
Broker, Annette 
Brown, Peter 
Bruce, Davis 
Buccitelli, Anthony 
Butterall, Jason 
Bycoff, Gregory 
Cadigan, Sean 
Caliacco, Donald 
Callahan, Jeffrey 
Campbell, Joseph 
Carpenter, Erin 
Catlin, John 
Cemy, David 
Chase, Mark 
Chow, Sally Wan Sze 
Ciovacco, Peter 
Clifford, Benjamin 
Connolly, Beth 
Costello, Debbie 
Costello, Mary Elizabeth 
Costello, Marybeth 
Cumiskey, John 
Daly, Bronwen 
Dalton, Colleen 
Daly, Elizabeth 
Daniels, Ryan 
Daubenspeck, Sarah 
David, Anne 
Davis, Stephanie 
DeJong, Clara 

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40 Chief Justice Circle 

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47 Foley Beach Road 

74 Wompatuck Road 

9 Squirrel Hill Lane 

DeLisle, Joshua 
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Devine, Matthew 
DiBiasi, Lynn 
Diaz, Joseph 
Driggs, Charles 
DriscoU, Patrick 
Edson, Daniel 
Fahey, Conor 
Ferris, Laura 
Foley, Sean 
Freedman, Jeremy 
Frucci, Matthew 
Gean, Shaun 
Germain, Jonathan 
Gigon, Cristina 
Goldberg, Rebecca 
Golden, Nicholas 
Goulding, Matthew 
Grafton, Michael 
Gudmand, Steven 
Hagopian, Eric 
Hammond, Mike 
Handrahan, Kristy 
Hanrahan, Ryan 
Hanson, Gregory 
Harris, Wendell 
Harrison, Geoffrey 
Healey, Jean 
Herbold, Stacey 
Hubeny, Leigh 
Hurley, Cassandra 
Hurst, Andrew 
Hutchison, Dean 
Inscoe, Christine 
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Lyons, Melissa 
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Maguire, John 
Mahoney, Danielle 
Mahoney, Patricia 
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McAlpine, Megan 
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McCabe, David 
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McCracken, Steven 
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McKenna, Thomas 
McKim, Monica 
McNulty, Ellen 
Meara III, William 
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Mortland, Samantha 
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69 Fort Hill Street 

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Young worth Jr., Thomas 
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7 Wyoming Street, Roxbury 

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19 Brewer Beach Road 
12 Bel Air Road 

17 Thompson Avenue 

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6 Partridge Drive 

924 Main Street 

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627 Main Street 

15 Partridge Drive 

9 Stonegate Lane 
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104 Madison Park Court, Roxbury 

7 Black Horse Lane 

28 Fearing Road 

50 John Eliot Square, Roxbury 

256 South Street 

20 Ormond Street,Mattapan 

1 Sawmill Pond Road 

18 Sunset Lane 

10 High view Drive 

5 Butternut Lane 

55 Bonnie Brier Circle 

14 Old County Road 

9 Squirrel Hill Lane 

12 Berkley Circle 

48 Ward Street 


r , 

ese halls that have heard all of our whispered secrets, have been stained by 
tears and have echoed our triumphs are left to a summer of quiet. We 

ill never forget our memories of high school, the good and the bad. Four 
years have left an indelible mark on our lives, shaping our appearance, extra- 
curricular activities, friends, and personality. These halls have paved the 
way to a bright and hopeful future. Next year they will be filled with new 
faces turned to the legacy of our achievements to experience their own glo- 
ries. As school ends we will prepare to experience newfound freedom, matu- 
rity and a whole new set of hallways after graduation day. 

June 1, 1996 

AUG 1995 
For Reference 

Not to be taken 
from this library